Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 64 (v.1) - Coming home

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Submitted: October 08, 2010



………..Mom walked into the ICU and over to the bed where I was lying a tube doing the breathing for me and monitors beeping away. She stopped and took a deep breath.
“Mrs. Richardson” Mom looked round as the doctor walked over to her.
“How is she?”
“As well as can be expected for what’s happened” he sighed taking the roll of paper that the heart monitor was spewing out and writing something on it “We’re taking it more hour by hour than anything else… We need to keep our eye on her that she doesn’t miscarry the other fetus and also that she doesn’t get any infection”.
“She’s 19 and just married she shouldn’t be having to deal with this sort of thing” Mom sighed taking my hand and rubbing her thumb over the back of it “My husband is due in on an Marine flight from San Diego in the next hour…”
“I’ll make sure he’s collected from the runway Ma’am” Mom sat down and looked at me as the doctor walked away…………..
……………. “I feel like crap” Flynn groaned “Sometimes I hate my damn sister”
“Richardson, Pain is just weakness leaving the body” The Co shouted at him as they headed back to camp through the jungle
“Not when you’re a damn twin” He muttered making J.J. laugh. “Sorry dude looks like she didn’t get knocked up”
“Well it wasn’t for lack of trying” J.J. shrugged “I guess I’ll have to try harder when we got home”
“Ew” Flynn pulled a face.
“You could be firing blanks” one of the other guys butted in “Ironic a sniper that fires blanks”
“Shut up” J.J. flicked him the finger the walked into camp.
“Okay put your gear away and get in the showers and get some sleep” the Co walked toward his office as a Marine walked out and handed him a stack of papers. As the guys walked away. “Whoa Marines” they all looked round “Looks like me get to go home early” A cheer went up from every Marine there “We move out in a weeks time” J.J and Flynn high fived each other “Tanner a word” he turned and walked into his office.
“Oh what have you done this time” Flynn teased
“I dread to think” J.J. grumbled shaking his head and handing his weapon and back pack to Flynn “Stick these on my bunk for me” Flynn nodded “and go see the medic you look really ill and it might not for once be B’s fault” he called over his shoulder.
“I’m still blaming her” Flynn smiled. J.J. knocked the door to the CO’s office.
“Come in son” J.J. was taken a back a little by his tone.
“Sit down” J.J. sat on a chair and looked puzzled “You need to pack your kit you’re getting picked up by chopper in an hour or so”
“What? Why?” J.J. became a little defensive.
“It’s your wife… I know who you married with it being the Col’s granddaughter” J.J> sighed
“With all due respect sir I can’t help who I fell in love with and….”
“Marine… you’re wife is in ICU in the hospital on base” J.J. fell silent and began to shake “I don’t’ have any details as to what happened but son you need to get home it’s not looking good” J.J. put his head in his hands and tried to steady his breathing. “I’m sorry”
“Flynn needs to be released as well”
“I understand and now we know why he was hurting so much” The CO walked round the desk and put his hand on J.J.’s shoulder “go shower and pack your stuff” J.J. got shakily to his feet and walked out of the door across the open space where a group of guys was playing football.
“Hey Cowboy, you playing?” J.J. managed to shake his head and walked into his bunk. As Flynn came from the other direction wrapped in a towel.
“Pack your stuff” J.J. croaked bracing himself against the wooden door frame. Flynn looked at him “B’s in hospital”
“I knew there was something more than period pains” Flynn swallowed hard “What happened?”
“ I don’t know” J.J.’s eye filled with tears “She’s in ICU” Flynn grew wide eyed the two of them stood in silence……………………..

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