Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 61 (v.1) - Hell and home

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Submitted: October 07, 2010



……………. “Well What Flynn?”
“We got back from Texas and…” He rubbed his hands over his face.
“J.J. and I in two weeks have to leave with the rest of the platoon for a 3 month training exercise in South America” He looked at J.J. and then at me.
“There was supposed to be no more deployments: I felt that sinking feeling.
“Technically they don’t class this as a deployment” Flynn shrugged/
“What did Riley say?” I asked as I felt J.J.’s arms round my waist.
“Shes pissed because it’s yet another Christmas I’ll be gone” he sighed
“I want to go home” I pulled away from J.J. and picked up my bag “Have Mom and Dad left for San Diego?”
“They left last week” He took my bag from me as J.J. took my hand and we walked out of the airport the icy wind an unwelcome feeling after the heat we’d just spent the past two weeks sitting in. “Riley’s made dinner for all of us”
“Awesome” J.J. smiled as we got in to Flynn’s truck.
“Can you drop us at home first and then we’ll come round after” I said leaning in between the two of them as we head toward Lejeune.
“Sure” Flynn nodded. The rest of the journey was in silence as the three of us thought about what was about to happen yet again we pulled into the drive. “We’ll see you in a while” Flynn called out as J.J. and I walked away. He unlocked the front door and walked in and put the light on in the living room. Our wedding presents and cards were piled on the coffee table in the living room my dress and his blues hung from the door frames to the kitchen and the bedroom.
“You need a hug baby” J.J. murmured He sighed as he lifted the letter that contained the orders.
“I want my Marine home for more than 6 weeks for a change” I sniffed fighting back the tears “I slammed my hand onto the table “What the hell is going on with the damn Corps right now no one’s getting a chance for R&R” He turned me to face him and wrapped me in his arms.
“I’m not going out fighting against people trying to kill me this time” he lifted my chin making me look at him, he moved his thumb to wipe away the tear “It’s for 12 weeks and it’s a training exercise”
“I know and it’s still sucks” I rested my head against his chest.
“Look go get in to something warmer and lets go see Riley and see if the bump is showing at all” he tucked some of my hair behind my ears.
“What if I’m pregnant?” he stopped and looked at me
“Do you think you are?”
“I really don’t know” I sighed as he let go of me and reached his Blues down and walked over and took down my dress. The two of us went into our room and I grabbed jeans and a hoodie and a jacket and stripped off my shorts and t-shirt.
“You want to make some sort of effort to try for that baby” he chuckled walking over to me and pulling me back into him making me lean on the dresser, I looked at him through the mirror as he massaged my shoulders.
“What are you suggesting the fact for the past two weeks we tried the baby making experiment thing at least 4 times a day” I felt his hands leave my shoulders and move down my back.
“I know but anything to keep you occupied right now”………………………….
………………… I opened the garage door and flipped on the light as J.J. waited like a kid at Christmas to see the new Harley sitting next to his other one.
“Happy wedding Baby” I giggled as he let out a huge YEEE HAH he walked round the motor cycle and trailed his fingers over it. “Er… You touched me like that 30 minutes ago”
“I know because you’ve both got smoking hot body work” he looked at me and winked “You rock you know that” he walked back over to me and kissed me thank you for this”
“You’re welcome” I followed him back over and climbed on behind him. he opened the garage door and started the motorcycle I held on to him as we sped out and did the 8 blocks to Flynn and Riley’s house. Flynn opened the garage door allowing J.J. to ride the bike right in as the ice began to fall.
“Looks like you guys will be using the truck to get home” Flynn laughed as I got off.
“I had to use her” J.J. cooed throwing his leg over and wiping the water drops off of the gas tank.
“I’m going to go in and see Riley while you both drool over the new toy” I walked in to the warmth of the house and stripped off my boots and jacket. “Hey Ry”
“In the living room” she called back I walked in “So where did you end up?”
“Hi to you as well” I laughed as she got up and hugged me
“Hi” she grinned
“We ended up on a Greek island”
“Did you make a baby?”
“Riley” I groaned flopping down on to the couch
“What… B I’m trying not to think about how miserable this Christmas is going to be Mom’s going to go to see Troy for Christmas in Germany” She shrugged
“My Grandparents are going to Minnesota” I sighed “So it looks like me and you girl and bump” I pinted to the small swelling between her hips making her smile.
“The week after Christmas I have my Ultrasound and because Daddy won’t be here will you come with me?”
‘You have to ask” I laughed hugging her “I can’t wait”……………………….

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