Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Family round up

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Submitted: September 09, 2010



................... I pushed open the outer door to Gramp’s office.
“I need to see the Col” I paced in front his secretary’s desk.
‘I’m sorry the Col asked to not be disturbed” the Marine sat behind the desk said glancing at me.
“Okay you’re new so I won’t whip your ass now either you tell him I’m here or I’m walking in there” I snapped slamming my hands down making everything on the desk jump or fall over.
“I’m sorry but I don’t think you realize the Col has important business to do with running the base”
“She’s his Granddaughter” J.J. put his hand on my arm pulling me back slightly
“Kelly what’s with all the noise” the sound of Gramps voice boomed from the doorway “Breana” he looked a little puzzled I spun and looked at him and burst into tears. J.J. hugged me. “Come on” Gramps held the door to his office open and waited while J.J. literally held me up and took me inside. “Kelly I don’t care if the President calls don’t put him through” Gramps shut the door and the Marine face fell away and he was the concerned Gramps. “What’s happened?”
“I answered the phone at Mom’s” I sniffed as Gramps handed me a Kleenex and went back to leaning on the edge of his desk. “It was Scott” the color blanched from Gramps face and his knuckles turned white as he gripped the desk ‘He thought I was Mom” J.J. sat on the arm of the chair I was in and lowered his head to kiss my temple
“He called the house?” I nodded “Did you tell your Mom”
“No we came right here even Flynn doesn’t know” J.J. filled in.
“The son of a bitch knows its Morgan’s house”
“He doesn’t I told him my last name was Tanner” I sniffed.
“Good girl Gramps leant forward and kissed my head. “Practicing for when you marry your Marine”
“Damn southern boys” I grumbled “That’s’ what he said” I nudged J.J.
“I’m calling the police both Civilian and Military and you’re mom needs to come stay with me and your Grandma” He picked up the phone.”With Flynn going away”
“We can stay with her” J.J. stood up Marine mode kicking in.
“You’d do that?”
“She’s my future mother-in-law and I saw the state she was in before Sir” J.J. nodded.
“I can post a guard outside of the house… if you’ll stay in the house” he looked at me “I’d feel a whole lot safe honey if you were on base as well”
“He doesn’t know me” I complained and I have work to do?”
“Breana it’s an order till your Dad gets home at least”
“Yes Sir” I nodded. We waited while Gramps called the police he grabbed his keys as he finished.
‘I think we need to go talk to your Mom”…………………..
………………… We all walked back into Mom and Dad’s house this time Patty was there as well.
“There you are Flynn ate all…” Mom trailed off as she saw Gramps with us and the concern “What’s going on?”
“We need to talk Baby girl” Gramps said quietly taking mom By the hand Flynn looked at me. I moved away from J.J. and pulled Flynn onto the deck outside.
“Why have I felt like puking for the last 40 minutes?” he demanded
“When I got the phone before it was Scott?” Flynn’s eyes got wide
“How do you know?”
Because he mentioned about her on the bench in the locker room” I felt my lip quiver again Flynn pulled me to him “Damn it Flynn shes had her turn with the curse she doesn’t deserve to have to deal with this again”
“I know… I’m canceling the honeymoon I can’t go with this happening” he murmured.
“No Flynn you have a wife and you’re a family now” I pleaded Dad and the others will be home in a few days” the door opened we could hear Mom sobbing as Riley came out.
“I changed the flights for a months time we’re not going anywhere while our family is going through this” she said with determination.
“And that’s why I love you” Flynn smiled putting his arm round her and me at the same time.
“I’m going to go in and see Mom” I moved away and went back into the house. Gramps was standing holdiong Mom as Grandma walked in the front door.
“Ollie should have let me kill the son of a bitch” Grandma snarled I had the gun and should have used it. J.J. looked  a little shocked.
“And we know that would have done nothing apart from put you in jail” Gramps chastised her.
“Yeah well he wouldn’t becoming back would he”
“J.J. go take B and get your stuff” Gramps ordered “come back and meet me at the armory Marine”………………………………..

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