Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Fear

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Submitted: September 27, 2010



…………………. Riley was on the phone to Patty laughing and talking about the flights to Texas and roping a cowboy as I walked into the kitchen
“No Mom I’m going to try to help this one get a little more organized… sure tell Dad I love him and I’ll talk to you tomorrow” she hung up and looked at me “she said to remind you that you have your last dress fitting on Saturday”
“Damn what time” I pulled a face “I forgot about that”
“Oh that’s okay… why?”
“I have to do a shift in the restaurant for Luca at noon” she raised her eyebrows “What he called and said he was short handed”
“I have no idea what that guy will do if we end up in Japan or Germany” she laughed he called me in as well I high fived her as a searing pain radiated through my side.
“Are you okay?” she hurried over to me
“Yeah I was sat twisted that’s all” I lied “where’s the food?”
“You left it in the living room” she chuckled “Maybe you should stop with the phone sex every time you talk to J.J.”
“Like you have innocent conversations with Flynn remember I was in the next bed the night we went to the hotel for my bridal shower” I shouted back “And that was full on EW not what I want to hear you and you’re horny… what was it… sex puppy” I laughed looking round at a beet red Riley “What it’s your pet name for my brother”
“Exactly” I sat back down on the floor if nothing else I was going to but on a brave face for now. Riley sat with me and we both ate in a silence that was edged with her dying to say something about my twinges and me dying to call someone to find out what was wrong with my brother. “Okay… Riley I need to… I mean…” the phone rang as the front door knocked. We both looked at each other.
“You get the phone I’ll get the door” she shrugged
‘Okay” I reached for my phone as Riley walked to the front door and opened it to Gramps and Kaden “hey guys we just ate but I think thers’ some left” she walked back into the house.
Me * Hello
Mom * Honey is Riley with you
Me * Yeah Kaden and gramps just turned up….
Mom * honey
Me * Mom I’ll call you back
I hung up
“What happened?’ I asked trying to keep my voice from breaking I linked my arm round Riley’s waist. Riley looked at me and then at them in a state of panic
“I knew it… what’s happened?” she almost yelled
“There was an ambush on a Marine patrol… on Flynn’s to be precise” Gramps said quietly “All we know is that five out of the twelve man patrol are still alive it’s turned a little crazy out there” I felt her slump slightly I rested my head against hers “We just don’t know if Flynn is one of those five” she looked at me in a blind panic “It’s another reason we came here” Gramps and Kaden looked at me as the door opened and Mom and Dad walked in “B people will think we’re crazy asking this but you have they twin thing with him” Gramps was literally begging me right now. A pain seared through me as if on cue sending me to my knees gasping for breath making Riley squeal Dad was on the floor next to me his arm round me as it rocked me again making the tears stream down my face.
“B what is it” Riley pleaded.
“It hurts so bad” I gasped “It burns” I clutched my side the burning was horrific there was a second throbbing pain now in my head not as bad but irritating as hell. “Flynn” I blacked out hitting the floor before Dad realized what was happening. He scooped me up in his arms and cradled me to him.
“Breana” Mom shook me “B honey come on” I opened my eyes to see Riley sobbing into her Dad’s chest while Gramps was pacing the floor talking heatedly into his phone.
“I feel sick” I groaned my head was reeling and the burning sensation was there again I broke away from Dad’s hold and literally crawled into the bathroom and threw up.
“I think we can say he’s still alive” Mom murmured to Dad as she held back my hair.
“He is but he’s hurt and he’s scared” I sobbed Riley was standing in the door way. I looked at her “I know he’s not dead” the tears rolled down my cheeks “he’s not dead I hurt too much… he’s not dead” I buried my face in Dad’s shirt.
“Are you sure Sweetheart?” Gramps asked as Dad brought me out of the bathroom
“I’m sure” I groaned the pain rocking me again………………..

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