Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Mouthful

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



……………………. “We’re going to be late for dinner” J.J. groaned “not the way I wanted to be the first night back”
“I can call them and tell them your handcuffed to the bed butt assed naked” I smiled pulling on my jeans “and anyway they all understand what happened when a Marine gets home form a tour. I crawled across the bed kissing his hips making the breath catch in his throat.
“I love you” he chuckled as his phone started to ring. I picked it up from the night stand and handed it to him answering it and putting it onto speaker
J.J. * hello
Dad * hi… er I tried to call B’s phone and she isn’t answering
J.J. oh she muxt have left her phone in the truck
I looked up at him as he shook his head at me
Dad * oh okay… er Morgan wanted to know if you guys can bring over the wedding book B has.
J.J. * sure I’ll tell her
Dad * thanks and I hope you guys are hungry.
J.J. * I’m starving… but Briana’s got her mouthful
Dad * she knew you guys were having dinner with us.
I raised my eye brows at J.J. who flinched a little as my teeth grazed him he knotted his hand in my hair keeping my head where it was.
J.J. * I know but I guess she needed something to keep ticking over till dinner
Dad * women…
J.J. * yup…
Dad * well we’ll see you guys as soon as you get here
J.J. * sure
He hung up the phone and threw it onto the discarded clothing on the floor.
“That was naughty” he chastised, I shrugged “Good but naughty”……………………
…………………. I opened the door to Mom and Dad’s the noise level already through the roof I could hear laughter coming from the kitchen.
“Hey we brought Beer and wedding stuff” I called out as J.J. closed the door behind us
“Finally now can we eat” Gramps complained
“You shouldn’t have waited for us” I smiled dropping a kiss on his head “You know what a Marine wife is like when he man gets home” he looked at me and then at J.J.
“And here was me hoping that you were a good girl” Riley spat out a mouthful of soda and started to laugh
“Oh Col I swear her virtue is intact” J.J. put his hand on his heart and lowered his head “Well in her own head at least” he took a beer that Mom offered him “thank you”
“Can I talk to you” she pulled him out onto the deck. Closing the door on the crap I was being dealt now by my Gramps and Riley.
“I don’t think I ever got to say thank you for doing what you did” she leant against the rail on the deck
“Ma’am I did it because the girl I love was in trouble and I saw the pain you were going through”
“I know but still thank you and thank you for making my daughter so happy” Mom smiled “I’m sorry for everything my husband has put you through…”
“Ma’am you don’t have to apologize I’m a big boy and a guy that can take crap as well as deal it out… and where your daughter is concerned I’ll take anything”
“Okay we have to do one thing” Mom sighed “you need to call me Morgan unless you do something bad I love the respect level from you Marine but I’m your mother-in-law”
“Yes Ma’am… I mean Morgan” he smiled nodding
“Are you looking forward to the huge wedding?”
“To be honest yeah… I mean the way we did it was wrong just going to city hall after the way I got married the last time” he looked down
“J.J. it happens Marines get married and divorced” she put her hand on his arm “But the girls in this family don’t tend to let go of their men even when they hurt them”
“I noticed” he nodded “And I’m not about to let go of her either”………………..
…………….“Okay you guys need to back off” I groaned and Riley and Gramps were literally rolling around laughing  “Hey where’s your husband?” I looked round realizing that Flynn wasn’t in there.
“In his room talking to your Dad” Gramps smiled taking the beer that Grandma offered him. “Maybe you should go see them” I nodded and walked away and looked at Mom and J.J. outside talking. Looks like he’d need interrogating again later” I walked up to the spare room Dad and Flynn were sitting on the bed talking I could tell both of them had been crying as I leant on the door frame watching them Dad’s hand resting on Flynn’s shoulder.
“Hey” they looked up and both smiled the same lopsided smile at me
“You made it then” Flynn sniffed wiping his eyes roughly on the back of hs hands
“Yep and have got crap from your damn wife and Gramps since I got here” I walked over and Dad moved up giving me enough room to sit in between them.
“Did you bring the wedding folder?” Dad asked his voice gruff and hoarse from crying
“Yep” I nodded Flynn linked his fingers with mine and started a thumb war like we used to when we were kids. “I wanted to talk to you about that”
“He’s not divorcing you already is he” Dad laughed I looked at him ‘ I’m kidding I promised I was going to give him a break” he held up his hands.
“I’ve made a decision about walking down the aisle” Flynn’s eyes flicked to Dads and then to me.
“I want to be like Nana was on her wedding day” I looked at both of them “I want you both to walk me down the aisle”
“You know I’m there” Flynn smiled
“After everything you… you still” dad was lost for words
“After everything I realized I still need my Dad” I shrugged “I might not agree with a lot of what’s happened recently but I still am your little girl that used to sit on your shoulders when you used to get home when we walked from the parade ground” Dad smiled
“I love you sweetheart” he held my face on his hands and kissed my forehead “And I think you have one hell of a Marine” he got up “I’ll let you talk to your Brother”
“Well I think that’s a first both of us making him cry for two separate reasons in the space of 30 minutes” Flynn chuckeld putting his arm round me and hugging me to him…………………

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