Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - New Vows

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Submitted: October 05, 2010



I took Dad’s arm and Flynn’s and stopped at the end of the Marine blue runner that led to the platform where the Pastor was standing Brody was next to a waiting J.J. He looked up as Brody nudged him as the music started to play soft and low almost being taken on the cool December breeze I watch a smile spread across his face as we walked toward him he used his glove and wiped a tear from his cheeks.
He was My Marine standing there looking as right as all the other Marines there Straight tall and proud as he could be I didn’t take my eyes off him as he mouthed Wow making me smile and blush a little we reached the end of the aisle and Riley stepped forward and took my flowers as Dad kissed my cheek and stepped back letting Flynn do the Same they both saluted J.J. he saluted back and reached for my hand Taking it while I stepped up to face him.
“You said Pink” he whispered
“And you really believed it” I smiled
“You’ve blown me away you look so good”
“You too Marine”
“Family, Friends and Marines. Today we’re here to celebrate the path J.J. and Breana have decided to take” the pastor smiled “Depolyments are part of life for a Marine and his family and choices have to be made. J.J. and Breana have already stood up and pledged they will be man and wife fore ever, so this will be their chance to tell each other and all of you what that mean to each other. So J.J. take the ring you have for your wife” J.J. looked at Brody who handed him my wedding band “Make your vow to your wife”  J.J. took a deep breath and took my left hand in his.
“B, I know that you are the only one for me, my one true love. I am happy and I am grateful that you came into my life, that where others have spent their entire lives looking for the one, I have found you. And now that I have found you, I shall never let you go except when I get orders and get deployed. I promise you, B, that I shall hold you and love you and give you my heart, that I shall support you and care for you along with the United States Marine Corps. Always Faithfully, Semper Fi.”  He pushed the band on to my finger and raised it to his lips and kissed it sending sparks of electricity through me
“Breana your turn to give your vows to your Husband” Brody handed me the new band for J.J.
“Today I marry one of the FEW, the PROUD, a UNITED STATES MARINE. To love and to hold for the rest of my life Be Faithful and honest and make each other’s dreams come true. J.J. in you  I am marrying my best friend ,The one and only person I want to spend the rest of my life with
We were meant to be together It was our destiny You are My Friend, My Lover, My Cowboy, My Marine.”
 I saw the tears in his eyes as I pushed his band on to his finger
“J.J. and Breana are Marine and wife in the eyes of the law and of the United States Marine Corps… Now as their Family and friends they have shown their commitment to each other… so Marine kiss your beautiful Bride”  J.J. pulled me into his arm and kissed me like we were alone standing there as everyone clapped and whistled he pulled back
“I love you” I smiled
“Love you too Baby” he touched the side of my face
“I’d like to present to you Sgt James Jordan Tanner and Mrs. Breana Tanner” the honor guard was in place waiting each Pair of Marines demanding a kiss before they would raise their swords Flynn was last in line with Logan. As we walked by Logan slapped my ass with the Sword.
“Welcome to the United states Marine Corps Ma’am”…………..

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