Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - In a heap of Trouble

Submitted: September 29, 2010

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Submitted: September 29, 2010



……………….. My heart literally stopped Flynn smiled at me and held my hands to stop them from shaking.
“Or should I say your cowboys’ done something about it”
“I think you need to turn round Sis” Flynn smiled letting go of my hands and put his hands on my shoulders and turned me. J.J. was standing smiling his hands clasped behind his back.
“I got put on report for what I did and my CO was pissed enough to make the guard on the fight” Flynn was still holding me.
“It’s… I mean” J.J. stepped up to me and pulled me into his arms and held me his lips pressing on the side of my neck I closed my eyes and took in everything of him the fact he was here two weeks early.
“Sgt Tanner” the sound of Gramps vice filtered to me.
“I have to finish my job Baby” he whispered in my ear before letting me go Flynn and Riley stood with me as we watched them take out the caskets. I looked at Mom and Dad.
“Did you guys know?”
“Nope the first we knew was when he was behind you” Mom smiled “I don’t think even your Gramps knew”
“Is he in serious trouble?”
“Oh he’s gotten his ass chewed” Flynn nodded he was even threatened with demotion” I looked at him and raised my eyebrows “But the rest of the guys stood up for him and so did I so he just got written up and sent home so he needs to expect some crappy night shifts”
“I don’t care I have here” I murmured as J.J. walked back in with Gramps “and now I can do this” I moved away and ran at J.J. he caught me and lifted me my lips on his. He put me down his hands holding my face. “I love you Marine”
“I love you too Mrs. Tanner” he smiled
“Nice to have you home J.J.” Dad walked over and held out his hand for J.J. to shake. J.J. looked at me and then looked at Dad before shaking his hand “We’ll talk another time we need to get Flynn settled at home and you have a new house to see”
“Yes Sir” he nodded I looked back to Riley
“We’re going to go to your parents for a few days till he feels a little better” She beamed from where she was snuggled against Flynn’s good side
“Why don’t you and J.J. go home get sorted and then come over for dinner?” Mom asked
“Home cooking after 4 months would be heaven” J.J> chuckled
“Okay I’ll call before we come over” I nodded I let go of J.J. and walked over to Flynn and kissed his cheek “Welcome home Bro” he smiled at me and nodded
“We’ll see you later” J.J. took my hand as we all walked outside. I led him over to the truck and pinned him against the side of it and kissed him. “I think we need to go home baby” he moaned as my hand tugged on his belt “I want to get out of this damn cold” he shivered.
“I can help you get warm” I smiled.
“Oh I know you can” he turned me pinning me to the side of the truck and kissing me “But we need to be naked to get that warm” he opened the door of the truck and picked me up and put me in it and walked round to the drivers’ side and got in.
“Okay Gunny do you have any idea where our new house is” I giggled sliding across the seat “let me drive” he looked at me and sighed as he unfastened his seat belt and slid under me holding me on his lap for a moment before going over to the passenger side. I laughed at him as we pulled out onto the streets of the base. “Did you really get in a lot of trouble for helping out Flynn”
“Yep I went without orders and that’s a big no no” he sighed taking off his cap “But there was no way I was going to wait for the CO to give that order when there was Marines being killed” his teeth were clenched as he spoke the tears of anger all too apparent in his eyes “He’s going to think your Gramps had something to do with me not getting kicked out of the corps. But you know what screw him he sent me back here with the bodies and the injured as punishment well he didn’t know I was coming back to you” he looked at me and reached for my hand. “I get an extra two weeks with you that I wasn’t going to get”
“What about the other two Marines that went with you”
“Well One got moved to a different Platoon and the other one took a bullet in the leg when we were getting the others so he’s in Germany at the Hospital there” I pulled into the driveway of the house he stopped talking and looked at the house. “So this is ours?” I nodded I opened the door of the truck and got out and waited for him He came round the front of the truck.
“Welcome home” I bumped him with my hip he looked at me as I spun the keys on my finger he cocked his head to the side and scooped me up into his arms “What are you doing?” I laughed
“Carrying my bride over the threshold” he winked

‘Is this that southern charm I’ve heard about?”
“No I just want to get in out of the cold” he chuckled walking up to the door and waiting while I unlocked it “and get my wife moaning my name”……………..

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