Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Unwanted call

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Submitted: September 09, 2010



............... J.J. took the boxes into the kitchen where Flynn was pacing looking more like Dad than ever as the muscle in his jaw twitched with anger. Riley was sitting at the table I put my hand on her shoulder as the phone rang int eh other room and Mom answered it.
“Are you kidding me?” Flynn hissed “I can’t believe he’s out” I looked at him
“I know” J.J. leant against the counter and folded his arms over his chest. “Gramps is giving her a protection detail until Dad gets back”
“She has us” Flynn whined
“Okay but you leave in the morning on your honeymoon”
“I can cancel it” Riley piped up.
“No you don’t need to do that I pulled you away from your last one you can’t keep running back to the family” I shook my head.
“I’m here and I don’t have to work for a month” J.J. rubbed his hand across his jaw. Flynn looked at him. After everything that had happened right down to when Flynn punched J.J. after spending 7 months together in a warzone it had given them a respect for each other that neither of them had before.
“Well trusting you with my sister is one thing but that’s my Mom” Flynn smiled a little.
“Hey” I swatted Flynn
“Sis I’m kidding” J.J. winked at me “I’ve seen what this guy can do at a distance and I’ve seen what he can do up close. You’ve got one hell of a Marine there B”
“I already knew that” I smiled walking over to J.J. he put his arm round me “It just took you guys longer to work it out”
“Okay that was Nana” Mom sighed walking back into us here and Grandpa are coming down here tomorrow.
“We’re going to miss them” Riley frowned.
“I’m sure they’ll be here when you get back, from the sounds of it they’re planning on staying for a while” She sat down I moved away from J.J. and reached the whiskey bottle down from the cupboard and poured her a shot. She looked at me.
“Drink… you need it” I smiled at her
“I’m fine honey”
“Bull Mom” Flynn crouched down next to her “you are as useless at hiding your feelings as she is” he nodded at me
“Hey you have a heads up on B’s feelings” Riley smirked
“True” Flynn cocked his head to the side “Mom it’s us you don’t have to pretend you’re not scared”
“But I don’t like you guys worrying” she put her hand on the side of his face. “I’m supposed to be a strong Marine wife and the Mom of a Marine”
“No one doubts that Ma’am” J.J.’s voice was thick with his Texan accent that got stronger the more emotional he became “and it’s not a sign of weakness” Mom turned in her seat and looked at him “I’ll happily take down this guy without thinking twice… now take the shot” a smile played on my Mom’s lips.
“Wow… it’s like dealing with my Dad all over again” she moaned as she knocked back the shot.
“Well considering that’s the Col I’ll take that as a compliment” J.J. nodded
“The phone rang” I walked out of the kitchen to answer it.
Me * Hello
Scott * you still sound so hot
Me * Er… excuse me
Scott * I wanted to hear your voice after all the years dreaming about how hot you were while spread on that bench in the locker room
Me * I’m sorry you have the wrong number…
Scott * you’re Morgan Anderson
Me * No I’m Mrs. Tanner
I felt literally sick talking to the guy that had raped my mother there was no way I was going to let him know he’d got the right number. The phone line clicked as he hung up.
“Practicing for when we get married” I swear I leapt 3 feet in the air and dropped the phone reciver.
“Don’t do that” I gasped bending to pick it up from the floor J.J. crossed the room to me and put his hand over mine.
“Baby what’s wrong” he soothed feeling my hand trembling. I looked toward the kitchen and then back at J.J. I pulled him up the stairs to my old room and closed the door. “Honey I don’t think this is really the time or place” he smirked.
“He just called” J.J. stopped and looked at me
“The guy that raped Mom” I felt the tears burn my eyes “That’s why I said I was named Tanner”
“It’s okay” he pulled me to him “What do you want to do?”
“I think we need to go see the Col” J.J. nodded
“You go make the excuse and I’ll meet you in the truck” he kissed my forehead and pulled open the door. I walked down into the kitchen.
“Hey guys I just got a call from Gramps he wants to ask me and J.J. something about the wedding so we’ll be back in a while and Flynn do not eat all of the food” I kissed Mom and on the cheek before hurrying out to the waiting truck………………………

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