Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Protection Detail

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Submitted: September 09, 2010



…………….. I busied myself in the kitchen as the sound of the water running in the shower stopped.
“That feels so much better” I looked over my shoulder as J.J. walked from the bathroom. A towel wrapped round his waist I turned round and leant against the counter as he came over and put his hands on my hips. I stroked his clean shaven face.
“That feels better” I joked.
“You weren’t complaining… unless the moaning and screaming was because of the stubble” he smiled biting down on his bottom lip
“Sgt Tanner I don’t know what you mean” I teased turning in his arms to pour us both a coffee his lips on the side of my neck.
“Really do I have to show you?” he murmured making my heart race.
“You know I think you might” I giggled as he tongue flicked round the edge of my ear. His arms reached round and picked up the two coffee cups and moved then to the side before he turned me to face him again and lifted meon to the countertop tugging the Marine football jersey over my head and throwing it into the living room.
“I’m loving the new tattoo” he smiled dropping to his knees and kissing the Property of a U.S. Marine tattoo on the inside of my upper thigh. “You never mentioned it.
“I knew my Marine would find it” I moaned putting my hands on the back of his head as he rained down with the butterfly kisses…………….
………………….. We both lay together on the couch me lying between J.J.’s legs while he trailed his fingers absently up and down my bare back.
“I’ve missed this so much” he sighed “I’d almost forgotten how good you feel” I looked up at him and smiled.
“So do you still want to marry me?”
“hell yeah why ask?” he stopped with his fingers
“I wanted to make sure that the past 7 months haven’t changed your mind” I looked down remembering the immense struugle J.J. had had with trust after what had happened with his ex-wife.
“It made me more determined to marry you” he lifted my face to his “I’ve never ever missed someone as much as I missed you, combat has a way of making you see sense” he bent his head and brushed his lips lightly across my forehead. “So what have I missed other than the new in?” he smiled breaking the slight tension in the air.
“Not Much apart from…” I got up and reached for my portfolio and handed it to him. He reached in and pulled out the paying in slips from the bank and sat up.
“This is for fifteen thousand dollars” He sat up and looked at me “and the other is for ten thousand”
“I know” I smiled sitting back down with him “That’s from the guy in Dallas for some of my work and the other is from a store in Miami” he looked at me with a huge smile on his face.
“I’m proud of you” he put the slips back into my folder and he pulled me to him and kissed me. “Now I don’t think your dad will be able to complain now”
“Funnily enough that’s what my Mom said” I laughed “I got crap from, your sister for not visiting them the other day with being Dallas”
“Well get used to it they love you”
“Do you mind if we go see my Mom?”
“Now” I looked at him “Remember I told you about when she was raped” J.J. became serious and nodded. “The guy that did it was released from Jail yesterday”
“They let him out” J.J. looked disgusted.
“He’s been locked away for 18 years so I guess he’d served his time” I looked down “She’s terrified with out Dad being around”
“She has me and Flynn”
“She was raped when Dad was at boot camp so I guess it feels like that all over again with him being so far away” I hugged J.J. tight “I’ve never seen Mom seem so… I don’t know broken I guess”
“Let’s go get dressed and go grab some food from Luca and take it over to your Mom’s” I nodded. He took my hand and pulled me to the bedroom………
……………….. “Bellezza” Luca shouted as I pushed open the door to the restaurant, J.J. walked in behind me Luca’s face broke out into a huge smile. “Welcome home Marine” he embraced J.J> brushing me aside making me laugh as Luca held J.J.’s face in his large hands “Luca prayed for you everyday”
“Thanks Luca” J.J. Chuckled “I missed your Meatballs and garlic bread”
“Well I have it all ready for you to take” Luca beamed letting go of J.J. and scurrying off to the kitchen. I smiled at J.J.
“Luca missed all of you guys he asked us every time we saw him if you were all okay”
“It’s nice to know people are thinking about us while we’re working” J.J. put his arm round me “And not just the people who love us”
“Here we go” Luca came over with boxes of food “Tell your Mama she has to bring your Papa in when he get home”
“I will Luca” I kissed his cheeks and handed him the money as J.J. took the food. I walked out after J.J. and wrapped my arm round his waist as he walked. He drove us to the base and up to Mom and Dad’s house Flynn’s truck was already in the drive. “Hey Mom we got dinner” I shouted as I held the door for J.J.
“I hope you brought enough for your Brother and Riley” she laughed walking from the kitchen, she was trying to cover her stress but the smile was forced. “Oh nice shirt for my Future son-in-law to wear… I wouldn’t wear that when Phillip gets back”.
“I brought it for him” I laughed closing the door “And if Dad don’t like it then he’ll have to deal”


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