Summer at last

Summer at last

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



A whole summer stretches out in front of Mandy and her friends but it was going to be a whole different Kind when a Stranger shows up and he best friend admits something
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A whole summer stretches out in front of Mandy and her friends but it was going to be a whole different Kind when a Stranger shows up and he best friend admits something

Chapter1 (v.1) - Summer at last

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A whole summer stretches out in front of Mandy and her friends but it was going to be a whole different Kind when a Stranger shows up

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 18, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 18, 2009



…………….. Finally the end of junior year, the whole summer was
stretching out in front of us I was walking to my car.

“Hey sexy” I looked round as a tall guy ran across the parking toward
me his face full of mischief “You we’re bailing on us weren’t you”. He
stood in front of my car door so I couldn’t get in. “you forgot”.

“No I was just putting my things away that’s all” I laughed trying to
push him out of the way without much luck “Oh it’s too hot to fight
with you” I grinned giving up.

“We’re waiting on just you and Channing” He grinned his grey eyes
pleading with me. “Talking of her where is she”.

“I’m here I got stuck talking to the squeaky one” she groaned opening
her car door and throwing her bag inside.

“Ha sucks for you” I laughed waging my finger at her.

“Yeah , if I’d known that being Girls soccer captain, meant being
trailed by a freshman who’s voice hurts my ears, I’d have broken my
leg” Channing groaned sitting on the hood of the car and putting on
her soccer boots. She looked at me.

“Okay where are your boots” she asked pulling off her t-shirt so she
was stood in shorts and tank. “OMG you were going flake out” I sighed.

“Okay I was sneaking off” I shrugged.

“Where were you going” She asked with her hands on her hips. I looked
away and pouted. “I thought you’d dumped his ass”.

“You were going to go see Tony” Luke moaned. “I don’t hit girls but”
he clipped me round the back of the head.

“Ow, I thought you didn’t hit girls” I said chasing him round me car.

‘Technically that was a Gibbs slap and it doesn’t count” he laughed
“and you deserved it”.

“I wasn’t going to see him as such” I smirked. “I‘ve got some of his
things” I opened the trunk of the car and opened the box.

“Were those clothes” Luke asked peering in the box and lifting out
strips of fabric, Channing came over.

“OMG you shredded everything” she giggled.

“I also had a little fun on photo shop and there are a few photos of
him should we say making himself happy floating round on facebook” I
laughed rubbing my hands together.

“Remind me not to pis*s you off” Luke laughed and closed the trunk on
the car. “So what were you doing with these then”.

“I was going to take them to his house and dump them on his front
lawn” I shrugged “I was going to put them on his car and tip paint
over the top but I don’t want to be done for criminal damage”.

“Okay how long will it take you to get there and back” Channing asked.
I looked at my watch.

“I’ll be back by 4” I said.

“Fine we’ll be waiting for you” She said.

“You want me to come with you” Luke asked.

“I’ll be good” I got in my car and drove away, Channing looked at Luke.

“I swear your cousin gets worse” she laughed, he nodded.

“Lets’ go to the field the others are up there” he said as she
locked her car………………………….

I pulled up outside what you’d only describe as a frat house beer cans
littered the front porch the music was blaring through the open
windows, I opened the trunk and pulled out the box.

“Hey Mandy you’re back” a guy said walking out of the front door. “You
want me to go get Tony”

“I don’t really care” I shouted back to him “I’ve just got some of his
things that’s all Kevin” I shrugged, he disappeared inside. I pushed
open the gate and turned the box upside down letting the scrapes of
fabric and other things like C.D.s fall out on to the grass. I heard
the screen door bang open and guys laughing.

“Mandy WTF” I looked round Tony was standing on the steps of the porch
clutching a sheet round his waist.

“I found some of you shit when I was sorting some things out” I said
“I thought you might like them back but unfortunately I had a slight
run in with a shredder so I don’t think the C.D.s are going to work
and the clothes might need a needle and thread”. A girl came through
the door wearing what I knew was one of Tony’s t-shirts. “Oh look nice
to know you still knocking boots with the same tramp that you cheated
on me with”. Turned and walked away only stopping to turn on the
sprinkler so everything was soaked. I got in my car and headed back to
school. I pulled into the parking lot and reached to grab my soccer
boots from behind my seat. I looked round to see if there was anyone
around before I pulled off my jeans and quickly pulled on some shorts.

“Wow I didn’t know the school doesn’t have a girls locker room” I
jumped and spun round tripping over one of my laces and ending up in a
heap on the floor. I looked up in to bright blue eye and a sweet half
grin. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to surprise you” and hand was held out
to me, I took it and was quickly pulled to my feet.

“I thought the parking lot was empty” I said putting my hand up to my
eyes to shield them from the sun he was cute I was level with his
shoulder his brown hair blowing in the warm early summer breeze. “And
I was late for the scrimmage” I shrugged “that’s why I got changed
here” Why the hell was I spouting like a leaking pipe to a total
stranger. I knelt down and tied my boot why was he still standing

“Hey you said 4 for it’s now 4.20” Luke yelled walking over. “You’re
in goal” I groaned and stuck my tongue out. Luke looked at the
stranger and smiled “Now I see” I stood up and grabbed Luke by the

“You won’t see anything in a minute when I poke you in the eyes” I
hissed dragging him toward the field.

“Who is he” Luke asked looking round.

“I have no idea” I said slowing down and letting go of Luke. “I was
just putting my shorts on and he scared the cr*ap out of me”

“What was he doing in the girls’ locker room” Luke laughed. I looked
at him “Oh you got changed in the parking lot” I nodded “so you
flashed him basically”.

“I didn’t think anyone was around” I groaned.

“Finally she’s made it” Ryan yelled from the bleachers where everyone
was sitting, I gave him the finger as he threw a set of gloves at me.

“She was flirting with a guy in the parking lot” Luke shouted as I
passed a soccer ball I turned round and kicked it smacking him in the
back of the head

“Hey what was that for” Luke asked picking himself off the floor and
rubbing the back of his head.

“For being a Jerk” I laughed “Now are you guys actually going to play
or what”. We all started to play, I caught the ball that Justin fired
at me stumbling backwards and ending up sitting down with a thump, I
curled into a ball as Luke flew over the top of me and rolled in the
back of the net.

“He can we count him as a goal” Channing shouted.

“Only if you can pick him up and throw him” I yelled back getting up
and putting out my hand to pull him up.

“Hey now throwing of the hottest guy in school” He laughed.

“Think a lot of yourself” Channing laughed. “Okay guys let’s call it
half time” we all walked over to the bleachers Luke threw me a bottle
of water.

“Who wants to trade with me” I asked “I’m too short to be in goal”.

“I’ll take it” Greg smiled taking the gloves of my lap.

“There’s that guy you flashed” Luke laughed nudging me and nodding in
the direction of school. I leaned back on Ryan’s knees.

“Who’s that” I asked, pointing. He shook his head.

“Pass…..” he was stopped by an ear piercing squeal as Channing flew
off the bench and launched herself toward the stranger. “I think
Channing might know him though” he laughed as we watched him lift her
from the floor and swing her round.

“Well there’s no lip action” I giggled “so it can’t be a secret boyfriend”.

“And we all know her brother” Justin butted in. Greg stood up.

“Come on lets finish the game, I’m in need of food”. The rest of us
went back onto the field except for Channing who was deep in
conversation; she walked over to Greg’s goal and said something to him
before linking arms with the guy and walking away from the field. We
spent about another 20 minutes messing around.

“Same time on Saturday” Luke said to some of the guys as we walked
from the field toward the parking lot.

“Hey Greg why did Channing bail” I asked.

“Oh she said they would meet us at the Chinese tonight” he said
opening his car door.

“They” I questioned he shook his head and started to laugh.

“Why don’t you call her and find out who he is” Luke looked at me.

“He’s right “he smirked. “I’ll come pick you up at 6” I went and got
in my car and drove home to get showered and changed I pulled on my
jeans and a black tank and did my makeup, I grabbed a zip up hoodie
from the back of my door and ran down the stairs, picking up my phone
and sitting down on the couch. Mon walked in through the front door.

“I thought you’d have left for dinner by now” she said forcing a conversation.

“No I’m waiting for Luke” I shrugged hitting speed dial for Channing.

*******Hey I can’t get to the phone I’m having too much fun leave a message *****

Me * okay you moaned about me bailing to go to Tony’s then you find a
really hot guy and ditch us for him without a word, you’d better be
there tonight.

I hung up the phone and sighed; I got up and went into the kitchen.

“What time are you going to be back tonight” Mom asked pouring herself a drink.

“I don’t know” I said “There’s no school so whenever I get in I guess”.

“You might be staying at Tony’s then I take it” she said slopping her
drink over the counter.

“You really don’t pay much attention to my life do you” I shrugged as
the front door opened and Luke walked in. her eyes left the glass and
she smiled at Luke.

“How’s my favorite Nephew” she asked.

“I’m good thanks” he nodded “Mom said why don’t you go round tonight,
Dad’s out of town”. Mom nodded grabbing her keys.

“I think I will” she nodded. “Say hi to Tony for me honey” and she
breezed out of the door.

“Did I miss something” Luke said sitting on a stool.

“No, she’s just being her usual all about me self” I moaned, “Why
can’t I live at your house with the normal side of the family” he
laughed at me. “Come on lets go eat” we walked out and got in his car.
“So she thinks you and Tony are still together”.

“Yep she was even in the room last night when I shredded all his
things and still it goes over her head” I ran my hands through my

‘You Okay” Luke said pulling up at the restaurant, I nodded.

“I’ll survive, I got you guys” I grinned he put his arm round my
shoulder as a few of the others pulled up.

“Did you find out who the mystery guy was Greg” Greg asked as we walked inside.

“No I called her and it went to voice mail” I shrugged. I looked out
of the window as she pulled up in a black truck with the guy from
before. They walked in and came over to us.

“Be fore you all started to moan about me ditching the game this is
Cameron” she grinned, Luke nudged me.

“At least we know he has a name” I nodded.

“Cam this is Justin, Ryan, Greg, Sarah, Meg, Luke and that’s’ Mandy”
Channing said introducing us all to him.

“I met Mandy before” he grinned I looked down and started to laugh “in
the parking lot”. They sat down with us, Ryan looked at Cam.

“So where do you know Channing from” he asked.

“She’s my cousin” Cam smiled “I get to come up here for school from Virginia”.

“So you’re going to be coming to our school” Sarah said making puppy
dog eyes at Cam.

“No I just graduated I’ll be going to college in the fall” He smiled
at her, “and living at Channing’s”. I got up and went to the bathroom;
Channing got up and followed me.

“Are you mad at me for something” she asked.

“No, don’t be silly” I smiled, “Since when do you have a cousin as hot
as him” I giggled.

“You’ve seen the pictures of him in my room” she said redoing her lip
gloss. “He’s the one dressed up like Dracula”.

“Jeez, how can anyone tell he’s hot with all that make up he had on” I
laughed. “I thought you’d got a secret guy”.

“Yeah like I could get away with that with you guys around” she sighed.

“Oh I forgot you had a crush on………” the door opened and Sarah walked in.

“Channing you have to fix me up on a date with Cam he’s making me go
weak at the knees” she giggled, I rolled my eyes. She looked at me
“What you have your own college guy”.

“Not any more I don’t, he was an ass” I shrugged opening the door and
walking back out to the table

I sat back down and started talking to Luke and Justin I looked at
Cameron who was talking with Greg and Meg he turned his head and
smiled at me, I felt myself go red he said something to Greg and got
up and sat in the chair that was next to me that Channing had been sat

“So it’s nice to finally meet you properly” he smiled his eyes
glinting, “With your pants on this time” Luke snorted with laughter I
smacked him round the head.

“Ow” he moaned.

“Gibbs slap doesn’t count” I hissed I looked back at Cam who was
laughing. “Like I told you this afternoon I honestly thought there
wasn’t anyone around” I shrugged holding up my hands as Channing and
Sarah sat back down.

“Oh Come on Mandy that’s cr*ap” Ryan smirked leaning on the table, I
looked at him “You’ve changed more than once in the parking lot”
everyone looked at me.

“You swore you wouldn’t bring that up” I said dying laughing.

“Oh I thought I was just becoming a regular thing that’s all” He
laughed, Luke looked at Channing.

“Do you have any idea what he’s on about” she shook her head.

“Come on you have to tell us the rest of the story” Cam smiled resting
his arm over the back of my chair. I buried my face in my jacket my
shoulders shaking with laughter.

“Okay after homecoming we all had the party in the Barn at Justin’s”
Ryan smiled “I went with Mandy to get some munchies” I groaned.

“Hang on Ryan came back wearing shorts and he left with jeans on” Meg
said. I poked my head from under my jacket.

“How the hell do you remember things like that” I asked, she shrugged.

“Photo memory, I guess” she grinned. “You two didn’t….” I buried my
face under Luke’s arm as Ryan went red.

“No …well… no” he stuttered. “We went in the store and Mandy caught
the pocket of her jeans on a piece of wood and ripped her as*s out of
her jeans”

“So that’s why you won’t go in there” Channing laughed. I sat back up
Cam was still smirking at me. Ryan looked at me.

“You might as well finish the story” I sighed wiping the tears from my
eyes “and I don’t think I can be any more embarrassed”.

“Mandy flashed almost everyone in the store, so I had to walk so close
behind her she should have stood on my feet, to try to cover up her
a*ss and pink thong”.

‘Okay I think I’ve just become more embarrassed” I sighed. Everyone
was now in stitches.

“Okay so we make it out to the car the only spare things I have is my
soccer stuff which is too big for Mandy” Ryan grinned “so I gave her
my jeans because they had a belt with them” he nodded.

“So you both stripped down to your underwear in the middle of the
stores’ parking lot” Greg laughed.

“Pretty much” Ryan sighed. Cam looked at me.

“I think I see a pattern starting” he said narrowing his baby blues at me.

“Okay I’ve done it twice” I admitted. “But that’s it” I started to
laugh. I saw Sarah was resting her hand on the inside of Cam’s thigh,
I looked away.

“Okay talking of the night we we’re all in the barn” Justin smiled,
“You guys want to head over there now you can all crash if you want”.

“Fine as long as someone else goes to the store” I smiled standing up
Cam was still looking at me even though Sarah was trying to get his

“We’ll go to the store” Greg said taking Meg by the hand as we went
out to the parking lot, I grabbed Ryan and pulled him to one side.

“Thanks I thought you we’re a friend” I smiled.

“Oh come on the story is hysterical” He shrugged. Channing tugged my jacket.

“If you guys basically raced out of the store why did it take you 2
hours” She asked. I looked at Ryan and he looked at me.

“We’ll meet you at Justin’s” I said quickly jumping into Luke’s truck
and closing the door Luke got in.

“Well I think I just learned more about you in the past hour than I
needed to know” He smirked. I slid down in the seat and let out a

“Yeah more than I needed you to know as well” I said.

“Did you see Sarah was all over Cameron” Luke said changing the
subject, I nodded.

“They’d look cute together” I shrugged looking out of the window.

“The way you were looking at him I half expected you to make a move” Luke said.

“I think I’ve had it with college guys after the last one” I sighed.
“And you make it sound like I’m always with a guy”.

“You are” he smirked. “You just have way more guy friends then girls”.

“Nice job covering your comment” I smiled as we pulled up outside the
barn that Justin’s parents had converted in to a place for us all to
hang out. We went inside Justin turned on the music and brought out
the controllers for the Wii as Channing and Cam came in. I walked over
to the fridge and grabbed a soda.

“Er.. not like you to skip out when I ask about a guy” Channing
whispered taking the soda from me.

“It was nothing I swear, and it was like 8 month ago” I shrugged.

“Yeah but you and Ryan” she said wrinkling her nose “He’s been one of
your best friends like forever”.

“I know that’s why nothing came of it” I said grabbing, her hand and
pulling her outside. “And that’s why we are still friends, it was a
big mistake that happened we both agree on that” the door opened and
Ryan put his head out

“Mandy it’s your turn, on the Wii” he looked from me to Channing.
“Oooo this looks intense” he turned to go back inside.

“Ryan” I said he turned round and looked at me. “Homecoming night what was it”.

“A mistake” he said “why”.

“I’m trying to explain that here, after you opened the whole tin of
worms” I hissed..

“Sorry” he sighed, he looked at Channing “we both got a bit carried
away, that’s all, it could have spoilt our friendship but it didn’t”
he walked inside and closed the door.

“Well I guess that told me” Channing smiled “you could have told me though”.

“I know” I smiled hugging her, we walked back inside.

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