Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 55 (v.1) - Taken it and ran with it

Submitted: October 05, 2010

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Submitted: October 05, 2010



……………… I caught up with Mom and J.J. on the four wheeler with ease, Marine loving being able to run as hard as he could. I reached the pond before they did.
“Good morning Ma’am” Brody laughed as he took the reins of Marine as I dismounted.
“Okay it sounds funny when you say it” I smiled “I’m used to it from Marines but cowboys”
“Where’s J.J.?”
“Bring Mom down on the four wheeler, she didn’t want to risk riding” I looked round at the huge tent that had been put up with tables and a dance floor inside it. “this is looking amazing” I walked inside the tent the tables were all draped in marine blue with a red cloth over small sliver pots with the Marine Corps emblem on were being filled with candles. I felt hands on my shoulders I looked round at J.J. who was in awe as he looked at everything happening round us.
‘Damn this looks so good” he rubbed my shoulders.
“Well it’s not finished” Mom interrupted “and we don’t want either of you seeing the full effect until tomorrow” She grabbed my hand and took J.J.’s and pulled us outside there was Crystals and hanging from the branches and a small platform was being built for us to stand on with the Marine Pastor.
“Wow” I shook my head “You guys said you were taking it and running with it and you certainly have”
“Damn this is going to be huge” J.J. turned round on the spot.
“Huge but intimate” Mom patted his arm. “So what do you guys think so far”
“I think we’re going to have one hell of a wedding” J.J. put his arms round Mom and hugged her.
“Well I think the two of you need to go and do something back at the house” Brody walked over “Like go make sure you have everything packed that you need for taking to Mom and Dad’s later” he prodded J.J. “Because after the dinner tonight you guys aren’t going to see each other till tomorrow afternoon”
“We know and I think it sucks because we’re already married” I pouted.
“Hey humor us” Mom laughed as she walked toward the tent. I looked at J.J.
“Well Mrs. Tanner I think we’ve been told” he chuckled “Come on he walked over to Marine and picked up the reins and got on he offered me his hand and pulled me up in front of him and kicked Marine gently pushing forward and back to the house I leant back in to him .
“So what are we going to do”
“Well I need to go into town for a while” he breathed “but I’ll be back in time for rehersal”
“What are you going into town for?”
“Just something Flynn’s going with me” he shrugged
“are you getting another tattoo?”
“No… why do you want me to be sore for or wedding day” he poked his finger in my ribs.
“No I’m just trying to guess that’s all” “I swatted him “you’re not going to meet Catherine are you?”
“Breana… don’t” I could hear the hurt in his tone
“I’m sorry I keep thinking that she’s going to turn up again” I looked round at him “I’m really sorry”
“I guess we need to both stop worrying about my ex wife” he sighed as we rode into the yard “I’m going to go into town and pick up your wedding gift” he moved my hair and kissed my neck “and then I have to show Flynn something”
“Okay I guess then I’ll grab your sisters and Riley and go do something with them”
“have you already got my gift” he laughed helping me down from Marine
“Hell yeah I had it before we left Lejeune” He jumped down and handed the reins to the hand and pulled me to him.
“What is it?”
“Well that’s the hard thing” I chewed my lip “It’s waiting for you when you get home?”
“So it’s not here” he frowned
“Well part of it is but the main part is at home” I linked my hads behind his neck and kissed him “I love you Marine”
‘I love you too”…………………
……….. I curled up in bed and hugged J.J.’s pillow to me as the sounds of laughing from the living room flitered through I looked at the clock and picked up my cell phone and dialed J.J.’s number.
J.J. * the bed’s to big and too empty
Me * I was just thinking the same thing
J.J. * so I escaped a whiskey and poker night and Flynn’s going to be here with me in a while
Me * I should be there, Mom and the others are all drinking and telling stories about what we were like when we were kids, Ari and Rachel went back to Rachel’s with Jordan and Riley had a hot bath and went to bed twenty minutes ago.
J.J. so you’re all lonely
Me * yup do you think they’ll like our vows
J.J. * it doesn’t matter if they don’t as long as we do and I know I love the mine for you.
Me * So you think having phone sex will count as being naughty before our wedding night.
J.J. * oh baby hearing your voice right now is turning me on and thinking about what you’re going to look like tomorrow in your wedding gown.
Me * hey I have to think about My Marine in his full Dress Blues
J.J. * so do we really need the phone sex
Flynn * Jeez I open the door and that’s the first thing I hear… J.J. give me th damn phone… Breana Jacklyn you need to get of the phone and stop making this husband of your more agaitae4d than he should be.
Me 8 Hey I’m lonely and it’s not like he’s 1000’s of miles away like on a tour he’s 8 miles downt he road and your wife flaked out on me
Flynn * being pregnant make her tired
Me * I know but I’m not tired and I don’t want to go into the other room Nana has a photo album out with really bad pictures
Flynn well Sorry J.J. and I are going to watch a movie while the poker game rages on in the kitchen
Me * Do me one favor take the whiskey off them I don’t want a bunch of hung over Marines at my wedding.
Flynn * Already done… right say good night to your Cowboy and then get some beauty sleep you need it… Love ya sis
Me 8 love you too
J.J. * I guess I’ll see you tomorrow by the pond then
Me * I’ll be the one in the big pink dress
J.J * PINK…?
Me * I love you Marine
J.J. * Love you too… but PINK???????............................

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