Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - Getting there

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…………….. I sat while I was made up and my hair was pinned with small butter fly pins my I-pod drowning out all the commotion and craziness going on around me I felt a tap on my shoulder I opened my eyes and looked up at Flynn already in his full blues. I pulled out my ear phones.
“Okay what are you doing here?”
“Well one I wanted to steal a kiss from my wife” he laughed “and two I have to talk to you” I got up and looked in the mirror my hair perfect and my face natural but pretty with light make up. “Let’s go get some fresh air” I walked outside with him and sat on one of the rails round the front paddock filled with through breed race horses.
“Please tell me you’re not going to give me some bad news” I groaned
“No… I was sent by J.J.” he pulled out an envelope from the inside of his jacket “Well when I say sent he’s here already down by the pond” I looked in the direction of the pond and smiled “He wanted me to give you this note and then this” he held up a pouch I took the note from him and opened it
 My beautiful wife,
Today everyone will get to see how much you mean to me and how much you make my life whole and complete.
I love you more than life Breana, I want to have that first dance with you with everyone watching us, I’ve never been so excited or nervous about anything before, boot camp was a breeze compared to this.
Flynn has something I should have given you a while ago and never did I do have another gift for you but it’s a surprise when we get home kinda like your gift to me.
I love you and can’t wait to see how stunning I know you’re going to luck (are you sure the dress is PINK????”
Forever your Cowboy. Always your Marine
I fought back the tears and folded the letter I looked back to my brother he handed me the velvet pouch I opened it and tipped out a long chain with His Marine class ring hanging from it making me smile, the traditional engagement ring for a Marines girl.
“You need a hug” I nodded and let Flynn hug me to him as I heard footsteps I looked up and saw Dad in his dress blues
“Well I sort of expected a dress not shorts and a shirt” he teased.
“I’ve gone for the casual look” I smiled weakly “Flynn I need you to go give something to J.J.” I walked toward the house with Dad and J.J. following me We went inside to a chorus of whistles from the women in the living room all dressed and ready to go.
“Ladies” Dad grinned stopping and Kissing Mom Flynn walked to my room and I pulled a note from the draw and a box I turned and gave it to him. “Go… I want you back in time to take me down the aisle” he nodded and smiled and walked back out as Mom and Riley came to the door.
“Time to get in your dress sweetheart” Mom croaked fighting with the emotion inside of her I nodded. I turned to the mirror and put on the heirloom necklace and pinned J.J.’s class ring in the garter I had sitting on the side I took off the shirt and the shorts and stepped into my dress as Mom and Riley held it I held onto the dresser as Riley fastening the corset ties Mom’s eyes were swimming with tears as she looked at me.
“I know you’re my daughter and I’ve always thought you were beautiful but Breana you’re amazing” she sniffed hugging me as I stepped into my shoes.
“Thanks Mom I hope I can do you proud” I took her hands as Riley disappeared to get my flowers.
“I’m proud of everything you do and everything you’ve become J.J.’s a lucky Marine to have a wife like you”
“I was raised by the best” I swallowed the lump in my throat she hugged me again and walked out Riley came back and handed me my flowers. ‘Thanks”
“Remember it’s yours and J.J.’s day enjoy it because it goes way to fast and I love ya” she winked and hurried out before she had a meltdown. I looked in the mirror at the bride looking back at me and took a breath before walking out to find Dad and Flynn.
“Damn” Flynn whistled nudging Dad as I walkedinto the living room Dad looked round his eyes as wide as saucers.
“Honey you look so pretty” he smiled as Flynn slid his gloves on and put on his hat.
“J.J.’s going to be blown away Sis he really is” they both kissed me on the cheek
“Ready for this?” Dad asked I nodded not trusting myself to talk I was standing here with two of my heroes looking so perfect in their uniforms ‘Well we’d better take you to your Marine then”
We all walked out and got into the car that was taking us across the land to the pond I was sitting between Dad and Flynn.
“Did you give it to him” I murmured.
“Yep and he cried and told me to give you this” he kissed my cheek “Well he wanted something else but I draw the line” I smiled at Flynn as we arrived people were filling the chairs that had been laid out ready all the flowers were set up and the tress looked amazing in the low light the crystals reflecting light everywhere Dad offered me his hand to help get out of the car.
“Time to Marry your Marine again” he smiled putting his hat on and straightening his jacket Flynn came on the other side of me and smiled his arm ready crooked waiting for me to slip mine into………………….

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