Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - Still mad

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Submitted: October 04, 2010



………… J.J. and Flynn followed Bradley and Jared out into the parking lot. I looked at Riley and groaned.
“I think we need to intervene unless you want your wedding pictures to have guys with black eyes” She put down the pool cue and we walked out of the bar.
“You need to bring more guys to fight your battles” Jared snapped as we walked out and saw Brody and James along with Dad and Gramps and the others in the parking lot.
“I don’t need any one to fight my battles” J.J. chuckled “I’m a down and dirty cowboy at heart I’ll wipe the floor with you for even breathing in the direction of my wife and sister-in-law”
“They obviously don’t get what they need from a Marine if they have to come here and hustle pool all night”
“Dude we were on my bachelorette night” I butted in getting in between Jared and J.J. “You were the ones coming up to us and coming on to us”
“What’s going on?” Brody walked over.
“Some guys trying to hit on B and Riley”
“Guys look you need to back off from married women” Brody drawled “You’re giving cowboys a bad name”
“What we’re in the bar we got to every night of the week we work all day and then some bitches from out of state come in and try to…” Bradley didn’t even finish his sentence as Riley balled her fist and caught him in the temple dropping him to the floor.
“Bitches you want to call me a bitch you ain’t seen nothing” She snarled leaning over him Flynn started to laugh I watched as Jared stepped forward.
“Don’t you even think it or you’ll join him” I pointed at him I felt hands on my hips and I was picked up and put behind J.J.
“Now… you boys need to back it up and head home” James added calmly as J.J. held on to me While Flynn slid his arms protectively round Riley’s waist “Leave these girls alone”
“You watch your back” Jared threatened J.J.
“Dude I’ve taken out guys like you in my sleep” J.J. smiled
“As a warning” Dad butted in “he can take some out a mile away so you should be the one watching over your shoulder” Bradley struggled back to his feet and pulled Jared toward a car. We all watched and waited till they peeled out of the parking lot J.J. turned on me and Riley before Flynn could get a chance.
“What the hell was that?” he held out his hands “What would have happened if we hadn’t turned up?”
“We’d have dealt with it” I shook my head
“Dealt with it… What if they hadn’t taken no for an answer”
“Then I would have kicked his ass”
“Like you did with Scott” there was a silence that fell that was hard and uncomfortable.
“Really” I took a step back from him “Wow” I turned on my heel and walked over to the trick and opened the door and got in.
“B stop” J.J. stopped me from closing the door “You can’t just walk away”
“I if don’t right now I might say something I’d regret” I looked at him
“Move over and I’ll drive” he went to get in I didn’t move “Will you stop being so damn stubborn and move your ass in to the passenger seat” I moved over and floded my arms over my chest and looked out of the window. As J.J. drove us away from the bar.
“I left my purse and jacket in there”
“Riley can get it” he kept his eyes on the road as he drove through the darkness.
“Where are we going?”
“To talk about a few things” he still didn’t look me he rubbed his chin with his hand I settled back and watched his reflection in the window the nerve in his cheek twitching with the tension he was holding in his jaw he pulled into a hotel and got out and waited for me at the front of the truck. He put his hand on the middle of my back and steered me to the reception and he walked over to the desk and took the room card as the girl behind the desk batted her lashes at him and smiled, he never even noticed he looked at me and walked me to the elevator both of us still in silence, the door opened and he waited for me to step off first.
‘Is this going to carry on all night?’ I asked as he opened a room door.
“Is what going to carry on” he stood in front of me to stop me walking in.
“The silent treatment from you because if it is then hand me the damn keys to the truck and I’ll let you sit in your own silence” I bit at him he stood and looked me up and down before he took my hand and pulled me into the room closing and locking the door. “Well?”
He pushed me gently against the door with one hand he pinned my hands over my head and pulled up one of my legs hitching it round his waist and kissed me long and hard taking all the breath from me he pulled back a little
“Okay I’m still mad with you” he murmured “but all I can think about is making sure you know how much I love you and I never want you to think about another guy” he kissed my neck………………..

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