Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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********************once again we come to the end of a Marine story *********************

……………. I looked round the now full room filled with my family as Mom cradled her grandson against here while Flynn and J.J. and Brody talked about 4th of July on the ranch in Texas.
“You getting a little overwhelmed” Dad asked sitting on the side of the bed and putting his arm round my shoulders.
“I’m so happy to have this as my family but I’m getting worried about my babies” I laid my head on his shoulder “Dad what if something happens?”
“Well handle whatever is thrown at us honey you know that,and come on look at how strong their Mommy is and just how much of a tough ass there Daddy is and we won’t even get started on the grandparents”
“The doctor won’t let me see them till tomorrow and it’s stressing me out” J.J. looked over at me and smiled.
“Let me go talk to him and see if we can’t do anything about that” Dad kissed my head
“Hey beautiful” J.J. came over “You look like you’re ready to cry”
“I’m scared I did something wrong and the babies aren’t going….” J.J. crushed his mouth against mine in a kiss that seemed to make me feel safe and loved. He pulled back.
“Baby they’re fighting right now because they know we love them more than anything” he stroked my cheek “They’re our babies and they’re going to make it you and Flynn proved that even with the worst odds you can do it”
“Still I haven’t seen them J.J. everyone else has at least gotten to look through a window at them and their own Mom hasn’t” I was beginning to feel like I was losing it all of a sudden the emotion of everything that had happened in the past 28 hours was hitting me. J.J. cradled me to himwhile everyone else left the room quietly leaving the twoof us alone.
“Hey Guys” Dad walked in with the doctor.
“Okay so You’re Dad’s been telling me your stress level won’t come down till you go see your babies”
“I scared that something will happen and I won’t have had a chance to touch them” I sniffed still leaning on J.J.
“Okay but I have strict rules if I’m going to let you down there” He walked over “You have to go in a wheelchair and you are not allowed to get out of it for any reason. You get 10 minutes and that’s it you need to rest to get your blood pressure back down… and you have to give them names because right now they are being called Tanner 1 and 2”
“Okay” I nodded wiping my eyes on the backs of my hands.
“Right I’ll get he nurse to bring in the wheelchair” he walked out Dad came over and kissed my cheek
“Thanks Dad”
“Go see your family” he smiled patting J.J. on his arm “and thank you for giving me two more beautiful grandbabies” he walked out as the nurse came in and helped me into the wheelchair.
J.J. held my hand as she took us to the NICU and over to a slightly larger incubator than the others. Inside two tiny babies on wearing a pint hat and one wearing a blue hat both of them sleeping their heads facing each other her right hand clenched into a fist resting against the clench fist of her brother.
“Wow are they really ours”I asked not being able to take my eyes from them
“All ours Baby… well I think we’ll have to share them a little with our families but no we made them and they are perfect” he pressed his lips to mine.
“Yu get to hold them” The nurse smiled at me “they are amazing us right now because of how strong they are being… so if you both wash your hands while I sort them out we’ll get you cuddling them” J.J. and I washed up and waited patiently for her to wrap them in blankets She handed the little boy to me while J.J. sat down with his daughter looking lost against him. My son fidgeted in my arms and blinked his eyes a couple of times as I looked down at him.
“I think I’m in love” I murmured “Wow”
“So what are we going to do about names” J.J. looked up at me.
“Well how about you get to name Her and I name him”
“You serious” he smiled
“Or we can go discuss it all night”
“No I like your Idea” he nodded running his finger along the cheek of our daughter. “How about Alyssa Tess Tanner”
“After Grandma” I looked at him
“Oh yeah that woman is amazing and if she has her spirit then she’s going to make one kick ass girl” he chuckled “And I don’t know where I just picked Alyssa from but I think it suits her”
“I love it” I smiled “Okay so my turn” I looked down “How about Ryder James Tanner?” I looked up
“Sounds like a perfect name for a Marine” J.J. beamed at me as the doctor walked in
“Okay guys we have to go you can come back tomorrow” He smiled “So did we get names?”
“Oh yeah” J.J. smiled getting up with Alyssa and coming over to me “Can you take a picture of the four of us before we go”
“Sure so what did you call them”
“Well… we have Ryder James and we have Alyssa Tess” J.J. smiled proudly as the doctor took a couple of pictures.
“Nice names” he handed us the pictures as the nurse toke the babies and put them back in the incubator “Now Mrs. Tanner you need to get back to your room”
“Yes sir” I smiled J.J. started to push me back to my room as I looked at the pictures…. Finally I had everything I ever wantedeven if things had been rough and I’d had to fight to get where I am, after the pain and the joy I was compete my Marine my babies Our lives……………………….

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