Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 63 (v.1) - Life and death

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Submitted: October 07, 2010



……………… I could hear my phone ringing but my eyes wouldn’t open and my body wouldn’t respond to anything I wanted it to do the sound grew fainter as I felt heavier in my limbs………………………….
……………….. “Riley” Mom’s voice carried down the hallway as she hurried down toward where Riley was sitting on the floor of the sterile hall of the base hospital. “Where’s B?”
“In surgery” she got to her feet “Aunt Morgan I’m sorry I didn’t find here till this morning she went to bed after we had a fight last night” she burst in to tears “There was blood everywhere”
“Honey I don’t understand”
“They think she’s had a ectopic pregnancy and it ruptured the tube” Mom’s hand went to her throat “She’s been working too hard I tried to get her to slow down but she wouldn’t” Mom hugged Riley to her “J.J.’s going to go mad at me for not looking after her”
“No he won’t honey” she stroked her hair “Do you know if they are going to get a message to J.J.?”
“I don’t know the Col in Minnesota and… and…” she broke down again.
“Mrs. Richardson?” a doctor walked through the set of double doors to the OR’s
“Yes” Mom and Riley both answered making the doctor blink a couple of times.
“I’m Breana’s Mom and Riley is married to my son” Mom explained quickly. “How’s my daughter”
“Well she’s had to be given two blood transfusions and she has indeed had and ectopic pregnancy” He opened a door to a waiting room and waited while Mom and Riley sat down “In fact if she’d have been left much longer then I’m afraid she’d have been in the morgue”
“Do you really need to get so blunt” Riley snapped “that’s my best friend you’re talking about not some piece of DAMN MEAT” Mom put her arm round Riley.
“I’m sorry I was a battle field doctor till a month ago so I’m trying to get a bedside manner for family members” he smiled warmly
“Yeah well did anyone tell you she’s also my Granddaughter” everyone looked round as Grandma and Gramps walked in Grandma going over to Mom and Riley and hugging them.
“Sir” the doctor got up and saluted “No… I had no idea but it doesn’t affect the quality of care Mrs. Tanner will receive”
“Glad to hear it but hurry up and get that bedside manner sorted out Doc”
“Yes Sir”
“Dad did you get a message to J.J.”
“We can’t he’s out on exercise in the middle of the jungle and won’t be in range for communication for another 72 hours”
But what about Flynn he’ll know and then they’ll both be worrying” Riley butted in
“Well it’s a good thing they will know because I will be bringing them back” Gramps nodded “in fact the whole platoon will be back within 3 weeks I’ve gone to bat for them with the brass and they agree we’ll have an entire burned out platoon if we don’t recall them” Riley got up and hugged him tight.
“So Doc how bad is Breana”
“She’s been placed into an induced coma so her body can help heal itself with the trauma from, the rupture and the amount of blood she lost she’s not out of the woods by a long way”
“Please tell me you didn’t have to do a hysterectomy on her” Mom stammered her own hand on her stomach “I had to have one after I had her and her brother and I was only 20” Grandma linked her fingers with Mom.
“No we didn’t it all looks healthy considering what’s happened” Mom let out a sigh of total relief “She does only have one tube now but were’ also not sure about the fetus that we’ve discovered in her womb” the room fell silent no one even breathed “We didn’t know till we went in and there is another one exactly where it’s supposed to be… but with everything that’s happened and gone on she could easily lose it at anytime through sheer trauma”
“Wait so she is infact pregnant” Grandma said shaking her head.
“Yes Ma’am” the doctor nodded “another reason for the coma to make her rest”
“When will we be able to see here?” Mom asked
“It’s going to be another couple hours yet I suggest you go home and salvage what’s left of Christmas day”
“You think I want to celebrate while my daughter is lying in a coma” Mom threw up her hands.
“Honey I think we should go home and just sort ourselves out and then we can come back here”
“I’ll go and clean up the mess at B’s house” Riley offered.
“No you won’t you have your own baby to think about” Grandma said firmly “I’ll go”
“Call us if there is any change” Mom begged the doctor
“I promise Mrs. Richardson I will” he nodded “She’s in the Hands of the best of the best right here” Gramps put his arm round Mom and lead her out Riley walking with Grandma
No one spoke or said anything as they drove away from the hospital Gramps dropped of Riley and Grandma at my house and took Mom back to his

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