Smoking Bullet

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Evie Robbins... working in a strip club an exclusive club at that filled with high paying clients... people of standing and people that you don't mess with... not a life for a good girl that used to go to church ever week, but things change and losing her Father in a gun down attack while he was working as a cop when she was 15 made her decide she was going to bring down the people that did it....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Smoking Bullet

Submitted: August 23, 2011

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Submitted: August 23, 2011



............. I was an hour into my shift my feet already hurt like a bitch the six inch heels made my calves cramp the tight black miniskirt… well it was more like a belt skimmed just below my butt and the Gold Bikini top left little to the imagination in this air-conditioning I picked up my tray of drinks from the bar and wound my way between the tables filled with guys that really should have better things to do on a Friday night other than hang around this Strip club.


 I put the drinks down on the table on front of three guys that all looked like they knew how to handle themselves, I’m sure the bulges under the tight shirt of the blond sitting closet to me wasn’t all muscle He looked at me and flashed me a hungry looking some as he tucked a $100 bill into the waist band of my skirt and patted my ass as I turned away from him. God the things I do to earn a damn paycheck. I walked to my next table  this time a group of well to do business guys were at the table one of them getting a lap dance from one of the girls who was naked apart from a g-string made of crystals.


“Hey Beautiful” One of the guys looked at me and slurred a little “how about you take a hundred and show me your moves” his hand caressed my leg.


“Sorry honey I would” I smiled batting my eye lashes at him “but it’s my night off that tonight I’m just taking orders”


“I’ll give you two hundred” he laughed “You have such a walk on you”


“Well thank you but my boss is pretty strict on things like our roster maybe another night” I flashed him my best smile


“Well we wouldn’t want to upset your boss now would we” He rolled his eyes. Oh he had no idea…


You really don’t mess with my Boss unless you are looking for some serious trouble either of my Bosses for that matter. The type of men that people would cross the street to avoid, but if you leave them alone then they’re fine with you.


“So come on what can I get you to drink fellas?” I took a deep breath


“We’ll take four Miller’s and four shots of whatever you like sweet cheeks” One of the other guys grinned at me as he managed to tear his eyes from my cleavage for a whole ten seconds.


“Coming right up” I walked away with the girl who’d just finished the lap dance


“Well I just made rent for the next month” she grinned at me


“Jordyn you and your ass make bank every damn night” I hip checked her as we walked toward the bar.


‘Yeah well between rent utilities and paying for child care I need to make damn bank” She sighed


“Whose got Sophia tonight?’


“Her Dad” she shrugged “It’s his turn she’s with him till Monday so I need to work all I can” I leant on the bar


“Four millers four tequilas Art” I smiled at the bar tender


“I’m heading to get some food before I go on stage” Jordyn smiled “You should try the pole girl men want to see you and you know it”


“Yeah and I’ll break my damn neck if I do” I shook my head as she walked away laughing


“Here you go honey” Art put the drinks on my tray “Oh looks like some trouble” He nodded to the door where one of My Bosses right hand men was gesturing to the door men.


I watched as He turned away and walked in to the club followed by a strikingly beautiful red head, her eyes filled with anger as she looked round the club, her stride screamed confidence and seriously don’t fuck with me as men looked in her direction she didn’t give then the time of day. She looked round over her shoulder back to the door way and smiled a smile that softened her face as a guy walked through the door, his tight shirt hugging his taught muscular body a sleeve of tattoos on show almost had me drooling onto my drink tray damn he was one fine looking man.


“Looks like a new girl for the club” Art chuckled “She’ll make a pretty penny with a body like that” I looked at him and smiled


“Well that’s the idea in a place like this Art I thought you’d worked that out” I poked my tongue out at him as I walked away with the drinks. I put the drinks on the table made small talk with a few of the people I knew as regulars and made another $150 in the space of twenty minutes.


“Evie” I looked round Jorge walked toward me. He was my bosses’ right hand voice of reason after some of the temper flares I’d witnessed in my two months here.




“Mr. Croft wants to see you” He stepped back and waited for me to walk in front of him


“Did I do something?” I chewed my lip


“What… Oh no” He smiled a friendly smile he was one of those guys that never leered or ogled the girls in front of him or took advantage of his position “He wants to ask you for a favor that’s all” He knocked the door and walked into the office.


There he was Dante Croft in all his fine chiseled glory he strong jaw was set in its normal pissed off angle his eyes shrewd like they could get into your soul he was stood holding on to the red heads hands as the hot tattooed guy she’d walked in with stood with his hands on his hips and a cocky smirk on his face Damn this room was filled with movie star good looks in these three people alone now what the hell did they want with me……………………

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