Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 68 (v.1) - No Sex

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Submitted: October 12, 2010



……………… I was tired of lying in bed only being allowed to go in the shower and Bathroom when I had someone to help me, Riley had been released but she was still with me every day when the guys had to work even thought J.J. was getting off lightly with his duty roster. The doctor walked in and smiled at me.
“Please don’t tell me you want to poke me with a needle again” I groaned.
“Nope I came for your signature” he handed me a clipboard “You’re getting out of here today because seriously I think half of the Junior doctors want to quit” he chuckled “You have a way to make them fell about 2 not full grown Marine Corps Doctors one has even asked for Afghan posting”
“Yeah well they shouldn’t try to interrupt when I’m talking” I sighed signing the sheet and handing it back “And do you know how hard it is to run a business from here.
“Yes honey you’ve told my but I’m going to tell you there is no flying or long journeys until these babies come safely into this world” He used a stern tone with me “Because Your Husband and your Grandparents and your Brother all know they will be in trouble and you will also be made to stay here… do I make myself clear?”
“Yes Sir” I spouted as the door opened and J.J. walked in wearing his uniform and yawning. “Morning Gunny”
“Hey Baby” he kissed me “I’m sorry I didn’t call you last night we were busy” he looked at the papers the doctor held out to him ‘She can leave I thought you said the end of the week”
“I’ve pissed a lot of people off” I smirked “so they’re kicking me out” J.J. rolled his eyes at me.
“She’s done well and we think she’d actually feel better at home” she does have to come back every week to be checked and if there is the slightest sign of bleeding or pain then you have to bring her back in” J.J. nodded “Bed rest for the next week at least or the couch but no lifting now far walking no strenuous stuff and I’m sorry Marine no sex for at least the next two weeks” J.J. got wide eyed and I pulled a face. “Sorry Doctors orders” he put the chart down “let the nurse know as soon as you are ready to leave” I nodded and waited till he walked out before looking at a now grinning J.J.
“I get to take you home and snuggle with you all night” He started putting my things into my bag
“We get to go home and be naked” I got up and walked over to him.
“Hey you heard what the doctor said” He sighed sitting down and pulling me between his legs “and as much as I love what we get up to and some of the things that you do… we have two little people we need to think about” he rested his hand gently on my stomach
“I know but theres some things i'm good at that won't hurt the babies and it keeps me quiet and a smile on your face” I put my lips against the top of his head and kissed him “I love you”
“Love you too” he looked up at me “I know it’s not how we expected things to be when we have babies but”
“Take me home Marine” I took his hand and tugged it
“Well I think you should get dressed at least”
“I’m good leaving in my P.J.’s” he sighed and picked up my bag and walked out with me…………………
……………. The next few months I was watched like a hawk and wasn’t allowed to do a lot of anything other than work from home, Riley was waddling around like she was about to pop at anytime where as I had a neat bump but then she was almost three moths further along than I was.
“I could kill your damn brother” she groaned easing down into on of the lawn chairs.
“Why what’s he done now?”
“Well he was supposed to pick up some baby stuff from the store and he and J.J. ended up shooting pool with some of the other guys in the bar and well the store was closed” she pulled a face “You need to reign in your husband he’s leading mine astray”
“Hey don’t blame J.J. it was the first time I’ve convinced him to go out and leave me since he got back other than when he’s on duty” I sighed closing my laptop and tipping my face toward the warm late spring sun.
“I know” she reached over and rubbed my bump “So how is J and J?” I laughed at the nickname she’d given the babies as none of us knew what they were because the last ultra sound neither of them would get into a position where the Tech could tell us what they were other than fraternal.
“Okay so J is fine apart from kicking my ribs all night long I rubbed the right side of my body “and J is I think trying to use my bladder for a trampoline” she laughed “How about Jack?” I nodded at her swollen belly
“Well he’s turned and he’s on the launch pad as Mom put it” she shook her head “I just wish he’d hurry up and get here”
“He will and we’ll all be there”
‘Hell no” she wagged her finger “I’m sorry you get to be there along with Flynn and my Mom and that’s it and you have to slap my Mom if she gets all Patty and pushy”
“I can do that” I laughed getting up and hugging her “You want a drink”
‘Kill for a beer”
“Nope not yet” I smiled opening the door to the house and walking inside. As the front door knocked I walked to it and opened it.
“Do you know how hard it is to get ont ot this base to see family” Brody laughed
“What are you doing here?” I asked throwing my arms round him and hugging him.
“Well J.J. said you were getting a little stir crazy and I wanted away from Texas for a while” Lucy smiled from behind Brody “so we decided we need to come and see you and J.J.”
“You left the ranch?” I tipped my head and poked Brody
“Well I think Trey has it pretty much under control” Brody drawled as he looked round “You know it’ s the first time I’ve been here”
“We know” I walked back into the house “You’re Brother is on Duty for another hour or so and then he should be home… Hey Humpty we have visitors” I called out as I heard Riley banging around in the kitchen.
“Well you stop calling me humpty because your ass is going to get way bigger with two J.J.’s in you” See walked out “Holy crap Texas is invading”
“Hell Riley we missed you as well” Brody chuckled rubbing his hand along his Jaw “Damn girl did Flynn blow you up with a pump”
“Yes I know” She groaned as Lucy hugged her. “Okay Before we all get comfortable… B I owe you a new rug in the kitchen”
“Call The Col to get a message to Flynn my water broke” she smiled I could see the pain behind her eyes and he hands clenched into fists on the back of the couch……………………..

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