Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - My Choice

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



..........  Chad’s arms wrapped round me his head resting against mine. I laid my head on his chest and listened to the steady beat of his heart.


“So glad you’re back” he pressed his lips against my hair.


“Me too… So do you know who the girl is that Lukas has been doing?” I looked up at him


‘Nope and we’ve tried to find out but he’s a sneaky son of a bitch” Chad laughed “So what did Mir want” he watched as I got out of bed and put on his t-shirt. “Chris?”


“We need to talk” I sat on the end of the bed


“Oh okay now you’re scaring me” he moved the sheet just covering him from the waist down.


“Okay I don’t know which one is worse so” I took a deep breath and got up and going over to my purse I came back with the book.  Chad was pulling on his jeans “I got this yesterday delivered to the hotel in North Carolina” I held it out to him He frowned and took it.


“Married, Ungrateful Rock Star” He looked from me to the book and back again “You have to be fucking kidding me” He blew by me and off the tour bus still minus his shirt I took off after him


“Chad” I shouted after hi as I dodged a packing case he stopped and looked at me


“Where the fuck’s Lukas”


“He went back to the hotel” I grabbed his arm “Chad”


‘This is why we… you had the damn meeting in Seattle… this is why we stopped the fucking movie”


“Okay lose the tone with me right now it’s not my fault” I dropped my hand from his arm “Calm down” He took a deep breath “Fuck if you’re like this now what the hell will you be like when you find out Dimitri Carpov is on his way here apparently”


“WHAT” He braced his hands either side of my head “WHY WOULD THAT FUCKING RUSSIAN SHOW HIS…” I poked him in the chest


‘I said lose the tone Chad” I looked up at him damn this is when I needed heels


“I’m sorry” He dropped the book onto the top of a box and pulled me to him resting his chin on top of my head “Let me grab a shirt and you go get your jeans on and we need to get this sorted out” he stepped back I turned away from him “Chris” I looked over my shoulder “I’m sorry for yelling” He caught my hand “I scared you?” I gave a slight nod. “I’m sorry” he murmured again pulling me to him and holding me.


“I’m not scared of you” I sighed “I’m scared you’ll be done with the shit at some point and then where am I left” I pressed my lips to his chest


“Don’t” he held the top of my arms and looked at me “don’t even think like that” He kissed me “Lets go find Lukas” He linked his fingers with me and we both walked back to the tour bus and dressed. A few minutes later the door knocked and Corey got on


“Car’s here” he looked at the two of us


“Thanks” I smiled at him as I got off the bus Chad following close behind we got in the car Corey got in the front with the driver Chad reached for my hand and played with my engagement ring as we sped through the streets.


“Why would he come back” Chad sighed taking a deep breath and looking at me


“I don’t know he called Mir and asked if I was around”


“Miranda told him to come”


“No she’s never do that” I shook my head “And knowing Mir she’d have given him a few choice words” I moved closer to Chad letting him slip his arm round my shoulders “Xander called me yesterday to give me gossip”


“Oh yeah”


“Yep Reba had the baby” I looked at him


‘And I take it Dimitri is still running from his responsibilities”


“he has none”


“he does… he’s got a kid now” Chad frowned


“Well according to the birth certificate the Father of the child is Alexi Carpov”


“That’s… Holy Crap” he started to smile “That’s Elena’s husband’s name” I nodded


“Dimitri’s Dad”


“WOW” he rubbed his hand over his jaw “that’s a fucked up mess”


“You can say that again” the car stopped and Corey opened the door for us I got out Chad taking my hand as we went into the lobby Lukas was talking with Alfie at the front desk.


“Hey Lukas we need to talk” Chad said stopping by him


“Sure” Lukas nodded lets go to the bar


“That sounds like one hell of a good idea” I nodded Alfie frowned at me


“You okay?”


“We’re good you guys talk to Mir?” He walked with us into the bar


“Oh yeah” he nodded “We’re heading out to dinner you guys have plans?” he looked at Chad


“No not yet” He shook his head


“Okay See you guys later then” Alfie turned and walked away as Lukas handed us both a drink


“So what’s up… oh you didn’t screw up the suspension on the bus again did you” he stopped with his drink half way to his mouth as we sat down “That costs a…” he stopped talking as I dropped the book on the table in front of him


“Chris got this yesterday” Chad’s voice was low, he put one hand on my leg and squeezed it gently “What the fuck Lukas I thought this shit had been stopped” Mike and Ryan walked into the bar and came over


“Feel better now the tensions’ released” Ryan Laughed rubbing Chad’s shoulders


“I did till this” he pointed to the book as Mike sat next to me and turned the book to face him


“Oh she didn’t’”


“Oh she did” I nodded


“She can’t unless she sends any of the Stephanie Sanders books to our lawyers first” Lukas frowned picking it up


“Well she has and look at the damn title, everyone knows who it’s going to be based on” Chad sank his drink and signaled for another to the barman.


“Let me put a call into the lawyers” He got up and took the book “Chris we will get this sorted out I promise you”


“To be honest Lukas I’m starting not to care” the four of them looked at me “Someone told me that you have to get a thick skin doing this” I put my hand over Chad’s on my leg “People are going to make up their own minds about what they want so let her get on with it she knows nothing about the relationship I have with Chad or with either of the bands so everything she’s writing now is all from her imagination. She can’t get my diary now”


“So what do you want me to do?” Lukas lent on the table


‘Read it and if she says something against Chad or any of the guys sue the fucking ass of her” I picked up my drink and sank it “I know I’m not Stephanie you guys know I’m not and I’ve just realized that’s the only thing that matters”


“Damn you got tough” Mike laughed


“No I’m tired of being used and abused Mike” I shrugged “Chad and I got into it over it and I’m sorry I love him way more than I love her I know I’m not going to let her win” I kissed his cheek “I’m going to go shower”


“Hey wait for me Mrs. Kroeger” Chad got up quickly “You’re not showering alone you never know when you can’t reach that one spot on your back” He pushed his thumb into the loop at the back of my jeans.


“Hey dinner tonight” Ryan called out


“Sure we’ll be down by eight” Chad called back as Lukas still looked taken aback “Call the others and we’ll hit a club and go out till dawn”


“Who said I’ll let you out of the bedroom” I smiled putting my arm round Chad’s waist


“Well they can go without us if that’s the case” he laughed hitting the call button on the elevator “You sure about your Mom”


“More than sure I have you as my family I do not need her or consider her related to me anymore” I kissed him. One problem down I had a feeling the Dimitri one wasn’t going to be as easy…………………

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