Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - Wedding morning

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Submitted: October 05, 2010



…………….. “Hey wake up” Nana sat on the edge of the bed with a coffee in her hand. I rubbed my eyes and smiled at her.
“I can’t believe I fell asleep last night I was nervous as hell” I yawned taking the coffee. “What were you like on your wedding day?”
“Nervous excited sad” I pulled a face
“Yep Adam was deployed and I thought I was going to have to go through my wedding without one of my best friends in the world” She walked over to the window and pulled back the curtains letting the sun light in. “But more than anything I couldn’t wait to see Logan under the cherry trees waiting for me” she smiled and turned to look at me “and I was so glad I had my Dad and Brother on my arms.
“I’m kind of recreating that bit” I grinned
“You need to get in the shower because your Mom and Rachel already have their hair done and I think they want you as soon as they can” she bent and kissed my cheek. And walked out of the room as Riley walked in carrying my dress and hung it on the back of the door.
“Good morning”
“You look bright and happy” I laughed throwing back the cover and getting out of bed “considering you’re normally trying to hid the fact you’re throwing up”
“Yeah well we don’t want to say anything to anyone till after your wedding” she smiled following me into the bathroom and sitting on the vanity will I started the shower. “Oh I called the dealership and they delivered the motorcycle to the Col’s office ready for when we get home and then Flynn will take it to your house when we get back”
“Awesome I hope he likes it” I looked at her “Why am I so nervous?”
“Because you’ve had time to think about this wedding the other one was done in the space of a couple of hours” she shrugged “And this time you’re doing it where you’re going to be the centre of attention” I climbed into the shower “So have you got any idea where you’re going on your honey moon?”
“Nope he won’t tell me a damn thing” it felt good letting the water run over me “Do you know where?”
“No I asked and he laughed at me and said the way we talk there is no chance he was telling me” I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel and wrapped it round me before stepping out.
“He has a point”
“Flynn knows and I tried everything to get it out of him”
“Ew I haven’t eating yet” I pulled a face and brushed my hair.
“You pregnant yet? She asked out of the blue.
“No, even though like you I’ve been off the birth control since they were deployed” I put the brush down and rested my hands on the sink “and god knows the sex hasn’t stopped and is mind blowingly good… I guess it’s going to take us a little while”
“Well they’ve only been back 6 weeks” she walked to the bathroom door “I was just hoping I wasn’t going to have to go through this on my own”
“Regardless on if I’m pregnant or not you know I’ll be there with you” I hugged her “Now get your ass in the kitchen and save me some pancakes”
“Jeez you bridezilla” She chuckled walking out while I got dressed and into shorts and one of J.J.’s button down shirts on I picked up the picture of us that was on the dresser from the morning he asked me to marry him when we were out by the pond and I ran my fingers over his face and smiled. I knew I was already married to him but there was something special about today that was making me feel giddy and like I wasd a school girl with a crazy crush on the quarterback…………………

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