Triple trouble.

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Alex was born in England,with two brothers, Now starting a new school in Wisconsin for Junior year, making new friends and dealing with old crap.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Triple trouble.

Submitted: March 25, 2009

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Submitted: March 25, 2009



“AREN’T YOU READY YET”. My brother yelled through my bedroom door. “WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE”. I sighed and looked at my reflection in the mirror my hair was slightly curly and for once had done what I wanted it to I nodded and put on some lip gloss. “ARE YOU DEAF”. I grabbed my back pack and wrenched open my door he stumbled in.
“Shut up yelling jerk” I snapped pushing past him and walking down stairs.
“For once I’d just love not to have you yelling in the morning” Mom said opening another box and pulling out more things to unpack. “Your dad and brother left already, and you two are going to be late”.
“Tell Alex” Nick moaned. “She took forever because she’s still sulking about the move”. I slapped him round the back of his head. “Ow” he grabbed me in a head lock. Mom slammed down a tray she had in her hand which made us both jump.
“Will you both just knock it off”. She snapped “Alexandra will you just get used to the fact we’re here. Now get to school and leave me in peace”. Nick grabbed the keys to the truck and we both walked out.
“You know sometimes I can’t stand you” I hissed at Nick as we pulled out of the driveway, he just looked at me and laughed.
“Look we all wanted to stay where we were, but Dad couldn’t turn down the chance to be A.D. here”. Nick shrugged; I looked out of the window.
“I know, but I thought we were done moving when we went from England to Florida, just settle there for 3 years then move 1500 miles north away from yet more friends”. I sighed; Nick pulled into a parking space and looked at me.
“You ready for this”. He asked, I grabbed my bag and nodded we both got out, a few people looked at us but then carried on doing what they were doing. Nick nudged me. “It looks like Dad is eager to get us into school”. I looked over to the doors to see him standing waiting, I took a deep breath and we walked over to him.
“You almost late” he said opening the door for us to walk in.
“Where’s Chris” Nick asked looking around,
“Already in his homeroom” Dad said.
“Typical” I muttered Dad just looked at me, as he opened the door to the principal's office.

A tall thin woman got up from behind the desk as we walked in and smiled at us. “So this must be Nicholas and Alexandra”. She said shaking both of our hands we had both cringed when she had used our full names. “I was a little surprised when you weren’t here with your brother” she smiled as she pushed her glasses up her nose she turned to her desk and picked up the phone. “Yes Sandy could you page Miss. Green and Mr. Lewis please”. She hung up the phone and turned back to us. “Your parents said you’re used to being separated so that’s what we’ve done for the most part. Here are your schedules.” she handed us each a book. “Nick you’re quite the athlete from what your Dad and your records say” Nick started to grin from ear to ear.
“Yes Ma’am. Dad said there is a god hockey team here I can’t wait to tryout”. He beamed. Sport was Nick’s life and always had been. The principal picked up my file from her desk and then looked at me.
“Your grades are excellent, and I see you we’re also co-captain of your J.V. soccer team” I nodded. “Unfortunately the girl’s soccer programme doesn’t start again until the beginning of March, but I’m sure you’ll still be an asset”. She said.
“Thank you” I smiled. I glanced across at Dad, he was smiling and nodding I knew her was proud of all of us. I sighed, he’d worked so hard to get this job his dream job being back at his old high school, via teaching Jobs in England then working for a Central Florida College as their assistant soccer coach, then the Athletic Directors job opened up here and that was it me moved up to Wisconsin.

He’d left the US after college and gone traveling around Europe, where he had met Mom, she took him back to England to meet her family and he just sort of stayed and they had got married after only 3 months, 18 months after that we we’re born actually Chris, Nick then me all within 13 minutes of each other. Yes we’re triplets, we all used to be very close until high school Chris was never into sport he took more after Mom and was the book worm with straight A’s in everything. Nick and I did sports (him more than me) so Chris seemed to pull away from us, I mean we still love him but he never wanted to do anything with us anymore. My thoughts were interrupted by the door knocking.
“Come in” The Principal called out, the door opened and a girl in a cheer uniform walked in talking to the guy who had opened the door for her he followed her in.
“Cute” Nick said under his breath, I looked at him he smiled and shrugged.


“Ahhh Sam, James. This is Nick and Alex, they’re staring here today and I want you to show them around”. The principal smiled.
“Sam you and Alex have a lot of the same classes as do you and Nick” she said looking at James. Sam and James looked at each other then looked at me and Nick.
“Follow us then” Sam smiled as she opened the door into the hallway. She linked my arm as we want to find our lockers. “Don’t look so nervous”. She grinned. “We’re all pretty laid back really”. She pulled the band from her hair so it fell around her shoulders. I heard Nick sigh he had this thing for girls that were under 5.6 and blonde and Sam definatly fitted the bill, I smiled and shook my head. James was standing by an open locker.
“This one is yours” he said smiling at me “Nick yours is two down”. Nick opened his locker. “So where did you move from” he said leaning in between the two lockers
“Just form Florida”. I said
“But originally from England” Nick said finishing my sentence, and walking over to a trophy case opposite the lockers. “Oh no”. He laughed. “Alex come see this”. I walked over to him followed by James and Sam.
“Look” he said pointing at a photo. I looked closely at it.
“OMG. Look at his hair” I laughed.
“Who are we looking at” Sam said looking at the picture. Nick put his hand on her shoulder and pointed, I saw her blush.
“The guy on the back row third from the left” Nick smiled.
“Hey that guy is a legend in this school for sports” James said getting a little defensive. “He’s supposed to be our new A.D.”
“Oh he is your new A.D. alright”. I said straightening up and going back to my locker. “He also happens to be our Dad”
“You’re kidding” James said looking from me to Nick. “Jeez you know I think my mom used to have a crush on him, they we’re in the same year here”. We all started to laugh.

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