Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - I know how to use it

Submitted: September 09, 2010

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Submitted: September 09, 2010



.............. We walked into our apartment, J.J. back in the Marine Mode of checking and double checking everything as he packed, where as me I shoved thin gs into a back pack her walked into the closet pressing the combination on the lock box in there and pulled out his hand gun and the clip and pushed it till it locked into the handle.
“This is serious isn’t it” I sighed sitting down on the bed as he strapped the shoulder holster on him and pulled on a jacket.
“Hell yeah… think about it baby” he crouched down at my feet “if he managed to get to your Mom he could get to you as well” he reached his hand up and touched the side of my face. “And I swear if he came after you… one shot one kill” I held his face in my hands and kissed him.
“I love you James Jordan Tanner” I murmured, I was scared for my Mom not for me and the fact J.J. thought nothing of protecting both of us wrenched at me. I drew him in for a kiss that I swear made my toes curl. The way he touched me and the feelings he sent through me were different to anything I’d ever experienced as his gun ended up on the floor with the rest of his things. My fingers held on to the chain on his dogtags as we moved together, his hand wiped away a tear as we lay spent on the bed…………………………..
…………….. “Go in the house and lock the door” J.J. said kissing me gently. “I love you”
“I love you too” I slid out of the truck and closed the door and hurried up the drive as Flynn came out of the house he caught my wrist.
“Here” he pushed his hand gun in to my hand “You know how to use it as well as I do” I nodded. “Riley refused to go to the range remember”
“I know guns scare the crap out of her” I smiled weakly ‘How’s Mom”
“Grandma called in the Doc and he gave her something to knock her out” He dropped a kiss on my forehead “I love you Sis and we’ll be back as soon as we can” I walked into the house and closed the door and looked out of the window as he ran to the truck and he and J.J., sped off leaving tire tracks on the street.
“He gave it to you didn’t he?” I jumped as Patty came behind me “Flynn gave you his side arm”
“Yeah… he knows I know how to use it” I nodded walking by my godmother into the living room as Grandma walked dopwn the stairs I pushed the weapon into the back of my jeans and pulled my hoodie over it. “Is she okay?”
“She’s sleeping I think the shot the doc gave her could have knocked out an entire platoon” I hugged Grandma
“I’ll be happy when all the boys are home” Patty ran her hands through her hair as Riley walked from the kitchen with a tray of cups and a pot of coffee.
“You found her the night it happened didn’t you” I looked at Patty.
“Yeah I was with one of her Uncles and I saw Scott walking out and I just had that sick feeling and we found her huddled like a frightened animal in the locker room” Patty’s eyes brimmed with angry tears “That son of a bitch treated her like she was nothing” Riley put her hand on her moms’ shoulder “part of my best friend died that night and we never got it back”
I sat down and looked at the picture from Mom and Dad’s wedding that was always on the mantel as well as a picture of me and Flynn days old in the same incubator.
“She never got over loosing the baby” Grandma sighed “and then the hell that she and Phillip went through when she was in the accident making you guys show up early” she looked at me “I think Morgan has been through more than one person should ever have to deal with” I nodded, we all sat in silence the only sound was the ticking of the clock on the wall. By rights I should have an older brother or sister I felt the press of the steel in my back where I had the gun, I closed my eyes and imagined what it must be like to pull the trigger and put things right…………………

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