Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Hearing voices

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Submitted: September 28, 2010



…………………. My phone started to ring I grabbed it from the counter.
Me * yep
J.J. * baby thank god… there’s…
ME * have you got him… Did you bring him back?
J.J. * you heard already
Me * J.J. please I need to know about my brother
Dad put his arm round me and held me
J.J. * the CO didn’t want me to call and I’m probably going to get written up
Me * J.J.
J.J. * I just got back Baby it’s a mess, out of the twelve of them we found five pinned down under fire… we’ve pulled them out and they’ve been sent to the hospital… B Flynn was shot… and he’s got some shrapnel in his neck and head from a grenade… He was conscious and bitched at me because you were going to kill him.
Me * are you…
J.J. * I’m fine… shit the C.O.’s glaring at me I love you
The line disconnected.
“B” Riley tugged on my arm
“I told you he wasn’t dead” I smiled weakly throwing my arms round her and hugging her to me both of us crying hard “He’s been taken to the hospital he’s been shot” I gabbled my breath coming in deep gasps. Gramps made for the door I looked at Dad and then at Mom who took off after him.
“He’s going to make some calls” Dad said soothingly “What else did J.J. have to say”
“He was okay and things were a real mess” I let go of Riley and slid down the wall hugging my knees my eyes were struggling to stay open.
“Okay come on I think you’ve both had a little too much drama tonight” Kaden said strongly “Phillip I’m taking Riley home to Patty” Dad nodded I put my head on my knees taking deep breaths as nausea and tiredness hit me again.
“Come on” Dad lifted me like I was 3 years old and carried me to my bed laying me down and pulling the comforter over me
“Dad I’m scared to sleep” I reached for his hand, he sat on the side of the bed and looked at me “I’m scared if I go to sleep something’s going to happen to him”
“Honey you can’t stay awake and look at all the other times something’s happened and you’ve known if anything else goes wrong I think you’ll wake up” HE stroked my hair.
“Daddy don’t go” I sniffed my eyes closing “I’m scared” my voice trailed off as sleep washed over me………………………
………………. The sound of a phone ringing stirred me out of my sleep I looked round at the clock on the night stand it was 11.52am I sat up feeling like I’d been run over by a semi my ribs hurt and my head pounded but I had a feeling of relief as I walked into the living roomMom and Dad were in there unpacking boxes as I could hear Grandma in the kitchen singing.
“Hey” I croaked
“How did you sleep?” Mom asked coming over and hugging me
“I don’t know and how come you let me sleep this late?”
“You need to sleep” Dad sighed looking up at me
“Has anyone heard anything?”
“Yeah your Grandpa got to talk to the Surgeon that operated on Flynn last night” Mom smiled “He’s going to be okay and he called Riley himself this morning”
“He’s not going to have to leave the Corps is he?”
“No the injury will heal” Dad nodded “He’ll be able to leave the hospital in the next 3 or 4 days and get to come home” I sat on the couch and rubbed my side where the aching sensation was still there.
“Are you okay?’ Mom sat down on the couch with me. I shook my head
“What happened last night” I ran my fingers through my hair “I’ve always been able to tell what was wrong with Flynn ou guys know that” She nodded “but last night…” I chewed the inside of my lip nervously “You’re going to think I’m insane” I looked down
“We already know you’re insane B” Dad chuckled a little trying to lighten the mood, I looked up at him.
“You know he feels things when theres something wrong with me and I feel when…”
‘There’s something wrong with him” Mom finished I nodded
“Last night I could hear his voice in my head telling himself he had to fight, telling himself it was okay to be scared and telling me to take care of Riley if he didin’t make it” Mom looked at Dad and then back at me
“It could have been your mind playing tricks on you” Dad stroked my hair.
“I know but… I’m not sure what I’m thinking to be honest” my phone started to ring I reached for it and answered it
Me * hello
Flynn * I’m so sorry for
ME * don’t apologize I knew you were still alive
I broke down sobbing
Flynn * I knew you would all I could think was B will know… B will tell them I’m okay
Me * I did…
I handed the phone to Dad as the tears streamed down my cheeks Mom hugged me to her
Dad * hey son
Flynn * is she okay
Dad * she’s worried about you and she passed out with the pain last night
Flynn * I guessed as much…
Dad * Flynn I know it’s going to sound bizarre but did you say anything when you got hurt
Flynn * I kept telling myself I couldn’t die and that I wanted B to look out for Riley if I didn’t make it
Dad’s eyes got wide
Flynn * and that I could be scared and still fight
Dad * whoa after almost 20 years you guys still amaze me
Flynn * oh good I have to go the nurse is looking like she wants to slap me
Dad * We love you son
Flynn * Love you too Dad hug Mom for me and put weepy back on the phone
Me * hey
Flynn * I love you and thank you for teling them I was okay
Me * I love you just get home you have to be well enough to walk your sister down the Aisle
Flynn * what about?
Me * later bro I  love you
The phone disconnected. I was done I wanted him and J.J.home where I could see both of them……………

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