Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 67 (v.1) - Twin thing

Submitted: October 11, 2010

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Submitted: October 11, 2010



................... I couldn’t remember falling asleep but I could feel the steady rhythm of the rise and fall of J.J.’s chest, the clean smell of his T-shirt as I inhaled. The sound of a football game on low filtered through my hearing and I caught a laugh that sounded like my Dad and a mumble of Flynn’s voice. I moved my head. J.J.’s lips pressed to my temple as I opened my eyes.
“Hey guys” he called out “I think you have a cue of people here to see you baby” he murmured at me.
“Hi Sweetheart” dad smiled at me as J.J. carefully moved off the bed
“Now you’ve woke I can go pee” he disappeared in to the bathroom Dad leant down and Kissed me as Flynn sat on the edge of the bed by me.
“Okay so you know when you’re all well I’m going to yell at you for scaring the shit out of my pregnant wife” Flynn put his arm round me and pulled me to him gently “And me for that matter” his voice wobbled a little as he spoke
“Okay Marine give her a break” Dad Chuckled “How you feeling sweetie?”
“Tired if it can be possible and I want to get out of bed and I want to go home and has he told you?” they both looked at me as I gabbled at ninety miles an hour.
“Yes it’s possible your tired now you’re staying in there and not till the doctors say’s you can come home” Flynn laughed
“And no I didn’t tell anyone yet” I looked up as J.J. walked from the bathroom he stood at the end of the bed and smiled at me “I thought you’d like to tell people”
“What’s going on?” Dad looked to J.J.,  J.J. smiled and folded his arms over his chest.
“This twin is having twins” I said looking round at them “I think I should have been having three but we all know what happened” I felt Flynn hug me a little closer.
“Excuse me” Flynn got up and hurried from the room
“What did I say?” I felt something drop in my stomach.
“I’ll go” J.J. hurried after him. Dad sat down.
“Between your Brother and your husband I think they’ve worried anough for the entire population of the base” he sighed “they’ev both been a little bit of a mess.
“Flynn has his own wife and Baby to worry about” I lay back against the pillows feeling exhaustion wash over me again.
“I know and Riley has been admitted in here as well for her own good because she was worried about her best friend” dad rubbed my arm “But their little boy is going to be just fine”
“They’re having a boy” I yawned fighting the tiredness
“they found out a couple of days ago” he pulled up the covers over me “Sleep and that’s and order”
“Shouldn’t you be on the west coast”
“Yes I should and I’ve been back and forth on every available flight” he moved off the bed “Nothing comes above my family when there is something serious” I relented against the heaviness of my eye lids slipping back into sleep……………………
…………. “Flynn wait” J.J. skidded to a halt as Flynn leant his head against the wall next to the vending machine “Dude”
“I’m sorry” Flynn looked at him “I know how much she means to you but I seriously thought I’d lost part of me and talking to her” Flynn looked down “I’m sorry then she says that you guys are having twins and I remembered everything we have and had and…” J>J> smiled at him.
“Hey if my kids are half as close as you and B are it’ll make me proud” J.J. hugged his brother-in-law “I love what you share with her” he nodded to the door to my room “Believe me it takes some getting used to the fact you know if there’s something wrng with each other before anyone else does” Flynn chuckled slightly “Even if these babies don’t have it as strong as you do I’m sure they’ll have some crazy twin thing”
“Hey maybe it’ll be two girls” Flynn sighed leaning on the wall and pushing his hands in his pockets “What with our little boy and the history of not many girls in the family you could be the one to break the spell”
“I wouldn’t say no to two little girls” J.J. smiled “but right now all I want is for B to be okay and get through this pregnancy… How’s Riley?”
“Grouchy because they won’t let her up to see B after I told her she was awake” Flynn grinned “That’s why I’m up here because Mom and Patty kicked me out because I was annoying her”
“Well why don’t you go tell her that she’s going to have to be an Aunt to twins… give her something to smile about”………………..

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