Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Cowboys or Marines

Submitted: October 01, 2010

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Submitted: October 01, 2010



.............. I pulled on my dress and my boots as J.J. walked in to the bedroom
“Hot damn” he whistled pulling me to him and dancing with me round the bedroom “You look beautiful”
“You don’t want me to go out do you” I smirked
“I do but I want to be there with you” he rubbed his knuckles along my jaw “Remember I grew up round here and I know what the guys are like”
“Not Marines for one” I kissed him “We’re going out for dinner and then to a club with my Mom your Mom and the girls and I can only imagine what the guys have in store for you”
“How about we meet up later… sneak away like we did on Flynn’s bachelor party” he kissed my neck
“Okay I like the sound of that” the door opened
“Okay put down your wife and get your ass moving Marine” Gramps grinned
“Hey he’s off the clock”
“Once a Marine always a Marine honey” Gramps kissed my head “We have steak to eat and strippers to ogle”
“I heard that Benjamin” Grandma called from the other room
“I only sleep with you though” he laughed back as she appeared in the door way.
“Okay I’ll put it in to perspective” she cocked her head to the side “those girls at the strip club are around the same age as you r granddaughter” Gramps looked at me pulled a face and shuddered J.J. started to laugh. “B you ready to go Ana has a table booked for us in 30minutes”
“I ‘m ready” I nodded I kissed J.J. “I love you and call me later”
“I will” he flashed me my favorite grin “love you” I picked up my purse and followed Grandma out……………….
………………. “So you have everything ready” Nana asked sitting opposite me across the table at dinner.
“I think so whatever we don’t have well we’ll have to do without” I sighed “People seem to forget I’ve been married almost 5 months already” she smiled.
“Well when you get married the day before your man deploys then it’s expected especially when people don’t understand why you did it” she rested her chin on her hands. I smiled at her. “So do you know where he’s taking you for honeymoon?”
“No… he won’t even tell me if we are going”
“Oh you’ll go somewhere… I’m sure of it” she had a twinkle in her eye. We spent the rest of the night laughing about wedding stories from everyone round the table. We ended up on a bar all playing pool and taking anyone’s money that wanted to challenge us needless to say there were a few cowboys with damaged egos After Riley and I were done taking them to the cleaners. I hip bumped Riley.
“You won’t be able to do that soon when you belly gets in the way”
“I know that’s’ why I’d better make the most of it now” she laughed. “have you seen how drunk our Mom’s are getting” I looked over to the table by the bar where the howling of laughter was coming from as yet another embarrassing Marine wife story was told.
‘You know seeing the state of them it give you a reason never to drink” Riley high fived me.
“Excuse me ladies” we looked round to see two guys standing behind us “We’ve been watching you all night and damn you can both play”
“Miss spent child hood” Riley answered with a smile “To many nights spent in a bar” I looked a her and shook my head… “what? you were 14 when you beat that Hells angel guy”
“Okay one just because a guy has a motorcycle doesn’t make him a hells angel” I held out my hands “and two he was my Dad” the two guys looked a little lost.
“True” she nodded “but there was those guys that turned up and got kicked out when they got pissed because they lost to us”
“Er… ladies” the one guy drawled “we’d like to take a chance to beat you”
“$50 each” I shrugged putting a fifty dollar bill on the edge of the pool table.
“Lets make it $100 each we know you’ve won more than that each tonight” he smiled, I looked at Riley she nodded and racked up the balls on the table. “So you girls aren’t local are you?... oh and I’m Jared and this it Bradley”
“I’m Riley and this is B” Riley said leaning over the table and breaking
“We’re form North Carolina” I explained not taking my eyes from the table.
‘Long way from home”
“Oh yeah” riley nodded I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and walked over to the table.
“So what brings you all the way to Texas apart from the smoking hot cowboys you’ll find” Bradley chuckled.
“Cowboys aren’t all that hot” Riley wrinkled her nose
“Hey” Bradley, Jared and I all said looking at her.
“Oh right okay I don’t think they are all that hot” she pulled a face and laughed “And you’d never have looked at one either at one point” she poked me with the pool cue
“So you don’t mind a cowboy then?” Bradley asked trailing his finger up my arm I moved his hand.
“No, but he has to be wearing dog tags” I was starting to get a little irritated. “and look good wearing Camo and carrying a M-16”
“Military?” Jared pulled a face “all of them are ego’s on crack” Riley’s mouth fell open “a real man works hard from the time the sun comes up till after it goes down”
“Oh you so didn’t just say that” I put the cue on the table and turned to look at him withmy hands on my hips
“Hell yeah I’ve known guys in the Army and they think they are above everyone”
“I think I’m going to walk away” I hissed through my teeth “keep the damn money” I turned away
“Aw come on honey” Bradly grabbed my wrist “You like a cowboy”
“Are you attached to your balls” I snapped because if you don’t let og of me I’m goingto go Marine Brat on you and rip themoff and feed then to the nearest pig”
“I like a feisty one” he slapped my ass.
“And I only go for real men… real men that are MARINES like my husband” I slapped his hand away.
“You’re married”
“Yep we both are” Riley snapped
‘And I think the ladies want you to back the hell off” J.J.’s voice rang out.
“It’s got nothing to do with you” Bradley bit back
“Oh it does when she’s told you to and the fact you just slapped my wifes ass” J.J. squared up to him with Flynn behind him. “You want to tell me I’m not a real man” J.J. reached in the neck of his shirt and pulled out his dog tags “I was rasied as a cowbot and now I’m a Marine”
“I didn’t know I thought”
“Dude you thought wrong” Flynn snapped “You’re Lucky my sister didn’t take that cue and shove it up your ass sideways” Flynn glanced at me and smirked “Now be good little cowboys and go away”
“You want to take this outside?” Jared spat at them
“Hell yeah” J.J. stalked to the door…………………………

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