Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 69 (v.1) - Time for change

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Submitted: October 12, 2010



……………….. “Say What?” I looked at her
“B” he gritted her teeth and reached for my hand “It’s OW Jeez it hurts”
“Okay. Lucy Move your hire car out of the drive” I said calmly as Riley squeezed the life from my hand “Brody help Her to my Truck and get her in”
‘Why not use the car we got from the airport?” Brody asked as he supported Riley
“The seat in the truck wipe clean” I smiled I grabbed my phone as Brody helped Riley out of my house.
Gramps * honey are you okay?
Me * I’m fine… but we are heading to the hospital
Gramps * Breana you said you were fine
Me * It’s for Riley not me she caused a huge puddle on my kitchen floor
Gramps * Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god
Me * Gramps calm down can you get a message to Flynn to meet us at the hospital
Gramps * Oh yeah and I’ll call you’re parents and Patty and….
Me * I’ll call Patty you get a message to Flynn and I love you
Gramps * Love you to tell Riley to breath and…
Me 8 Gramps FLYNN
Gramps * I’m sorry it’s exciting
I hung up and laughed as my truck roared into life I hurried out and looked at Brody behind the wheel
“I’ll drive” He said throwing it in reverse as I got to the door
“Dude do you know where the hospital is” I laughed he paused and looked at me and then sighed and got out “You and Lucy can follow us” he nodded as I got in.
“I’m sorry about the floor” Riley whimpered I shot a look at her as I pulled out of the driveway
“Really you think I care about that” I smiled “I called Gramps and he’s going to get a message to Flynn to get his ass to the hospital”
“You won’t go anywhere will you” she asked the fear resonating in her voice
“Riley Richardson I’m going to slap you in a minute” I pulled up at the hospital “Don’t worry okay as long as when J & J arrive you’ll be there”
“If I’m not having to watch my husband go through every contraction with you” She giggled a little
“Oh I’m debating whether to ask them to give him the epidural” I teased as I helped her from the truck and Brody came over ‘Can you go park this for me and then come in it’s on the third floor”
“Sure” he smiled and winked at Riley
“You have a sweet brother-in-law” she groaned stopping as a contraction hit her I braced her feeling my own stomach tense up with the added weight “Oh this sucks I hate Flynn right now… I’m going to rip of his junk and flush it”
“Okay I’ll remind you of that when you and he start to get hot and heavy the next time we go out” I smirked as Lucy came over
“Need a hand” I looked at her and nodded as she helped me inside with Riley where a nurse took over with the wheelchair we followed them upstairs to the room I waited with Riley while they sorted her out and got her comfortable. The door flew open and Flynn skidded in
“I’m here… where’s the baby? what happened? Hey Sis” He dropped a kiss on my head before going over to Riley and kissing her deeply. I smiled
“Well we can see you’re here” She laughed “And the baby’s still here” she pointed to her belly “my waters broke”
“And Hi” I added making him laugh
“Wow so we’re going to be a Mom and Dad today” He beamed
“I’ll leave you two alone I feel like a third wheel” I walked toward the door
“You promised you weren’t going to leave ‘Riley Barked as she began to contract, she grabbed Flynn’s uniform bringing him down to her “You leave and you’re god son won’t love you”
‘Oh don’t you say that I’m the cool Aunt for when Mommy’s a meanie and Daddy is a goofball and Riley let go of Flynn he’s turning blue” I called back
“Don’t go… and it’s your fault” She growled at Flynn

“B for god sake get the doctor and get her some drugs” he choked as she let go as the contraction relented. I reached over and hit the call button. The doctor and Patty walked in at the same time Patty hurrying over and hugging Riley.
“I only just got the message I’m sorry I was late”
“Mom it’s okay” Riley sighed Patty looked at me
“How are you doing sweetie?”
“I’m okay I” smiled my own babies and stomach seemed to be having a party of their own I sat on the couch as the doctor checked on Riley. I looked at my phone at the time and sighed J.J. had another 4 hours on duty. I got up.
“You’re not going are you?” Riley asked
“No I’m going to talk to Brody and Lucy get a drink and pee” I assured her “But not in that order”
“Need to pee first?” Patty Smiled
“Oh yeah” I walked out and across the hall to the bathroom. Something didn’t feel right I ached and I’m sure pee wasn’t that clear……….

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