Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 72 (v.1) - What Now

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Submitted: October 13, 2010



....................... Brody and Flynn moved faster than the others down the hall.
“J.J.” Flynn knelt down
“Hey” he looked up tears streaked his face.
“Dude I can’t tell what’s going on for once and I’m scared to death” Flynn blurted out.
“She’s out the doctors put her out to do the surgery that’s probably why you can’t feel”
“Honey what about the twins?” Grandma asked rubbing J.J.’s shoulder
“the first baby was 3lb’s on the nose, the second was a little less at 2lb 10” he looked up at her “the first baby they couldn’t get breathing as the cord was round his neck”
“Is he okay? And it’s a boy?” Gramps looked at him
“He’s okay now they have him on oxygen and yes he’s a boy” J.J. nodded “and we have a little girl as well” Flynn broke into a huge smile
“Damn she’s going to hate it” he chuckled making everyone look at him “Well having her cousin and brother the same age as she is it’s going to hard for her to do anything without them breathing down her neck… it was bad enough B had to deal with me now…” He paused and looked at J.J. “What have you guys called them?”
“We hadn’t decided on Names” J.J. looked exhausted “I’m sorry Flynn I should have asked… How’s Riley?”
“She’s good so’s Jack” he nodded, J.J. smiled
“Can I see them…? I can’t go see B for a while or the twins”
“Sure” Flynn nodded; Brody put out his hand and pulled up his brother.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
“Well helping bring Riley and B to hospital” Brody laughed “But Lucy and I wanted to ask you and B to go to City hall with us when we get married”
“Dude” J.J. hugged him
“But right now that’s on hold till we know B is okay” Lucy hugged J.J. “Congratulations Daddy”
“Thank you” J.J. smiled weakly. They all walked into Riley’s room to meet Jack……………………
…………….. I could feel something squeezing my arm and then slowly releasing it as I forced open my eyes my mouth was dry as I looked round the dimly lit room J.J. was sleeping on the couch still in his uniform a blanket draped over him I put my hand on my stomach and things came back to me.
“No” I whispered “No… J.J.” my voice rasped J.J. jolted awake and scrabbled over to me raining kisses onto my face “The babies” I looked at him desperately looking for something in his expression.
“They’re sleeping in the NICU in the same crib as each other” he smiled stroking the side of my face lightly “You want to know what we have” he kissed me again
“Oh yeah”
“Well we have a little boy that scarily already has a look of my side of the family” he walked away from me and reached for some Polaroid photo’s and came back over and handed then to me.
“Damn he looks like your Dad” I smiled “we without the cigar” I ran my fingers over the picture “But he’s perfect… what about…?”
“My little princess” he chuckled “She’s a crabby monkey so far she lets you know if she doesn’t like what’s happening” I looked at him and a tear rolled down my cheek “Yes just like you and Flynn and I love it” I put my hand to my mouth
‘What about Riley?”
“Well if you wait there for five minutes I’ll go see if I can find anything out” he kissed me and rested his forehead against mine “Do you know how much more I’m in love with you Mrs. Tanner…” He walked over to the door “And we can’t keep calling the twins thing one and thing two we need to come up with names” He disappeared leaving me to look at the photos of two very tiny babies………….
…………… The door knocked and the Doctor walked in
“Finally you wake up” he teased “How you feeling”
“Rough” I sighed “Are the babies okay I mean will they be okay?”
“Well considering your little boy was the one causing the problems He’s doing really well and the little girl apparently already reminds everyone of you”
“I heard she has a temper”
“Oh yeah she’s ripped out her feeding tube twice and would only calm down when her brother was next to her”
“Oh that sounds so familiar” I looked up as Mom stood in the doorway “She was the same with Flynn” she walked over and hugged me “they are perfect honey… I went to visit them when I got here and I don’t think between your Gramps and J.J.’s brother people are going to get much of a look in”
“See take it from someone that been through this” the doctor laughed “You can see them in the morning we just want to watch the blood pressure over night” I nodded I didn’t have the energy to argue.
“I didn’t know what was happening Mom” I sighed as the doctor left “I was so scared and I think I scared the life from Flynn and Riley”
“Well I think that’s a slight understatement” Flynn’s voice called over from the door way
“I think you’ll need a revolving door on this room” Riley joined in. I saw they pushed a goldfish bowl on wheels bassinet Flynn scooped up the small blue bundle inside
“Meet your Nephew” he laid Jack in my arms as he slept peacefully
“Wow thank god he looks like his Mom” I smirked as Riley kissed my cheek
‘You know that’s what she said as well” Flynn grumbled as J.J. walked back in with Dad “And when you’re well I’m going to yell at you for not saying anything”
“Okay I know” I groaned “So what’s his full name”
“Jack Kaden Richardson” Flynn smiled “You two have to come up with the names for J and J”…………………..

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