Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - Honeymoon and home

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Submitted: October 06, 2010



……………….The night went by to quickly I was talking to Riley while J.J. was across the other side of the Room I looked at him and he nodded toward the opening to the tent.
“Excuse me” I walked away from Riley and outside J.J. was standing in the bright moon light. “Hey you” He reached out his hand to me and pulled me into his arms. “We have to leave soon”
“I’m done with sharing you” he laughed “I want to get you on your own before we leave for our honey moon” he put his hands on my hips “and I want to get you out of that dress”
“You have a one track mind”
“Yes… but so do you”
“Well why don’t we go and say our goodbyes and leave” I put my arms round his neck and pulled him down to kiss me “Because I’m done sharing you as well” J.J. took my hand and pulled me back inside he walked over to his parents and mine.
“We’re going to cut out guys” He smiled “Thank you for everything”
“You guys are more than welcome” Mom Smiled back as I hugged her and Dad and J.J. hugged his parents. James ran off and took the microphone.
“Guys J.J. and B are leaving but we can party all night long” a cheer went up “I walked over to Flynn and Riley.
“I love you two” I put my arms round both of them and hugged them to me “You tell my parents and yours they’re about to become grandparents” I kissed her cheek and looked at Flynn “and you I love you and thank you for the dance”
“You’re welcome” he picked me up in a bear hug.
“We’re going to tell them over breakfast in the morning” Riley smiled as J.J. came over to hug them. “Now Marine you need to knock up my sister-in-law”
“Is that an order Ma’am?”
“Hell yes Marine” she laughed “Now go have fun and we’ll see you back on base”
“See you in a couple of weeks” J.J. called out we managed to get out to the truck and get inside covered in rice and confetti J.J. drove out of the Ranch and into the city to one of the biggest fanciest hotels I’d ever been in The Valet opened the doors for us J.J. tucked his hat under his arm and held out his hand to me and walked me inside people were looking at us as we walked up to the reception. J.J. took the room key and we walked over to the bank of elevators.
“Can I shake your hand” we looked round as a Business man came over he held his hand out to J.J.
“Sure” J.J. nodded
“I want to say thank you for everything you do”
“It’s my job” J.J. shrugged “A job I love”
“Well congratulations on marrying such a beautiful young lady” He shook my hand “And thank you again” he turned and walked away as the doors opened.
“Well that was…”
“It was sweet and shows that not just me appreciates you” I stepped inside J.J. followed me and pushed the button for the top floor “it makes me so proud of you”
“You’re making me embarrassed” he chuckled.
“I can make you hot” I teased slipping my fingers in between the buttons on his Jacket.
“Yes Ma’am you can”…………………………..
……………….. “We need to get up and go baby we have a flight to catch in two hours” J.J. sighed trailing his fingers over my tattoo on my shoulder.
“A flight to where?” I turned my head and looked at him
“Europe” he got off the bed and picked up his shorts and pulled them on.
“We’re going back to Paris” I sat up and smiled as memories of getting down on one knee at Sacre Coeur.
“Nope we’ve been there and done that” he chuckled walking into the bathroom I could hear the sound of the shower. He walked back over to me and scooped my off the bed into his arms “All I’m going to say is it’s going to be hot sunny and you’ll be in your Bikini for most of it”
“Oh come on” I groaned as he stepped under the steaming water with me, hitching my leg’s around his waist “Throw me a bone”………..
………………… We walked through the airport and over to the check-in desk.
“Greece” I choked “we’re going to Greece”
“Well we’re going to a Greek Island” he nodded “Called Zakynthos”
“Did I ever tell you that you are awesome” I rested my head on his shoulder as we checked our things.
Then next two weeks we spent lounging round a pool and partying all night a few comments were passed by people when they saw the Semper Fi on his back but other than that we had a total blast. We arrived back to the dark clouds rolling in threatening an ice storm. J.J. was bouncing around like a kids because he’d managed to get out of me when I was in a compromising situation on the beach at 2 in the morning what his wedding present was. Flynn was waiting in the arrival hallfor us.
“Hey” J.J. called out making him jump.
‘Dude you scared the crap out of me” Flynn Smiled getting up from where he was sitting “How was the honey moon”
“Long relaxing and sex filled” J.J. laughed I looked at Flynn and tipped my head.
“So what’s wrong?”
“Nothing” he looked down
“Okay I’ve felt off for the last week”
“You didn’t say anything?” J.J. nudged me
“I know I didn’t want to spoil the honeymoon” I shrugged “So?”
“It’s… Well…..”…………………………

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