Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - Finally something to bond over

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Submitted: October 08, 2010



............ “Hey” Riley and Dad were waiting for the flight to come in Flynn and J.J. walked over from the plane. Riley hugged her husband before looking at J.J.
“How is she?” He asked his eyes flitting between Dad and Riley “And what happened” Riley let go of Flynn and linked her arm round J.J.’s waist.
“She had and ectopic pregnancy” Riley began to explain
“A what?” He shook his head trying to understand.
“The baby was growing in one of her tubes and caused it to rupture” J.J> looked at Dad and then at Flynn
“Why don’t we walk and talk so we can get you to the hospital” Dad said quietly The four of them walked toward the parking lot only with out talking, they got into Riley’s truck and headed right for the hospital.
“How bad is she” Flynn finally asked as they got in the elevator to make it to the 4th floor
“Sh’es bad” Dad sighed “It’s not good when you see her… the Machine is breathing for her because she is being kept in a coma to help her body to heal itself” J.J. stopped and crouched against the wall and took a few deep breaths “Riley go take Flynn to see his sister” Riley put her arm round Flynn and they disappeared into the room. “I know we don’t see eye to eye and I know you don’t have a great deal of respect for me but…” Dad sat on the ground next to J.J. “I’ve been where you are now… not knowing if my wife was going to live or die and I had two babies in an incubator fighting for their lives” J.J. looked at Dad. “I had to face hurt like this twice Dad messed with the laces on his combat boots “The time Scott raped Morgan it caused her to miscarry our baby” J.J. nodded and then when she was driving and she got trashed by a semi my worlds felt like it was imploding”
“I don’t’ know if I can see her hooked to machines” J.J. rubbed the back of his neck
“Suck it up she needs you more than she needs any of us”
“She lost a baby” a tear rolled down J.J.’s cheeks
“I know and you guys will have to learn to deal with that for the rest of your lives but you have to think of the baby she’s still managing to carry” Dad put his arm round J.J.’s shoulders “They found out that she was still pregnant”
“There’s another baby” J.J. looked in shock
“Yes but they aren’t sure if she’ll be able to carry it because of the trauma that she went through… Marine you need to be her rock right now no matter what happens because for once Breana is fragile and you no damn well she’ll never admit it” J.J. smiled at that.
“Damn right you raised a stubborn assed woman” J.J sighed
“Well you need to thank her Mom and Grandmothers for that… Look if it gets too much you can talk to me because like I said I’ve been in the same place I know how it feels”
“Thank you” J.J. nodded as Dad got to his feet and offered J.J. a hand and pulled him to his feet
“Now get in there and see your baby” J.J. nodded and walked toward the ICU with Dad following him. Mom had moved back and Flynn was sitting in the seat she’d got up from holding my hand tears streaming down his face while Riley rubbed his shoulders J.J. hesitated for a minute and looked back at dad looking like a scared kid that had woken up from a nightmare.
“It’s okay” Dad mouthed J.J. nodded and walked to the other side of the bed and lifted my hand gently in his before dropping to his knees and pressing his lips to my wedding band and engagement rings Mom put her arm round Dad and rested her head against his chest.
“J.J. do you want to talk to the doctor” Mom asked quietly.
“In a while I want to stay here” he didn’t take hs eyes off of me he reached his hand up and moved my hair back and ran his fingers down the side of my face. It was going to be tough and hard to deal with everything that has happened and could happen

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