Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Talking to Flynn

Submitted: September 30, 2010

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



………………….. “How you feeling?” I asked nudging Flynn
“Exhausted, relieved severely sexually deprived” I pulled a face and shuddered
“Gee thanks for that”
“You’re welcome… So Riley was telling me something about you hearing me” I looked down and nodded
“I think they all think I’m crazy”
“No sis they already know that much” he put his arm round me
“True… but the night you got hurt” I swallowed hard “The pain was horrid but the worst was the feeling of fear” Flynn nodded and looked down “I could hear you over and over saying you can’t die and you have to make it and then it changed to take care of Riley for me I love you”
“People don’t get what it’s like for the two of us” he looked at me “And even I don’t try to understand how the hell it works, I actually thought when I was lay shot that if it thought hard enough you’d know I wasn’t dead and you could make sure everyone else knew that”
“I knew you weren’t” I shook my head “I knew you’d be okay but trying to convince all of those guys even Riley” I got up from the bed and walked over to the dresser and picked up one of the books from the side and flicked through it. “I think they hoped I was right but they wanted hard proof”
“You can’t blame them for that”
“I don’t… can I ask you something?”
“What would you have done if it had been J.J. out there… I mean would you” I felt choked by images of the coffins draped in the stars and stripes.
“Stop it” his tone was biting “You know damn well I would but you can’t think like that B you can’t do it” he got up and crossed the floor to stand in front of me.
“Remember that time we all thought he was dead” my voice was barely above a whisper “After I found out about Catherine” he nodded “all I could think about then is how do you pick up and carry on, how can life go on when the person you love more than anything is gone” I looked up at him “I saw the fear in Riley’s eyes”
“B you know what Nana says… that if you let this thing pray on your mind you’ll never function” he held my arms “I’m safe, J.J.’s safe, we’re back and with you and Riley getting ready for your wedding and hopefully getting ready to start the next generation to enter the Marine corps” I looked up at him “I know you’re scared he lifted his shirt and removed the dressing showing three bullet holes in his side “But you can do this you’ve been born and raised to do this… and I know damn well you couldn’t handle life as a civilian wife”
“How do you know?”
“Well J.J. told me how you’re good in Texas for about 3 days before you get a lost look on your face and you start to zone out” I smiled and nodded
“I told him I missed the base noise and way of life”
“So how long are we going to be down in Texas for?”
“2 weeks” I chuckled “I’m sorry for being down and…”
“Worrying, stressing” he hugged me
“Yeah” I sighed “Has Dad told you about the San Diego post yet?” Flynn frowned at me and shook his head. “He’s got the chance to take over the training base in the west coast”
‘Hollywood Marines” he smiled
“They want a fresh start without Deployments after what happened with that doctor”
“I don’t blame them” he shrugged “I mean we’re both married and not living at home and Dad’s not in the same platoon as we are so we get different deployments”
“I know it’s that point isn’t it I heard Gramps on about it a few years ago that it get to a point where the family splits for a while” Flynn nodded
“As long as you’re Marine behaves and I can get back to duty as soon as possible things will be fine” he reassured me “I’ll let you into a secret” he beamed “Riley and I are trying for a baby”
“I know” he frowned again
“Because she told me that’s what you guys wanted to do after this last tour… and we both cancelled our appointments for our birthcontrol shots”
“you and J.J. as well” he laughed I nodded
“But right now I think we have a head start on you guys” I walked to the door “He’s not injured”
“What… EW Breana” Flynn shouted after me as J.J. came to the door
“Your Mom wants you” he kissed me “And what’s all the shouting about”
“I’m leaning about your hyperactive sex life” Flynn wrinkled his nose J.J. looked at me and shook his head.
“Breana that’s not nice when he can’t over exert himself” J.J. laughed pointing at Flynn “Dude I’m sorry I mean at least I gave her something to keep her mouthful when your Dad called earlier” I started to laugh.
“Oh… oh… Ew… don’t you kiss me goodnight sis… Ew” Flynn was making wretching noises as J.J. walked over to me and high fived me…………..

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