Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - More Depolyment

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Submitted: October 01, 2010



…………………. I looked at the bank of screens giving the arrivals of all the flights coming in.
“They just landed” J.J. said slipping his arms round my waist “You looking forward to seeing them?”
“Always” I nodded “I’m thankful you and Flynn are in the same platoon… It means I get to see my bestfriend and my brother”
“We taking them riding this afternoon?”
“Hell yeah” I nodded “There they are” I pointed as Flynn and Riley came into sight Riley waved and hugged me
“Wow it’s been four days and you already look relaxed” she laughed
“It’s hot bubble baths and long rides” J.J. said hugging Flynn
“Hey sis” Flynn grinned at me
“Ready to ride” I watched Riley flush bright red Flynn looked at her and smirked.
“You didn’t” J.J. groaned
“Oh we did and believe me there really is no room in the bathroom on a plane” Riley laughed
“OmG guys”
“Oh like you haven’t” Flynn pulled a face at me.
“No we haven’t”
“Yay we got on over on you” Riley teased.
“You ever made love outside in the rain” J.J. pushed his tongue in his cheek
“Hey can we please get going I want to ride” I linked Riley’s arm as the guys went to get the bags. “So I called you three times yesterday where were you?” I asked as we walked outside.
“Flynn had a doctors appointment and so did I” she looked at me. “I’m pregnant”
“You’re Kidding” I hugged her to me
“We were going to wait till later to tell you but I’m too excited” she run her hand over her non existant stomach. “We’re only just pregnant like 3 weeks”
“What did you do get pregnant as soon as he got home”
‘I think we must have the first time he was well…”
“Okay I don’t want details” I smiled
‘You told her didn’t you” Flynn called out
“I couldn’t wait” J.J. looked confused
“We’re having a baby” Flynn explained looking at him
“Awesome congratulations” He hugged Flynn and then hugged Riley I walked over to Flynn
“See I told you that you were going to make it didn’t I” I hugged him.
“You’re a smart ass and always have been” he grinned. The four of us got into the truck and headed for the ranch Riley and I talking baby stuff “we have to listen to this for the next 8 ½ months”
“Lets hope for deployment” J.J. chuckled Riley Gibbs slapped him “Ow I was teasing”
“not funny Marine” her face had dropped
“I’m sorry honey” he looked at her through the mirror his accent as thick as his families after being home for 4 days “I didn’t think”
“It’s okay there’s talk of some guys going in the next couple of months” I looked at her my heart sank as I looked at J.J driving he glanced at Flynn. I pulled my phone from my pocket and called home.
Mom * hi honey
Me * Riley just said about deployments
Mom * yeah honey Logan and Kaden both got orders today for a months time.
Me * what about Dad
Mom * your Dad has got the postion in California we’re moving just before they ship out
Me * and you were going to tell us when?
Mom * we were going to tell you guys when we see you next week
Me * what about… What about…
Mom * I called your Gramps and no Flynn and J.J.’s Platoon are not scheduled for at least 6 months but you know we’re not supposed to say anything
Me * I understand I’m sorry for snapping
Mom * It’s okay honey at least they will still be here when it’s time for the wedding
Me * true… I’ll talk to you tomorrow I love you guys
Mom * we love you too honey
I hung up as we pulled up at the ranch a horse trailer in the yard with Brody and Lucy standing at the back of it. We got out and Brody and Lucy were saying hi to Flynn and Riley as Lucy was showing off her gift from Brody as well as the necklace she had a pure white horse I pulled j.j. aside and put my arms round his Back and buried my face in the side of it.
“Hey I’m sorry I said the wrong thing in the car” he soothed stroking my hair “It sort of came out”
“Logan and Kaden got their orders this morning the deploy in a month”
“It happens” he gave a half shrug “What about your Dad?”
“He’s the new CO in San Diego” I looked up at him
“We’re not going again are we…” the color seemed to drain from him
“No no you guys are safe for a while” I touched the side of his face “I guess I just need a hug” he smiled and bent his head and kissed me……………

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