Snow fun

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Nikki is Junior in high school the guys treat her like one of them she spend the summer playing soccer and the winter on the mountain as a snowboard instructor... will the guys give her a break??????

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Snow fun

Submitted: August 06, 2009

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Submitted: August 06, 2009



“Oh god I think I’m going to bring back my lunch” I groaned. “I suppose you just tripped and end up like that”. I walked away slamming the staff locker room door. God why was every guy I knew just a screaming mass of testosterone. I’d just caught my brother having the time of his life with my best friend, that image had stained my mind I needed to get some fresh air I pushed open the heavy outer doors and stepped onto the fresh snow I zipped up my jacket against the icy wind my long brown hair whipping across my face, I grabbed my board and walked over to the lifts.

“Shouldn’t you be working” A guy said jumping in the seat next to me I looked at him.

“Oh hey Josh” I smiled. “I haven’t got any more classes today, how long you been on here”.

“We just got here” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“We” I said looking round.

“Yeah I finally convinced some of the guys from school to come and try it” he laughed “Their getting their stuff sorted, so I thought I’d get in at least a run before there done”.

“Nice bring em and ditch em” I laughed. “So who did you bring”.

“Max, and Jack, oh and Taylor” he said leaning forward and grinning at me.

“All the best of the Jock gene pool” I laughed as we got off at the top of the slopes.

“Oh that’s not fair” he laughed. “You’ve dipped your toe in there once or twice if I remember right”.

“Yeah don’t remind me” I sighed shaking my head. “Just once I wish they would give me a break”.

“Yeah like that’s going to happen” Josh laughed standing next to me as we looked down to the Chalet and rental store. “A Hott chick that kicks ass on the soccer field in the summer and spend the winter on the mountain Boarding, You’re a challenge for them” he said launching himself. “Race you down”. He knew I would never back down from a race I launched myself after him, passing him ¾ of the way down and throwing a plume of snow over him as I did.

I’d grown up next door to Josh, My parents ran the Ski chalet on the mountain and we had skied from being 3, now for evenings and weekends we we’re both ski and snow board instructors and loved it. We reached the bottom and he picked up a handful of snow throwing it at me.

“Hey” I laughed pulling off my goggles. “I still beat you even though you got a head start”.

“No way I gave it to you” he smirked as a bunch of guys walked over carrying boards. I shook my head and shrugged.

“Fine you want to go again” I asked holding out my arms.

“You challenging” one of the guys said. “Dude you can’t let her beat you”.

“Thanks Max” I smiled. I knew all too well that once the guys started ribbing him Josh wouldn’t back down.

“Okay then these guys can judge if it’s a clean battle” Josh said nodding at me.

“Oh hang on these guys are bias” I sighed looking at them “I need someone on my side”.

“”I’ll be on your side” Jack grinned.
“Fine, the looser buys every ones hot chocolate and dinner” I smiled.

“Deal” Josh stuck out his hand and I shook it. We walked back to the lift.

“Hey guys what are you all doing just watching the slope for” Cameron said walking over to them.

“Just watching your sister beat Josh down the slope again” Taylor smiled. “I thought you’d have been up there with them”

“Yeah well I had someone I needed to do” Cameron grinned rubbing his hands together.

“You mean something” Max said not taking his eyes from the mountain.

“Oh no… I meant someone” Cam laughed “Tell my sister I want to see her in Dad’s office when she’s done will you”.

“Sure Dude” Taylor said as Cameron walked back into the Chalet. “Hey guys here they come”.

“Oooo it’s going to be close” Max said as we came down.

“She’s done it” Jack shouted I stopped and looked round as Josh stopped behind me.

“See told you” I giggled. Josh pulled off his goggles and shook his head and bowed down.

“Okay fairs fair, I bow to you superior skill” he high fived me “nice job Nikki”.

“Oh Cam wants to see you in your Dad’s office when you’re done” Taylor smiled I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“What time for dinner tonight, I reserve us a table” I said leaning on Josh’s shoulder.

“Say 7.30 then it’ll gives us a few hours up her before we need to get changed” Josh smiled “Table for 5”.

“Table for 5, by the fireplace” I laughed “See you guys later” I walked away.

“Damn that girl is something” Taylor whistled. ‘Why the hell haven’t you dated her”.

“Because that’s just too weird” he said putting his goggles back on “Come on I’ll teach you some stuff for free” they walked to the slopes.

 I put my board in the stand by the door and walked inside. I closed my eyes and breathed in the smell of hot chocolate and good food.

“If you stand in front of the doors you’re going to get knocked over sweetie” Dad said coming in behind me. I looked at him and smiled. “How were the lessons this morning” he asked as we walked in through the restaurant.

“Good, I had 4 5 year olds and it was really fun and actually they’re not too bad” I smiled “Oh I need to reserve one of the tables by the fireplace for 5 tonight”.

“I was going to ask if you had a date until you said it was for 5” Dad shrugged.

“I raced Josh down Exhibition twice and beat him both times so he has to buy dinner for us” I grinned pulling off my jacket “Now I need to go see Cammy” I kissed Dads cheek.

“I’ll put you guys down in the book, oh Nikki what time” Dad shouted to me as I walked away.
“Oh 7.30” I called back over my shoulder. I walked into the staff locker room and dumped my jacket in my locker and pulled off my boots I put on my sneakers and walked out bumping in to Mandy as I did she looked at me and turned beet red.

“Nikki what you saw…” I cut her off.

“Mandy please I have that image burnt into my mind I don’t need reminding of it” I laughed. “But Cammy” I said wrinkling my nose.

“Look you don’t see it but your brother is Hott” she smiled. “And has very sexy eyes”. I groaned and shook my head.

“I swear to god I’m going to have to take you to the top of the mountain and push you down if you keep telling me things like that” I winked. “See you later” I walked into the back and to Dad’s office and walked in.

“Hey don’t you knock” Cam said from off the floor behind the desk. “I could have been doing something” he smiled getting up.

“Oh right what on your own because I was just talking to Mandy outside” I shrugged sitting down. “What did you want me for and what we’re you doing on the floor”.

“I can’t find the lesson sheet” he said looking under the desk again “but actually as you’re here I don’t need it. Can you take my lessons in the morning”.

“This is two weeks on the run now” I complained. “And you still haven’t paid me for covering for you last weekend”.

“I know, but I really need you to cover for me again” he begged.

“Cameron what are you up to” I said narrowing my eyes and looking at him.

“I’m trying to avoid the girl who I’m supposed to be giving the lesson to” he sighed.

“Why, because if you dare screw around on Mandy…” he held up his hand and shook his head.

“Yeah like I want to bring down the wrath of you on myself” he said balling a piece of paper and throwing it at me. ‘No it’s just she’s 15 and flirts like crazy with me and I’m not up for that, and the guys want to go to the batting cages for some practice” I sighed and leaned back in the chair . “Come on Sis I’ll owe you”.

“Fine I’ll do it but I want paying today for last weekend and this weekend” I said “and you take the 3 year olds on Sunday morning” Cam put his head down on the table.

“Sometimes I have a mercenary for a sister” he moaned “Okay deal” he sat up as the phone rang and he answered it I looked at him. Cam had just turned 18 and was a senior he was 6ft with short brown hair and he had the same blue eyes that Mom had okay I’ll say it I did have a cute brother. Cam hung up the phone.”You still here” he grinned.

“Yeah, you want to get out of here and go boarding” I asked standing up.
“Sure” he smiled we walked out and got changed and jumped on the lift.

“Nikki you’re good with me seeing Mandy” he asked.

“It’s not up to me who you date” I shrugged “but what you were doing in the locker room” I scrunched up my face and shook my head “Just wrong”. I could see Cam was cringing behind his mask. “But just be glad it was me and not Mom or Dad” he punched my arm playfully as we got off the lift.

“You want to race” he asked looking at me.

“No I’ve done that down here enough times today” I smiled “I’ll just met you at the bottom”

“Okay see you down there” I watched as he started off down the mountain, following him not long after. Cam was standing talking to the guys when I got down there.

“How come Cam beats you” Jack shouted to me as I picked up my board and went over to them.

“Because I need to let him win” I laughed “Or he sulks” Cam looked at me and gave me the finger. “Oh I reserved us a table for tonight” I said bumping Josh with my arm.

“You guys eating here then” Cam asked.

“Yep your sister beat Josh twice so he gets to buy us dinner” Taylor laughed.

“Yeah you’re going to join us I’ll bet” Josh groaned looking at Cam.

“No sorry guys I have a date” he grinned looking round at the clock on the outside wall of the chalet “And I have enough time for another couple of runs before I need to get ready, see you later” he turned to walk back to the lifts.

“Hey wait up I’ll come with you” Josh called after him, he looked round at the guys “Nikki will take you down again”.

“Oh you assume a lot Joshua” I laughed.

“If you love me you’ll do it” he shouted back.

“Well it looks like they’ll be waiting here for you when you get down” I shouted back.

“Gee thanks buddy” Josh yelled jumping on the lift.

“You two argue like my grandparents and they’ve been married 50 years” Max said draping his arm round my shoulder.

“Great” I smiled “come on who wants to try a run that’s not got a bunch of 4 year olds on”

“No I’m done” Max sighed

“Yeah me to, I just want to go grab some hot chocolate and watch through the windows” Jack shrugged “Because I think my ass actually had frostbite” we all started to laugh I looked at Taylor.

“You going to chicken out as well” I smiled.

“No I’ll give it ago but I’ll warn you I’m going to spend more time on my butt” He laughed
“That’s fine I’ll help you” I said linking his arm “Hey Jack if Mandy is doing the hot chocolate then tell her they’re on me”. I walked to the lifts with Taylor

“This is the bit I hate” He said closing his eyes as we went up on the lift.

“You don’t like heights” I asked “Or just ski lifts”.

“Just ski lifts” he said nervously glancing at me and trying to smile.

‘So why come skiing then” I smiled.

“Well I enjoy trying to snow board even though I’m really bad at it” he sighed “and I hear there is some really hot instructors here”.

“Whatever floats your boat” I said laughing as we got to the top “If you consider Josh or Cammy hott, then who am I to judge they’re not really my type”.

“Oh funny” Taylor grinned “Not the guys”.

“Look do you want me to help you down or do you want to stand chatting” I smiled changing the subject.

“Okay I’ll quit… for now” he smiled “now how do we get down” we spent the next 20 minutes coming slowly down the run we finally reached the bottom.

“You ready for some hot chocolate now” I smiled.

“Sounds good” he said taking my board from me and standing it in the rack. We walked inside and took off our Jackets and looked round for the others, Cam walked toward us.

“We thought we were going to have to send the ski patrol out for you” He laughed “They’re all in the other room by the way”. We walked into the other room that had enormous picture windows that over looked the mountain and the runs.

“I’ll go get the drinks” I said handing him my gloves, and walking away. Taylor went over to the guys.

“Dude finally” Max laughed. “What the hell we’re you two doing”.

“She took me down mission ridge” He boasted.

“Oooo hitting the big runs now” Josh swung back on his chair laughing.
 “No she is really cool and I only ended on my butt once” Taylor sighed sitting down. “Still don’t like the lifts though” they all started laughing……………………

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