Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Honor and respect

Submitted: September 28, 2010

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Submitted: September 28, 2010



................. For the next few days Riley and I were together 24/7 waiting for Flynn to get back I hadn’t managed to talk to J.J. since it happened, My house was all unpacked as neither of us had slept properly her with worry me in pain.
“B come on we need to go” she yelled from the living room “Your Mom’s called twice”
“I’m coming” I pulled on one of J.J>’s Marine hoodies and my boots and grabbed my keys “Okay standing with the front door open is letting out all the damn heat” I moaned
“Well if you moved your ass” she smiled “He’ll be landing in 20 minutes” I closed the door and locked in and followed her down the icy path to my truck. “Just think two more weeks and your Marine’s going to be coming home and then we leave for Texas” she smiled bouncing a little with excitement
“I know… I just keep expecting something to happen like he won’t be back for the full 7 months because something that comes up” I sighed ‘It’s just been one thing after another with J.J. and I ever since we met”
“Well doesn’t that mean you guys can handle anything you get thrown at you?”
“I guess but I have this niggling feeling that his Ex wife will show up at some point during the wedding” I rubbed the back of my neck
“If she does she’s going to get the biggest ass whooping because she’s going to have to get through all of the girls in the family and your Nana and Grandma I think will rip her apart before anyone else gets a chance” She chuckled rubbing her hands together as we pulled up at the hanger behind Mom and Dad’s truck. “Oh I’m nervous” she looked at me
“It’s just Flynn” I got out and waited for her letting her link my arm as we walked “I can’t wait to get pregnant”
“Wow that was random”
“No payback’s a bitch and he’s going to feel every twinge of labor I have and he’s not going to get and epidural” Riley started to laugh as we walked inside out of the cold icy air Mom and Dad were talking to Patty and Kaden and Grandma Gramps was talking to the other families in there of two of the other’s that were flying home with Flynn and the families of the seven guys returning wearing the Flag. Grandma came over to me as Riley walked over to My Mom and hers
“How you doing B?”
“I’m tired” I smiled “I’m ready for this tour to be done and I’m ready for my bed not to be empty”
“Soon honey” she smiled hugging me “the cold nights are the worst you should get a dog”
“Maybe” I sighed “I just want to give my brother a hug right now and then I can focus on getting through the next few weeks till I get J.J. back”
Nothing needed to be said as the far door opened and the seven Caskets were brought in under a guard I reached for Riley’s hand my fingers linking with hers we all knew it could easily have been put Marines coming home like that Dad and Kaden were standing saluting them as they were brought in I felt tears silently roll down my cheeks I loved this life more than anything so much pain and heartbreak but so much respect and pride from all involved. The other three Marines were wheeled in including Flynn his head bandaged and his face scratched Riley’s grip got tighter in mine. He looked over and I saw the spark still in his eyes making me know he was okay. He looked at the coffins and bowed his head as Gramps spoke.  Gramps finished saying what he was saying and went to console some of the families of the dead Marines. I let go of Riley she glanced at me.
“Hey I know he’s okay… I get a heads up” I smiled “Go see your husband” she smiled and nodded the tears already running down her cheeks.
 I wrapped my arms round myself as I watched my brother light up as he got to hold his wife as she rained kisses on him I looked at Mom and Dad who were both watching their son injured but home Grandma was with Gramps and the other families and Kaden and Patty were holding each other. Riley looked round at me and pointed to Flynn. I walked forward Riley stepped back.
“Hey Marine” I croaked out before losing it he wrapped his arms round me as I cried into his chest
“Hey Sis… thank you for looking after my wife” he kissed the top of my head “I was so scared” he whispered
“I know but you’re a Marine and you’re the best of the best and you’re going to make the best Dad and Uncle ever so you had to come home” I looked at him “I got your back remember” I touched his shoulder where he had my Initial tattooed.
“So does my future brother-in-law” he smiled “He’s balls to the wall where his platoon’s concerned “all he wants is to get home to be with you but he’s a machine as a Marine” he rested his head agasint mine “he and three of the other’s didn’t wait for orders they took off in a jeep and came to pull us out… I owe him my life”
“Don’t Flynn” I started to sob “I miss him and I want him home and I have to wait”
“It won’t be long”
“An hour right now is to long” I looked at the caskets and back to Flynn he nodded in understanding.
“Well you’re cowboy should try to do something about it then”……………………….

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