Still Deceptive

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Meg and Quinn are settled in to the new life they've made but the problems they thought they'd left behind find them and they have to deal with the downward spiral of Megan's brother Shawn dragging up the past and even from behind prison bars Anton can still send in his goons to take the revenge that he wants on Megan by aiming to destroy what she loves the most.............

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Still Deceptive

Submitted: August 16, 2010

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Submitted: August 16, 2010



................... I sat on the pool table and watched as Wes danced round in the space we’d cleared Holding Keyshia as close to him as the baby belly would allow the snow was falling gently outside making it seem like the perfect winter wonderland and the perfect time and place for a wedding like mine 5 months earlier, before all hell broke loose.
The bullet wounds in my side were fading but left a permanent reminder of when I was Megan Smith and when I was having to be come I hated just to get my family to climb a social ladder, and when it all went wrong the world I knew Imploded the only constant was Quinn. The man that I could be the real me with, the man that wanted to protect me to the point of marrying me so he could accomplish it. A year ago I had parents and a brother now I have a brother away at school, My Dad blew his brains out in his car and a Mom that now bounced from toy boy to toy boy. But the best part of the sadness was I got a brand new family with Quinn and his two brothers and their girlfriends, well today was Wes and Keyshia’s wedding with only days away from the due date of the baby they were having.
“I hope To god Max pulls his thumb from his ass and gets the hint that both his kid brothers are married” Dannie sighed sitting next to me on the pool table.
“Feeling left out?” I giggled nudging her.
“I’m the only one not an Ellis” she pouted
“I’m sure he’ll get the hint soon enough” I smiled “Talking of Max where did he and Quinn go?”
“They’re tying a crap load of cans to the back of Keyshia’s car. It was a sweet thing you did getting them the suite in that hotel for a few nights.
“Yeah well the perks of what my Dad left behind” I rubbed my side.
“You doing okay” her face full of concern
“Yeah it just aches a little… from being in heels all day” I got off the pool table and walked over to the door and looked out at Quinn and Max crouching down by the back of Keyshia’s car with a heap of empty cans. Quinn stood up and high fived his brother both of this covered in a light glistening layer of snow, I felt my stomach knot up at the sight of him. He caught my eye and winked at me the smile lighting up his face with the dimples deep on his cheeks as they hurried back toward the bar I held open the door as Max stamped the snow from his shoes.
“Thanks Sis” he beamed
“You’re welcome”
“Feel these” Quinn grabbed me and slid his hands into the back of my dress making me yelp and him laugh.
“Hey no fair” I complained
“Well when I have a hot wife” he kissed my neck the icy chill of his lips felt good against my hot skin.
“Oh jeez will you two get a room you’ve been married for 6 months” Wes called over ‘We thought you’d have calmed down”
“Yeah right like you two haven’t done it in every room in the bar” Quinn smiled… including our room” he pulled a face.
“Well it was there or the McLaren” Wes put his arm round my shoulders I glared at him
“Use our bed anytime” I smiled “Desecrate the McLaren and that will be the only kid” I put my hand on Keyshia bump “You’ll ever have” everyone started to laugh
“We did” Quinn whispered in my ear.
“It’s my car” I grinned and once was enough there’s not enough room to get…”
“Okay I don’t think we need to know anymore” Keyshia moaned ‘I want to go put my feet up and have him all to myself for a few days” She hugged me “thank you for helping make this a perfect wedding”
“Hey you guys postponed it because of me and what happened it was the least I could do” I smiled as Quinn hugged his Brother.
“Wouldn’t have been the same if you weren’t here” Wes laughed pulling me in to a bear hug lifting me off the floor.
“Okay but don’t kill me now” I moaned, We watched as they said good bye to all the people in the bar and walked out the sound of the cans dragging behind the car rattling.
“Hey Megs Phone” Dannie called from behind the bar. I moved away from Quinn and took the phone
Me * hello
Shawn * hey Sis.
ME * do you know how many messages I’ve left you?
Shawn * I was busy
Me * with all the new college buddies” how old are you?
Shawn * Aww don’t be like that
Me * are you drunk?
Shawn * something like that?
Me * oh jeez what did you do.
Shawn * she doesn’t love me…
Me * you’re not making sense Shawn
Shawn * Bree came to visit me and she dumped me
Me * Why?
Shawn * I don’t know she was a bitch about it
Me * hey don’t call her that she loved you, there’s no way she’d dump you for no good reason
Shawn * trust you to be on her side you have no idea do you
Me * idea about what
Shawn * how tough it is to deal with life
Me * excuse me we’ve been through the same things.
Shawn * oh whatever… go back to you cozy life… I’m done…
Me * what?
Shawn * I lost my family, I lost my girl, I got shot
Me * I’m not in the mood to deal with you like this pull yourself up and stop being a jerk
Shawn * I’m a jerk now… your boyfriend was the one to knock up a girl and make her kill herself, and then he didn’t even look after his little sister and look she ended up dead in the middle of the field
Me * okay three things… one he’s my husband, two you know the truth behind that and three don’t you ever call him out for that because you didn’t exactly look after your little sister did you.
I hung up and put my hands on the bar taking deep breaths before I realized just how quiet things had become I looked round everyone was looking at me. Quinn came over and laced his fingers with mine he looked at the door that lead up to the house above, I just nodded.
My life was good for a while then the crap gets kicked back up again………………………

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