Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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The fourth installment of the Accent stories... With Arron locked up and her mother quiet for now will Chris's life become normal, well as normal as it can be being the lead singer in a rock band or will others try to ruin everything she's worked for and loves............

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Uncovered Accent

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



……………  I smiled as I linked Kerions arm he chewed his lip nervously, and rubbed his neck people were moving round looking but not looking at us, if that makes any sense what would a rock band be doing on a parade ground on a marine base after all. The heat was oppressive as if a storm was about to blow in, as we stood there standing out a little from the crowd


“We should go” he swallowed looking at me


“Is he still whining?” Pete laughed walking over with Danny.


“I’m not whining” Kerion groaned “I’m…”


“Looking as green as you do before we go in stage” Alfie shook his head “and  why are we all here with you?”


“Because you love me” Kerion grinned “and I need the support”


“Well maybe if you’d been upfront and told the girl who you were it wouldn’t be happening like this she’s a damn Marine at the end of the day we tend to handle strange shit” Danny was on edge “Do you know how many calls I’ve had from Lukas about you guys” He’d wanted Corey with him as well, But Corey had, had to go with Nickelback.


“Jeez is the heat getting to all of you” I shook my head “You guys go back to the hotel I’ll stay here with Kerion”


“Hell no we want to see the hot nurse” Pete laughed as Kerion shot him a look “What?”


“She’ll dump my ass I know it” Kerion groaned letting go of my arm and crouching down


“Oh my god you’re a rock star why would she dump you without getting you into bed” Danny added with a laugh his eyes still sweeping the area


‘Hey not helping” I swatted him as Alfie pulled Kerion back to his feet


“Well we’re getting a few stares” Danny shrugged “even on a damn Marine base and one I was stationed at for that matter it makes me nervous” I hugged him, Our two main security guards were former Marines and both tough as nails


“Well I’m going to make you a little more nervous I’m going over there I just saw someone I know” I looked at Kerion “You breathe I’ll be back before your girl is here” I walked away


“Oh She’s is going to be the death of me” Danny groaned shaking his head as I walked through the crowd of people


“You can see her from here she’ll be fine” Pete watched me walk over and hug a girl “Isn’t that the girl Chris met in the airport when we went to Japan”


“Oh yeah…. the one that was banging the ass off of her boss” Kerion stood on his tip toes to watch “Wonder what she’s doing here?”.............



……….. It felt good to walk away from the guys even for a few minutes. I love them to death but I’d been without any of the girls round me for almost a week and it was hard. Heidi was in Canada working with Mike’s wife in planning Chad and my wedding and Mir was already in Prague getting things ready for the following part of the tour with the rest of the crew. Chad and the other guys had been on a press junket in Chicago and had been gone for four days and it was horrible sleeping alone I wasn’t used to it. I put my smile on my face as I stopped beside the person I knew.


“You know you do have an awesome taste in shoes” I laughed as she “and I get to say that without my husband making fun of me” she lifted her sunglasses and looked at me

“Chris” She smiled a look of sheer surprise on her face.

“Well you’re the last person I expected to see here” I laughed hugging her

“Well I could say the same thing about you” Blue grinned “You playing here?”

“No I have a band mate that his no backbone where women are concerned” I looked over my shoulder to where Kerion was talking to Danny and a Marine “He’s be dating a girl online for a while using his middle name and she gets back from deployment later today so I’m here for back up apparently” I moved my hat back on my head “So how come you’re here?” Blue pointed to where three Marines were walking toward us their faces solemn as they talked between themselves

“My big brother’s deploying” she sighed her words beginning to choke

“Oh I’m so sorry” I looked at her and felt for her “I know it’s hard when they go I have a friend whose brother is a Marine”

“Hey would you mind doing something for me?” she chewed her lip a little

“Sure as long as you do something for me as well” I took a deep breath.

“Deal” she nodded I  looked behind her to see a girl looking at me like I’d got three heads and an ass the size of Wisconsin

“Do you know her?” I asked Blue quietly

“Yeah that’s Orlando’s little sister her boyfriend is in my brothers platoon” Blue started to laugh “Okay I need you to go up to my brother and hug him…” she hesitated like she’d asked me to kill someone “If that’s okay… he’s got the hugest thing for you and he’s jealous of Chad, and that Orlando and I have met you”

“No problem any chance to hug a Marine you have to take it” I nodded with a smile remembering the times on the two USO tours we’d done the looks on the faces of the guys that for a minute didn’t have to think they were in the warzones “which one is he?”

“The one in the middle of the three heading this way…” she nodded to the taller of the three guys his shoulders alone huge how the hell did they get a uniform to fit him.

“Okay” I winked at blue and walked toward them I put my arms round his neck stopping him in his dead in his boots “You’d better come home safe Marine, you’re sister will kill you if you don’t” I planted a kiss on his cheek. He suddenly realized who I was and turned beet red. “Er Blue” I looked round at her “I think I shocked him” She laughed as I walked over the Marines he was with who both looked as shocked as he did and hugged them as well.

“You’re… I mean you… oh god” Blue’s brother choked rubbing his hand over his jaw as he looked at me

“Hey Marine I’ll try to squeeze the USO to get us out to you guys again” I stepped back from him “And I’ll need to make sure Chad’s up for it again and the guys” I stopped saying what I was saying as I thought about it “Hell I know they will be”

“It’s Christine… Christine Kroeger” One of his friends spluttered “In the flesh” he looked me up and down “Oh damn Blue… you weren’t kidding when you said you knew her”

“No I wasn’t” She smiled at them

“Hey I’m giving Blue and Orlando some business” I laughed “and you can’t go wrong when the girl loves hot shoes” I winked at Blue me

“Chris” Danny walked over looking flustered “We need to go”

“Okay Danny, Blue the job is there any chance of getting out to see it sometime soon?”

“I should think so” She  nodded “Er… let me call you when I get back from Japan”

“Heading back there are you with the hot assed boss” I grinned

“Yes the deal should be totally finished by the end of the week” she blushed

“Awesome…” I knew they were just starting out on their own as a company which is why they were working on a little something for me “if you could just call me not Chad or the house okay”

“No problem” She hugged me I stepped back as Danny put his hand on my back

“Okay Marines thank you for all you do and please be safe” I hugged them all again before walking away with Danny.

“You know those are going to be some happy Marines in a few days after you did that” Danny said as he moved me through the crowd.

“Least I can for them” I shrugged “How’s Lover boy doing?”

“I think he’s going to need therapy after this” Danny laughed as Kerions color drained from his face as a fleet of white buses pulled up and Marines started to get off of them “Does he even know what she looks like?” I started to laugh as I moved to stand next to one of my best friends I put my arm round his waist and hugged him.

“I want to throw up” he groaned

“No you want to find your girl and kiss her like she’s never been kissed” I sighed “Kiss her like she’s the only person for 10  miles believe me it makes you feel like a million dollars” He looked at me and tipped his head.

“So that’s the look you get after Chad kisses you” I nodded “Damn well if that’s what it is then I’ll do my best” I moved my arm as my phone beeped.


*New Message*Chad*It’s raining I’m cold and damn this interview is norning the ass off of me… I love you Mrs. K* 2.15pm

I smiled as started to send one back but my phone beeped again

*New Message*Chad*we’re waiting for the update on Kerion and the naughty Nurse* 2.15pm

I laughed and held my phone out to Kerion.

“Oh your husband is a riot” he groaned. I stepped back and started to type

*98 in the shade here but missing you baby, I’ll call in a few… I love you Mr. Kroeger*2.17pm

I pushed my phone into my pocket and watched as Kerion talk his first steps toward the nurse of his dreams………


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