Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - New Tattoo's

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



..... “Beer ma’am” I looked up as J.J. closed the bathroom door behind him “And you think there’s room for a cowboy in there with you” he put the beers down on a small table that was next to the free standing tub.
“I think I can make room” I moved and watched as he stripped off his clothes and climbed in the steaming water.
“Damn girl are you trying to boil yourself alive” he winced “God I think all my little swimmers have just been sautee’d” I started to laugh and reached for the cold water turning it on.
“You’re a girl sometimes J.J.” I teased “It relaxes all the stiffness from you” I leant back and closed my eyes
“Yeah but you like me for my stiffness” he nudged my arm with the icy beer bottle and turned off the cold water I took it from him
“I’m sorry I’ve been a bitch the past few days” I moved so I was lay between his legs my back resting against his chest “I think every things finally catching up with me”
“I know and it hasn’t helped that we’ve not really had time together with me having all of those wonderful graveyard shifts on the gate” he rubbed my shoulders
“Marine life at it’s best baby” I laughed
“What was Mom whispering to you about?”
“Oh you’re whole family thinks I’m pregnant”
‘Say What?” I turned in hs arms and nodded “Yeah apparently Rachel took what I said about not being on birth control anymore and made it so you had managed to get me knocked up in the past 3 weeks”
“My sister and her damn mouth” he groaned reaching for his beer “Why did you tell her that anyway?”
“Dude girls talk about everything” I poked him in the chest “she was asking what I used because she wanted something a little more reliable than whatever she was on before” I took a drink from my bottle “and I told I’m not on anything now but I was on the shot when I was on it.” he rubbed his thumb and fore finger over his forehead “Are we going to get to go away at all?”
“You mean honeymoon?” he smiled down at me I nodded “Well that Mrs. Tanner is something you’re going to have to wait and see” he held his beer bottle in one hand and slid his other under the water making me smile “Now how much of this water do you think we can get all over the floor”………………..
…………….. I was standing on the patio looking over the front paddock with the horses running in the morning mist.
“Morning Ma’am” I jumped as Brody walked out of the kitchen door with a pot of coffee in one hand and his mug in the other. “Sleep well?”
“I always do when I come here” I nodded as he filled up my cup.
“Where’s my brother?”
“He’s still sleeping” I wrapped my hands round my cup “So you and Lucy seem to be in Lurve” I laughed.
“Okay it’s to early in the morning for that” he blushed
“Oh come on stop with the tough guy act remember I’m a marine kid I know the act all to well and I can break it easily” he shook his head and laughed.
“You know I love my brother met you… you just don’t mice your words do you”
“No sir” I winked at him “You get nowhere if you’ don’t get to the point… so you asking her to marry you… I can do you a good deal on the perfect ring”
“Oh so I get the sales pitch” he pulled out a chair and sat down I moved and sat opposite him
“Hey it’s a business” I sat back “I’m teasing but I do think you both look really good together”
“Thanks she’s small but she’s a tough cookie” he smiled his face lighting up as he talked about her “I watched her rope and bring down bull the other day get up and just dust her hands on her jeans” he had total admiration ini voice for her “and then last night she looked like a lady in the black dress and heels”
“Oh you’re so in love with her Brody Tanner it’s written all over your face” I leant on the table “Can I ask you something?”
“Have you told her you love her or are you just sleeping with her”
“Breana” he groaned
“Okay I’m the emotionally challenged brother I don’t face emotion easily”
“I’ve seen you cry when you’re Brother went away… I’ve seen you cry and tell Jordan you love her…”
“She’s my niece it’s different” He picked up his cup and I know saying goodbye to J.J. means it might be the…” I held up my hand
“We don’t go there” he nodded a little “So what is it the words you just can’t get out or what?”
“I get tongue tied round her I feel like a kid on his first date”
“So if you feel like that and you think so much of her you need to grow some balls and tell her you’re head over ass in love with her”
“Wow you really did get a good nights sleep didn’t you” J.J. laughed appearing at the door “I’ve been listening to your conversation and she’s right Bro you need to man up” He kissed me “Moring Baby… oh and not right after you’ve rolled round in the barn with her”
“Jeez advice from my baby brother”
“Yeah take it because you see what I managed to catch” he winked at me.
“Wait here” I got up and walkedinto the house.
“How the hell do you kep up with her”
“I don’t I tag along” J.J. laughed I walked back out and handed Brody a pouch he looked at me.
“I was going to give this to Lucy for christmas but considering you need all the help you can get” I sat on J.J.’s lap as Brody tipped out the contents in to the palm of his hand, There was a Texan star with a small yellow enamel rose hanging from it.
“The yellow rose of Texas” he grinned and this coming from a girl from North Carolina”
“I can take it back”
“It’s awesome B” he rubbed the star win hs fingers.
“Okay now say you love me”
“B” J.J. choked on my coffee he was drinking
“Shush” I shook my head “You need to rehearse saying to her”
“I love you” he blushed I heard J.J. Snigger a little I shot him one of Nana’s looks he looked down
“See not so hard is it” he shook his head “Now say what you want to say to her”
“I can’t in front of you guys”
“Jeez we don’t care” J.J. complained ‘Watch” J.J. turned me to face his on his lap. “Hey you” he murmured making my breath catch in my throat “I Love you more than anything and you make it worthwhile getting up every day. I go to bed thinking of you and I wake up thinking of you… I’m head over heels in love with you” he held my face and kissed me.
“Damn. Where the hell did you learn that” Brody groaned.
“You don’t learn it dumb ass I just told her what I feel that’s all” J.J. sighed “Try it, how do you feel about her?”
“I want to be with her every waking moment” Brody rubbed his hand across the rough stubble on hs chin “I want to have what you guys have the trust, the respect the love… I want to be the guy that she comes to when she’s had a bad day so I can help her out. I want to be the one to dance with her under the stars and in the pouring rain… I’m totally head over as you put it “ he looked at me and smirked “ass in love with Lucy”” I looked at J.J. and smiled as Brody opened up and spilled out everything, if his Marine Brother could do it without thinking twice then so could the rough riding cowboy. I got up from J.J.’s lap .
“Well I think you should maybe tell her that… or just turn round and see what she thinks about it” I took J.J.’s hand and pulled him up as Brody looked round to see a smiling Lucy…………………………..
…………………. “Oh come one let me come in with you while you get it done” J.J. begged as I got up to go back with the guy doing the tattoo.
“No it’s part of your wedding present” I laughed
“So not fair” he pouted as I disappeared round the doorway with the guy.
“Did I hear you right it’s part of his wedding present” he ask as I sat down and pulled off my t-shirt.
“Yep, It’s a tradtion in the family the women get a tattoo before they get married to show support” he nodded as he cleasned my right shoulder blade.
“I saw the Semper Fi on your wrist” he commented as he began making the sript letters on my back. “That’s a Marine Corps thing right?”
“Yes Sir… My Family are Marines and so is My husband hencethe words you’re putting on my back right now”
I walked out to find J.J. sitting smiling.
“Okay that face means trouble” I kissed him
“No I just decided to do what you did?” he took my hand as we walked out and over to the truck
“You got another Tat” I smiled “Where, how big and what is it?”
“On ribs on the other side to the Emblem and you’ll have to wait and see” he laughed “Now same questions for you”
“On my shoulder and I’ll show you when we get home” neither  of us could wait to get home Brody and Lucy were curled in the recliner together looking loved up the necklace proudly on display round her neck. J.J. pulled off his shirt as we got in the living room.
“Dude bedroom” Brody shouted at him
“No we just got a wedding gift” J.J. smiled as I followed suit and pulled of my t-shirt.
“You show me yours first” I grinned he nodded and pulled the dressing of it carefully
‘ She’s my Semper Fi’
was in script across his ribs. “Wow I love it” I smiled swallowing back the lump that came to my throat.
“Deals a deal” he smiled back at me I turned round and he took off the dressing. I heard the gasp from him as he read the Beautiful script
‘Live life like he’s
Deploying tomorrow’

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