Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - Rachel got it wrong

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



...................... The flight touched down at Dallas Ft worth airport a little after 2 in the afternoon in the middle of a huge rain storm. J.J reached for my hand as we walked out into the familiar arrival hall.
‘You look more relaxed than you’ve been in a while” J.J. smiled as he waved at his Mom and Dad.
“I feel it” I nodded “or I will as long as no one mentions the wedding for at least the…”
“Here’s the bride and groom” J.J started to laugh as his Mom hugged the both of us to her “And welcome home Marine” she touched the side of his face with so much pride it brought a lump to my throat “and” she gave him a swift Gibbs slap
“Ow Momma what was that for” he groaned
“Running away for a second time and getting married” she clicked her tongue at him “I’ve already yelled at B so I’ve had to wait almost 5 months to yell at you”
“Leave the boy alone Ana” James laughed as he bent and kissed my cheek “You look worn out honey”
“She is and she’s getting a little stressed over the wedding” J.J. butted in before I could say anything.
“Well everything here is under control so you don’t have to worry about anything” she smiled at me linking my arm “We’re going to drop you both at the ranch with Brody and he and Lucy are going to bring you home out for dinner tonight with the rest of us”
“Momma we were kinda hoping for a quiet night” J.J. said softly
“Baby your family haven’t seen you for 5 months they just need to make sure you’re still real” I laughed putting my hand on his arm “A night out sounds good” he looked at me with a ‘are you sure typr of expression’ I just nodded and kissed him. we got the bags and I trailed behind with his Mom as James and J.J. walked off to load up the truck.
“So when’s the baby due” Ana sighed
“Excuse me?” I blinked a couple of times
“You’re having a baby” she smiled
“No I’m not” I shook my head totally thrown for a loop “Oh do I look fat” I looked down and lifted the hoodie I was wearing showing my flat stomach.
“Oh I just… well Rachel…” So when does Flynn and Riley get here?” she started to talk quickly
“On Saturday but why did you think I was having a baby?”
“I’m sorry Rachel slipped up and said that you were pregnant” I raised my eye brows
“He’s only been home 3 weeks” I chuckled “I’m not pregnant as of last week anyway” I shrugged “I think what Rachel meant was I’m not on birth control anymore”
“I’m sorry I got the wrong idea honey” Ana looked mortified.
‘It’s okay yes we are trying for a baby but so is Flynn and Riley and these things don’t just happen… right?”
“Well it seemed like every time James sneezed I got pregnant” She giggled “let’s hope his boys take after him… Well J.J. till Brody has been with Lucy a little longer” I shook my head at her as we walked over to where they were waiting by the truck I climbed in and put my head in J.J.’s lap as we drove the stead swish of the water under the tires and the swipe of the blades on the windshield sending me to sleep as he stroked my hair and talked to his parents his Texan accent thicker than normal with tiredness.
We pulled into the yard at the Ranch Lucy and Brody rushed from the house with Umbrellas J.J. woke me.
“We’re here sleepy” he smirked down at me
“I’m sorry I’m crashing I think” I stretched and opened the door the humidity was still all to apparent as I got out and into a hug from Lucy.
“I’ve been dying for you to get here” she smirked
“It’s nice to be here” I looked at a grinning Brody “Hey you”
“Hi ya self sis” he teased hugging me to him “Lucy take Momma and B inside while we get the rest of the things” she nodded and linked my arm and pulled me to the house.
“Okay what’s got into you” I groaned and I fetched off my boots and hoodie and left them in the hall
“I don’t know I was hoping that you were showing…” Ana cut her off
“NOOOOO we got it so far wrong” Ana chuckled
“Oh god who else things I’m pregnant” I maoned
“Just the family” Ana smiled
“Okay well I think Rachels pregnancy has seriously screwed with her head” I ran my fingers through my hair as I pulled my phone from my purse.
Riley * hey
Me * Okay why are you answering Flynn’s phone
Riley * oh he’s… busy… doing something…
ME * Ew… Riley what the hels that sound it’s like a thirsty dog lapping up wat… OMG that’s gross
I hung up and dropped my phone in my bag.
“Everything okay” Lucy looked at me
“No… I’m mentally scared for the rest of my life I just heard my brother doing… EW” J.J. walked in
“Whats’ wrong?”
“Call Flynn and ask him what hes’ doing?” I shuddered
“Remember when Dad alled your cell” a smiled spread across his face “Yeah well I got the other way round”
“Okay this is getting crazy I need to go home and pick up Ari from school” Ana shook her head she kissed my cheek and then J.J.’s “We love you and we’ll see you in a while” we watched as they both left.
“So who wants a beer?” Brody smiled heading for the fridge and handing J.J. a bottle
“No I’m going to go take a shower if that’s okay with you”
“you had one before we left home” J.J. looked concerned
“I know but I’m a little stiff and sore from the flight”
“Why don’t you take a bubble bath” Lucy suggested “always helps me un wind”
“Yeah I like that idea” I nodded
“I’ll bring a drink in to you in a while” J.J. smiled kissing my “and I’ll scrub your back for you”
“Deal” I walked away into our room and started filling the old fashioned claw foot tub with hot water……………….

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