Silent Tears - Ooh Rah Marines part 10)

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*** 10th in the Marine Series***
Alyssa Tanner is waiting for her Marine to come home waiting for the father of her Baby to come back to her... Both of then have a strong will and both of them Loves the Marine corps but can that be enough to make there love last through everything that life is going to hand to them and Can Ryne deal with all that pain for a second time...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Silent Tears - Ooh Rah

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Submitted: August 03, 2011



…………….. They say when you get into your Second trimester things get better……. Hmmmm I want to know who said that and take them out with an M16. Pregnancy was kicking my ass harder than a drill instructor with a new recruit and hell I know enough DI’s to know how they work. MY head wasn't in the right place anymore and it was getting harder and harder to smile about things.....


“Aly… Hey Aly” I lifted my head from my pillow as Ana burst into my bedroom and jumped on the bed


“Okay I know I gave you a key but seriously I feel like crap” I groaned rolling over and feeling the sudden urge to throw up I lay back and gulped down air. I looked at the clock “Oh hell no girl it’s six fifteen in the morning do you have a death wish?”


“Oh shut up” She laughed putting her hand on my bump ‘Good Morning Bean Aunt Ana Loves you even if Mommy is a bear right now”


“Is there a reason for this visit or are you and my Baby conspiring to kill me” I had to smile at the grin that was on Ana’s face.


She was the voice of Reason where Ryne was concerned after all the crap he’d been through with his ex she was the only one that could get through to him when the dark cloud hung over him and somehow my Brother had charmed her I still say she’d been heavily medicated and was drunk off her ass but she thinks’ he’s hot.


“Mornign Ladies” Marek walked in “I have Coffee for you” He handed it to Ana “and I have ginger tea for you” He grinned at me handing it over My Mom Said Aunt Ava swore by it when she was pregnant” I took it from him as I sat up. He sat on the end of the bed.


“You know you are amazing and your Family rocks” I sipped the tea


“Well Family is Family and your cousin is sleeping right now and I’m due on the gate in 40 minutes” He took a deep breath


“Okay Marek spill it” I closed my eyes as the tea had the soothing effect on my stomach “You didn’t come here to bring us drinks”


“And how did you know I was here?” Ana narrowed her eyes at him


“I didn’t” he shrugged “That was my coffee really I wanted to talk to Aly”


“Why am I so popular so damn early” I groaned.


“Because we love you” Ana giggled “Marek you want me to leave so you can talk to Aly?”


“No it’s fine” Marek shook his head “Your need to help out as well”


‘Help with what”


“I want to give her my class ring” he blurted out


“I thought you had done?” I wrapped my hands round my cup


“Okay I want to make things official I wanted Brit to marry me”


“You’ve only been together 6 months” Ana ran her hand through her hair I looked at Ana and raised my eye brows


“Hey I knew your brother 2 months and look at me right now… And it’s the Marine Corps there is no such thing as take it slowly with them… Hell I’m surprised that Ryder…” I trialed off “Oh sorry excuse me I thrust the cup into Ana’s hand and scrabbled out of bed to the bathroom.


“Oh here we go” Ana went to get up


“I’ll go” Marek got up and came into the bathroom “have you mentioned this to the doctor?”


“Uh-Huh” I groaned resting my head against the cold tile “it’s one of those pregnancies” I heard him fill a cup with water


“Here sip this” I took it from him


“I can’t function properly right now and it sucks Hell I even missed that Nickelback gig everyone went to” I heard him chuckle “Would you hate me if I said I really hate being pregnant”


“MY Aunt Ava said that with her last one and hell she’s a tough woman She almost took down a Drill instructor the other day because he said she was too old to do the assault Corse… My Mom did warn him” I smiled at him His family well his Mom and Aunt we’re once a form of Military but Marek wouldn’t talk about it openly and after seeing some of the scars that both women had I truly didn’t want to know. “I shouldn’t ask you to help out I know you’re having a rough time and Brit is worried about you”


“I’ll be fine I’m a marine Brat” I sighed “and I love the fact you can come to us to ask to help and I’ll do what I can to do help you out”


“Thank you” He offered me a hand and helped me off the floor “Have you heard from Ryne?” I shook my head


“Not for a month” I leant on him as we walked back to my room ‘They we’re heading into the mountains and he didn’t know how long for”


“I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon” He sat me on the bed “Okay Ladies I have to get to work and I’ll get back to you about sorting something out for Brit… Bean stopped being mean to your Mama” he rubbed my bump


“Stay safe Marine” I called out as he walked out.


“Will do” I looked at Ana.


“He’s such a sweetheart” She sighed “Brits Lucky”


“You can say that again I still can’t believe He puts up with my pain in the ass cousin” I took the drink from her “Okay so what can I do you for”


“I spoke to Ryder a few hours ago he’s got his come home date and he’s taking me to Hawaii for a vacation?”


“Awesome” I smiled at the thought of having my brother home


“I had to come and tell you”


“Thanks” I felt a lump in my throat


“Hey” she scooted over to me


“I’m sorry” The tears spilled over onto my cheeks “It’s the hormones… I miss Ryne… And I don’t know if I can do this without him” Ana hugged me


“You’re not doing anything without him… He loves you so much and he loves Bean… He’ll be home in 12 weeks” She rubbed my back “You have all  of us and your family round you”


“I know… I’m being dumb” I sniffed “I see Marines all day round here… and I speak to all of my Marines apart from the one I need right now… I understand he can’t get in touch but I keep having dreams that he’s not coming home” I hugged her to me “Ana I’m scared out of my head right now and I’m trying to push it to the back of my head because we have so many deployed right now” She stroked my hair. I’d held these thoughts in putting on a happy face since just after Ryne deployed… but something felt wrong horribly wrong right now……………….

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