Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Temper Temper

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Submitted: October 04, 2010



...................... “Hey…” I looked at him “Where did this come from?”
“What? He moaned I could feel the need in him
“Why the hell would I want another guy” J.J. let go of me and backed away. “Why would you even think like that?” he sat on the end of the bed and put his head in his hands.
“You want to know why I came to the bar?’ he looked up at me “You want to know why I’m worried” I nodded “I got a call from the bar telling me my wife was all over a guy in the bar”
“And you believed it” I almost screamed at him “After how I feel about what happened to Mom and Dad when he cheated on her you really think I would sink that low” he looked like a kid that was being told off in front of the principal.
“No I didn’t, but I’ve been hurt by that before and I had to come make sure everything was okay” I shook my head and paced the floor in front of him “And I walk in and find a guy hitting on you”
“Exactly he was hitting on me not the other way round” I shrugged “I told him the only man I was interested in was a Marine and MY HUSBAND” I pointed to my wedding band “I love you and I don’t even want to look at anyone other than you” I held his face in my hands making him look at me “I thought you’d got past all this shit with Catherine” he closed his eyes and took a deep breath “J.J. look at me” he opened his eyes “I love you and I wait for you when you’re gone… I dealt with the bitch that tried to come between us because I only want you… you have nothing to be jealous of at all” He put his hands on my hips.
“I still didn’t like the way he was pawing you” he murmured.
“Yeah and what was with the Scott comment”
“I’m sorry I saw the guy catch your wrist and I reached for my side arm… which is at home locked up” He stood up “I will never ever apologize for trying to protect you” his voice was firm “Don’t ever ask me to stop defending you, and before you say a word yes I know you can kick ass but for once in you stubborn life let me do it, That’s what husbands are here for” I opened my mouth to say something and closed it again “Yes I love you and yes I trust you but when the call came from my ex wife” I felt my blood run a little chilly.
“Say what?”
“She called me” he sighed
“How the hell has she gotten your number… we got you a new phone I swear baby or no baby if Rachel’s gone back and talked to her again I’ll wail the living crap out of her” I was getting angry now “Was she in the bar” I grabbed J.J.’s arm “Was that bitch in the damn bar”
“She said she was’ he nodded
“God damn it that bitch I knew she’d be back we shouldn’t have had the wedding here she’s going to try to ruin it I know she will” I was frantic now as I pulled back from him and picked up the keys from the side where he’d dropped them “She’s going to regret ever coming…” I was grabbed round the waist and hauled on to the bed wrapped in J.J.’s arms and legs
“Now don’t you even think about it” he growled in my ear “I’m not having you injured or in jail if you go after her and no way are you dragging a pregnant Riley into this”.
“I wasn’t thinking of dragging Riley into anything” I fought against him and I won’t get injured she will” he was too strong for me “I’m not letting her think she can come in here and try to cause problem”
“Baby she can’t we’re already married” he soothed holding me tighter
“She just tried to tell you I was with another guy” I was exhausted with trying to fight against him “And you must have had some sort of belief I was…”
“Breana stop I didn’t think you were cheating I didn’t like the fact some guy could have and did have his hands on you and I know Catherine would have shown her face to you at some point to get a rise out of you”
“Lets both go back to the bar”
“No we’re going nowhere” he slowly released his grip on me “I’m sorry for the comment I made about Scott but that’s all I’m sorry for”
“Well I’m sorry I didn’t get a swing in on that guy before Riley did” J.J. started to laugh and flopped back on the bed letting go of me.
‘Jeez you kow I hope to god when we have kids the don’t get our tempers”
“I hope they do because then no one will walk over them” I looked at him “You sure we can’t go back to the bar and just see who’s still there” I betted my eyelashes at him.
“Oh you can just stop that” he groaned “and no we can’t I want you all to myself as tomorrow night we’re being forced to stay away from each other” he stood up and took my hands and rubbed the back of his fingers down my cheek making me shiver in anticipation. “Did I mention how good you look tonight”
“I think you may have done… but did I mention I’m going commando” I walked away from him and over to the window that over looked the city……………….

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