Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Four wheeler or Marine

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Submitted: October 04, 2010



..............  J.J. and I walked into the house with people rushing around wedding things scattered all over the kitchen and living room.
“Finally here you both are” Flynn laughed “We’ve been trying to call you”
“He took my phone away from me” I pouted as Mom handed me a cup of coffee.
“How was your night away?” she asked
“Stressful because we were fighting” J.J. picked up a piece of bacon and munched on it
“Well if you didn’t have crazy ex wives then maybe we’d be good’ I pulled a face
“Yeah J.J. you have enough to deal with, with the crazy wife you have” Riley smirked walking from the direction of the bedroom with a string of fairy lights in her hand.
“Okay Rocky you need to shush” I groaned “how’s the hand?”
“Fine he was a soft ass so it didn’t hurt that much” she winkled at me “Brody wants you both to ride out to the pond to see what you think to how they are setting up”
“Oh good I get to ride a none bitching Marine” I grumbled
“Breana Jacklyn Rich… Tanner” Grandpa corrected himself “Not the type of conversation we have over breakfast”
“Okay so the next time you and Uncle Toby and Uncle Adam are cooking pancakes can we not have the full story of your exploits including him banging a sophomore when he was a senior and you and Nana in the bathroom of a damn plane”
“Honey I was talking about the horse not J.J.” Grandpa laughed getting a Gibbs slap from Nana and a high five from Trey. I walked past them and into our room and pulled off my dress. Hands snaked round my waist heading south.
“Oh I don’t think so Marine!” I pulled away from him and grinned as I grabbed underwear and a t-shirt and jeans from the dresser. “You can wait till our wedding night”
“Oh you know that’s not fair” he groaned “You get naked in front of me and don’t want me to touch you”
“Oh I do but I have more will power then you marine” I smiled and after the handcuff and sprinkle incident last night I think I need to make sure now more are hidden before you come near me again” J.J. sat on the bed and unbuttoned the shirt and took it off reaching for a t-shirt that was on the end of the bed. “Mind you it was a pretty ingenious use for a tube of sprinkles and a Snicker” I pulled my jeans on and my cow boy boots.
“You wait till tomorrow night” he chuckled getting up and pulling me to him.
“Now Sgt Tanner you have me intrigued” I caught his bottom lip in my teeth and tugged
“Sorry Mrs. Tanner you told me I have to wait” he moved back and walked out of the room. I followed him out Mom was looking nervous.
“Are you okay?”
“I want to go and see what happening but I’ve never ridden before”
“I’ll take you on the four wheeler if you’d rather” J.J. offered “Or you can take one of the gentler horses”
“I think the four wheeler might be safer before the wedding” She laughed “I don’t want to fall off and hurt myself”
“Mom you’d be fine” I sighed as Dad walked in talking to James both of them dusty and dirty from working outside. “I’m going to go get Marine” I walked out of the house and across the yard to the stables.
“Ma’am you like me to get your horse” one of the hands asked coming from one of the stalls
“Yes please” I nodded spotting Rachel on her cell phone I walked over to her and taped her on the shoulder
“I have to go” she hung up and smiled at me “Hey B”
“I have one thing to ask you and remember a few things before you answer” I put my hands on my hips “one your daughter has my name for her middle name because you said you respect me. two I’m married to your brother. And three I will kick your ass with out thinking about it”
“What… B what’s gotten in to you” she stammered the smile falling from her face”
“Last night when we were in the bar did you see anyone you knew” she shook her head “Have you spoken to Catherine since having Jordan?”
“No I swear… hang on she came round a few days after Trey and I went home from here and she brought Jordan a gift” she shook her head “I didn’t talk to her Trey was in I was at the doctors having my 6 week check”
“Yeah well someone gave her J.J.’s new cell number and you are the only one that talks to her”
“I swear to you after everything I’d never give her his number… on Jordan’s life B I wouldn’t” she pleaded Trey walked out of the house with Flynn with some boxes. “Trey” she waved him over he came across and smiled
“Your Mom is about to go with J.J. to the pond”
“I’m waiting for Marine” I pushed my hands in my pockets.
“Trey when Catherine came round” I saw the disgust in Trey’s face as her name was mentioned. “Did you give her J.J.’s cell number”
“Hell no” he snapped
“Well she called his cell phone last night to tell him I was at the bar hitting on some guy” I shrugged tasking the reigns of Marine as the hand gave them to me I nodded my thanks “are you sure she didn’t get it out of you”
“I swear she came in and wanted to give Jordan and gift” she shrugged “and I went to grab Jordan because she’d woken up from a nap and… It was the same day that my phone went missing and I found it outside in the grass by the truck”
“Well I think we know how she managed to get his number” I groaned “That’s all I need her back in the picture” I mounted up as J.J. and Mom left the yard and went across the field ‘I’m sorry for yelling at you”
“It’s okay” Rachel smiled
“I’ll see you all later” I kicked Marine sending him racing off across the yard and onto the field giving chase to the four wheeler………………

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