Silent Tears - Ooh Rah Marines part 10)

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Hardface

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



…………………. Brit sat on the bed and looked at me as I changed my fight for the red eye.

“You’re pissed with me aren’t you” I looked at here as I pulled things from my closet and put them in the cases

“Yeah but I guess I understand” She sniffed “What happens if you go into labor out there? What happens if you get swept off your feet by some hot assed Hawaiian dude and he carries you off on a dolphin”

“Okay have you been sniffing Sharpies” I laughed “Brit I’m not going forever I’m going to think to try to work out what the hell my life is going to be about… I can’t do that here I can’t do it in Texas My memories fuck me up” I moved the case and sat down to look at her “My Mom and Dad don’t want me to go either but they know if I stay here I’m going to fall into a hole that I’m not sure I’m strong enough to haul my ass out of” Brit looked down and shook her head

“I’m going to miss having you around” She pouted “I wanted you to help with my wedding and all that stuff”

“and I can we can call and Skype and all that stuff” I hugged her “I’m sorry it looks like I’m bailing but if I wasn’t pregnant things would have been a whole lot different”

“I’m still going to bug the ass off you everyday” She hugged me back “and I want Bean to know his Aunt Brit”

“Oh he will I’m sure Now help me pack”

…………….. Ryder took me to the airport Mom and Dad understood the longer they were with me the more they’d want to talk me out of it. Ryder walked with me to security.

“Everything okay with you and Ana?”

“Not really but we’ll get through it don’t you worry about it I have your back regardless okay?” I nodded

“I’m sorry I caused the fight between you guys”

“Stop you didn’t but Ana and I are stuck she wants to help Ryne and I want to help you and there is nothing either of us can do” He sighed “What’s going to happen when you have the baby?” I shrugged “Alyssa I know I’m just a sniper but I know this is a one way ticket… and Moms and Dad will work it out really quickly as well”

“I’ll have him there”

“What about the support you need with you?”

“I have Aunt Riley and Uncle Flynn”

“Not what I mean If Ryne’s not with you for the birth then is Aunt Riley going to” I looked down

“If Ryne’s not with me Ryder I’ll do it alone”

‘Aly come one you have Mom and Brit hell you have me” He was getting emotional

“Okay I love you and Bean will love you as his Uncle But hell no are you going to see me give birth that’s more than weird” I heard my flight called “Ryder please don’t worry about me I’m going to get through this one way or another and I love you so much for doing everything you have” He closed his eyes and pulled me into a hug

“I love you too sis and please think about not being alone” he was literally begging me

“No promises Marine” I stepped back from him “I’ll call when I get there” I forced the tears back “Take care of my truck for me okay?” I moved toward the security gate I refused to look back because seeing Ryder hurting so much would have me changing my mind about where I was going………………………………

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