Sometimes you can't say things

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Carlie has a Twin Brother who is one of the most popular guys in high school she has a select group of friends but thats about it......... Oh and something she doesn't really want to share

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sometimes you can't say things

Submitted: August 07, 2009

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Submitted: August 07, 2009



………………..I walked down the hallway trying to get some last minute cramming in for my last midterm, only it had to be the one I dreaded the most Bio. Oh why the hell wasn’t any of this crap sinking in.

“Hey heads up” a voice shouted from down the hall “Oooo too late” I felt a thud on the back of my head it sent me sprawling across the floor, my books shot off in different directions I could hear people laughing I heard footsteps running down the hall. “OMG are you ok” A voice said as I looked down at the blood dripping onto the floor from my nose.

“Jeez dude you made her bleed” someone else said stifling a laugh as they said it.

“Yeah well I did yell” the first guy hissed. I swear the hallway was spinning, I heard more footsteps running.

“Carlie Why are you on the floor and… Eww why are you bleeding” I recognized my best friend Lauryn’s voice.

“I accidently smacked her on the back of the head with a football” the voice said again I turned my head and looked up there was a crowd gathered round I held my hand under my nose catching the blood.

“You know you’re not supposed to throw the balls in the hall right” Lauryn huffed opening her bag and pulling out some Kleenex and handing them to me without taking her eyes off the guy who had thrown the ball.

“Oh lighten up Lauryn” Jacob said pulling her to him and licking the side of her face. “Carlie should have ducked”

“OMG you’re the biggest jerk ever” she said pushing him away and pulling more Kleenex from her bag and wiping her cheek. He started laughing, “I swear my dog slobbers less than you”

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind a hand down here” I moaned from the floor.

“Sorry Carlie” Lauryn said bending down and helping me up as the bell went I leant against the wall. “I think you should go to the nurse” I nodded.

“I know I wanted and excuse to get out of Bio but this was a bit much” I sighed.

“Er… here’s you books” the guy said handing them to me I looked up into green eyes and immediately felt dizzy and looked back down, “And like I said I’m sorry for hitting you”

“Hey we need to get to class” Jacob said nudging him. They both ran off down the hall.

“Idiots” Lauryn moaned under her breath she turned to look at me, “Oh you look good” I gave her the finger as our Bio teacher came from the classroom.

“OH Dear what happened to you” she asked fussing over me.

“I fell” I said.

“Lauryn take Carlie to the nurse’s office” The teacher said scooting us down the hallway. “Lauryn you can start your paper when you get back, Carlie you can take yours tomorrow” I just waved my hand at her as we walked away.

“Who was the guy, that hit me” I said leaning on Lauryn, she shrugged

new guy I guess, “How do you put up with Jacob”.

“I’ve learnt to tune him out” I smiled “Ow that hurt” I groaned as we got to the nurses office. Lauryn opened the door, and walked me inside.

“I’ll see you later Okay” she said.

“Fine” I nodded as she disappeared and the nurse started to take a look at my nose.

“Well it’s not broken” She smiled giving me a box of wipes to clean up my hands. “But you look a little woozy”.

“I was hit on the head with a football” I sighed.

“Well that’ll do it, you can lay down in there till the bell” she said pointing to the room with the little bed in. It seemed to take forever for the bell to go for the end of school. I got up and looked at the nurse.

‘Am I good to go” I asked.

“Sure just watch for low flying footballs” she laughed as I closed the door behind me and walked back down the noisy crowded hall to my locker, Lauryn was already at hers.

“Hey you want to borrow a top” she said as I opened my locker door. I looked at her. ‘You’ve got blood all over your sleeves, you dork” I groaned and pulled it off as she handed me a shirt.

“Thanks” I smiled “How was the exam”.

“I’m going to fail” She whined. “Oh Mrs. Hale gave me this to give you” she said handing me a piece of paper. I opened it up. “What is it”.

“Just telling me to be here by 9am in the morning” I shrugged. “Oh hell it’s Saturday tomorrow”.

“Ha sucks to be you” Lauryn laughed closing her locker door. “I have to get to work; I’ll call you when I get home”.

“Hey I’ll walk out with you” I said closing my locker we walked outside to the parking lot.

“Sweet Cheeks” Jacob shouted draping his arm over Lauryn’s shoulder and putting out his tongue to lick her.

“Just try it and all the padding in the world won’t protect you” she hissed at him. “And when was the last time you washed your training kit, you stink” she shrugged his arm away. I shook my head.

“Jacob leave the girls alone and get up here” the Football coach called over.

“Later” he said running over to the rest of the football team on the field.

“I think he likes you” I said opening my car door. Lauryn shuddered.

“Thanks if that’s all I attract I’m going to live in a Convent” she laughed getting to her car. “Call you later” I nodded and waved. I got
in my car and pushed the top back and turned the music up. I saw heads turn from the football field, as I drove away, and drove out through town towards home. I loved my black mustang it might not have been a new one but I loved it anyway, I was singing along with one of the songs on my I-pod which was now thumping through the speakers when I heard a police siren. I looked in the mirror and saw him flashing me.
“Oh this is all I need” I groaned pulling over to the side of the street letting the Cop pull in behind me………………

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