Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Bridezilla

Submitted: September 30, 2010

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



........................... The next few weeks J.J. was put on night duty on the gate as part of his punishment for disobeying orders which made me want to kick his CO ass when he got back but we were packing up and heading for Texas earlier than everyone else with just over two weeks to go until the wedding things were getting a little crazy. The door opened to the house and Flynn walked in carrying my dress bag.
“What are you doing with that” I jumped up from where I was packing stuff in to a case
“I was told I had to bring it to you by Mom” he pulled a face
“You can’t J.J.’s in the shower” I looked round “You and Riley are supposed to be bringing it when you guys come next week”
“Ooops so does that mean I should have given you the Jewlery boxes and the stuff for your hair” he groaned
“Yeah” the sound of the shower being turned off made me more frantic “Flynn you have to leave” I pushed him to the door
“B it’s in a Black dress bag he can’t see it”
“My man has no will power” I moaned “he’s been dying to catch sight of the dress since he got back… If you love me please go”
“I’m kidding” he laughed as J.J. walked out on just a towel
“Is that your dress”
“No” I snapped my brothers trying to be funny I unzipped it and opened it inside was Flynn’s dress blues.
“J.J.’s taking this with his” Flynn explained handing J.J. the bag
“You idiot I’m having a breakdown as it is trying to make sure I have everything” I balled my fist and punched his arm
“Hey I’m trying to recover from being shot” he smiled
“Flynn” J.J. just shook his head as I sat on the floor with my head in my hands.
“Hey I thought you’d have a laugh” Flynn crouched down as J.J. hung up the uniform.
“I’m tired I’m stressed and if I get asked one more time if I’m nervous” I flopped back on the floor “We should have said no to this” I looked at J.J. “We’re married already”
“I know baby but do you want Catherine’s wedding to me to be more of a party than ours” I sat up and took a deep breath
‘I’m waiting for her to turn up when we get there” I growled making J.J. and Flynn smile. I got to my feet and walked past J.J. and took the uniform with me.
“How the hell did you not get knocked on your ass for saying things about Catherine” Flynn asked in a hushed voice
“It seems to give her determination to keep going” J.J. smiled “But between your family and mine they are making this huge”
“I think they’re getting their own back on the two of you for running to city hall” Flynn grabbed an apple from the dish and sat on the couch.
“You might have something there” J.J. nodded “I just want to get there and relax even if it’s going to be too chilly to swim in the pond this time of year we can still go riding… I think we’ve had way to much happen in the last year”
“Amen to that” Flynn touched his side I walked out of the bedroom with another case
“Hey I said I would get that” J.J. got up from where he was leaning
“I know but I just tripped over it” I looked at the clock “we have less than two hours to get ready and to the airport” J.J. looked at Flynn.
“You want to handle this”
“Hell yeah” Flynn laughed they both grabbed me and sandwiched me in a hug between the two of them “Right Sis you need to stop and breath and think about riding your horse”
“Yeah think about riding your Marine” J.J. chuckled.
“Dude” Flynn groaned
“Look go and call with whatever you forgot we have a key to get in here and we’re not coming to you for another 4 days and Mom and dad and the others are coming in just over a week so stop and take a breath and stop going bridezilla on J.J.” I looked over my shoulder at J.J he kissed my cheek.
“He’s right baby you’re getting to work up and you’ll end up getting sick or you’ll run and leave me standing waiting to marry you” he sighed
“Well technically she’s already married to you” J.J. looked at Flynn and raised his eye brows “Okay I’m leaving Riley and I will swing by in about an hour and a half to take you to the airport” I nodded he kissed the top of my head and walked away J.J’s arms were still wrapped round me.
“Why don’t you go take a shower while I finish the packing and then we can relax a little on the plane” he murmured “Just think tonight we get to see Jordan”
“I know I at least got to see her a couple of times while you were gone” I smiled thinking about his now 5 month old niece that had curl dark hair and the same icy blue eyes as her Uncle.
“I can’t wait to have some time with her” he swayed with me held against him
“You never know maybe you’ll have a baby to snuggle by our first anniversary” I smiled pulling away from him and turning to face him.
“That would be so good” he nodded “Oh I made the appointments at the Tattoo shop for tomorrow afternoon like you asked”
“Thank you” I smiled kissing hm on the nose “It’s sort of a tradtion when the women in the family get married they get some tattoo to celebrate” Nana has the Property of a US Marine on her back like the one I have on my inside thigh”
“I like that one” he grinned “So what’s the new one going to be?”
“That you’ll have to wait and see” I walked away from him and into the bathroom………………….

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