Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 71 (v.1) - New Life

Submitted: October 13, 2010

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Submitted: October 13, 2010



………….. “What the hell is going on?” Brody called down the hall as Flynn carried me toward the nurses’ station.
“She thinks her water broke and I can feel she’s in pain” Flynn said quickly as the tension pulled m y stomach tighter making me grip him harder.
“Can we get some help here?” Grandma called out hurrying after Flynn “Ben get J.J. down here Now” she hollered Gramps had already got his phone from his pocket. The nurse came running with a wheelchair Flynn put me gently down.
“This is not good Breana” I looked up as my doctor hurried down the hall “You’re supposed to tell me when you’re not feeling right” he snapped
“I know” the tears streamed down my cheeks “Flynn go back to Riley and tell her I’m sorry” Flynn crouched down
“She doesn’t need to hear sorry she needs to hear her best friend is okay and the babies are safe” He kissed my forehead and put his hand on my stomach… no words needed to be said between either of us I could feel his fear and apprehension, his worry and stress for his wife and for me.
“Flynn we got B” Brody put his hand on Flynn’s shoulder. Flynn nodded and walked back to Riley as the doctor took me to a vacant room Grandma and Lucy coming with me while Brody waited with Gramps.
………….. The doctor was checking me out while Grandma haled my hand and Lucy stroked my hair.
“I can’t do this…” I sniffed “I need J.J.”
“He’s coming sweetheart” Grandma smiled “Ben won’t let him miss this” she assured me.
“Breana” The doctor caught my attention ‘We’re going to have to get the babies out they’re not happy and you’re blood pressure is getting dangerously high putting you all at risk”
“Not without J.J.” I begged sending the monitor the nurse had attached me to spiraling into craziness.
“Honey we have no choice” The pulled the bed away from the wall and moved it from the room Gramps and Brody standing looking in horror.
“What’s happening…? Where are they taking B?” Gramps panicked
“How long till J.J. gets here?” Grandma asked bluntly
“Minutes he was coming from the gate… now where’s my Granddaughter going?”
“Her and the babies are at risk” Lucy said as Brody put his arm round her “They’ve taken her to take the babies out” The sound of the elevator doors opening made them all look round as J.J. stumbled out Lucy Grabbed his hand and ran with him in the direction the Doctor went,
“Lucy what are you doing here?” J.J asked as the doctor spotted him
“We can talk about that later your wife needs you Cowboy” She nodded in the direction of the Doctor and stepped back.
“Sgt Tanner you need to do everything the nurse tells you” J.J. nodded “B is in rough shape right now and the Anesthetist is already putting her out”
“She can’t be awake” J.J. asked as the nurse helped him into a suit covering his uniform
“No we’re trying to make sure the twins are okay and at the same time keep your wife from havig a stroke” the color drained from J.J.’s face “Like I said it’s serious right now” He walked backwards to the O.R. “You’ll be brought in as soon as you’re ready and you can sit with her but she will be out”
“If she’s not out already will you tell her I love her” J.J. swallowed hard the Doctor nodded at him…………………………….
…………….. “You have to concentrate on Jack” Patty said as Riley started to push “B is in safe hands” she tried to reassure both Flynn and Riley.
“What about J.J.?” Riley hissed through her teeth
“He’s with her” Flynn nodded “Gramps called him… Now I want to meet our son baby” he kissed her head……
………. Brody and Lucy were sitting with Grandma and Gramps as the door opened from The room Riley was in Grandma was on her feet.
“He’s perfect” Flynn beamed “He’s tiny and perfect” Grandma hugged him “He’s 7lb 11oz and 20 inches long”
“How’s Riley?”
“Less crabby and tired but she looks beautiful as a Mommy” tears welled up in his eyes “I didn’t think I could love anything more than I love her but damn Jacks something else”
“Told you didn’t I” Gramps Hugged Flynn.
“Yes Sir”
“Your Mom and Dad are flying in tonight”
“Any news on B?”
“No nothing yet” Grandma sighed and shook her head Lucy rubbed her back “I’m hoping no news is good news” she looked at Flynn and tipped her head.
“I can’t feel anything” Flynn admitted “And I’m scared as hell because I can’t feel anything”.
Lucy coughed and nodded in the direction of J.J. as he came round the corner and slid down the wall with his head in his hands………………

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