Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - A gift

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



……………….. “You’re so not wearing underwear” Chad laughed sliding his arms round my waist as I finished my lipstick in the mirror, I smiled at him and winked “Do you have any idea what that does to me?”


“Oh yeah” I laughed “Why do you think I do it” he kissed my shoulder as his right hand played with the charm in my belly button. “I have to watch women leering and pawing you” He shook his head and smiled at me through the mirror


“Cuts both ways baby” he kissed my shoulder again “And it sucks”


“You insecure?” I lifted and eyebrow at him


“We need to get going before they bang the door down or I take down these pants and take you here and Now” he nipped at my neck I pushed back against him closing my eyes. The door of the suite knocked “God damn timing” he moaned I started to laugh.


“I’ll get the door you” I looked him up and down “Take a minute” I trialed my nails across the front of his jeans making him catch his breath as I stepped round him and out of the bathroom.I opened the door of the room


“it’s 8.30” Dan was leaning on the door frame “I heard something about going out till dawn”


“We’re coming” Chad called from behind me as he grabbed his jacket and my purse handing it to me “You couldn’t have waited another half and hour” He pulled the door closed behind us


“Sorry I drew the short straw to come get your asses not my fault” Dan held up his hands as he walked down the hall to the elevator. Chad’s hand was warm and comforting in the small of my back “Hey Chris Mike told me about your mom doing another book”


“It’s okay” I shrugged as the three of us got in the elevator ‘I’m getting to the point where she really can’t top hurting me the way she did just by being with Arron after everything he did”


“Yeah well I hope she falls under a bus” Dan sighed “Oh I have a gift for you” I looked at him and then at Chad who just smiled a knowing smile


“For me?” I frowned “If it’s anything like the last gift you can keep it” Chad and Dan both started to laugh


“What I know he licked off the cream so it wasn’t all that bad” Dan laughed “and you have to admit opening a box and getting sprayed with whipped cream was a classic”


“Hmmm” I swatted him


“Chris this gifts a good one not a joke one” Chad grinned “I wouldn’t let you get dressed up and looking as hot as you do right now for him to cover you in something sticky”


“WHOA HEY” Dan pulled a face “Dude think before you speak that’s just so wrong” the doors of the elevator opened


‘Oh my god you get worse” I groaned walking away from both of them toward Danny who was waiting at reception


“Trouble” he smiled


“Oh yeah” I pointed back to where Chad and Dan we’re walking toward us


“Chris I swear to you it’s a perfectly normal good gift” Dan put his arm round my shoulders “Excuse me Chad I’m borrowing your wife” we all walked out to where a huge limo was waiting.


“Oh Finally” Kerion moaned as I got in “You two seriously got at it more than rabbits”


“Bite me” I grinned at him as Chad and Dan got in. Ryan tossed a box to Dan.


“Here” he held it out to me as the door closed and the driver pulled away. “Chris I swear if it’s anything bad you can beat my ass”


“Oh I so hoep it’s the cream again” Alfie laughed


“Dude” Dan looked at Alfie. I tentatively opened the box. ‘See no cream in the face” Chad snorted I shot him a look that made him look out of the window still with a smile on his lips


“And you say I don’t think before I open my mouth” Mir laughed


“We still think you two are related” I smiled at her “Neither of you thinks before you open your mouths” I reached into the box and pulled out a folded piece of paper.




I know you love mine, so here’s one for you to grab all the memories you can

Dan X


 I tipped my head and felt the smile spread across my face as I fetched out a camera the same as he seemed to take everywhere with him


“We’ve talked about how many pictures I take” he smiled “and well you should try to do the same, you get to do awesome things doing what we do this will remind you of the dumb shit we get up to”


“See told you it was a good gift” Chad murmured in my ear


“It’s better than good” I put it down and hugged Dan “You know you can fuck up sometimes but for this you’re awesome thank you”


‘You’re welcome” he sat back and smiled we were all talking and laughing and the guys were trying to give Page a hard time and we’re failing, Miranda’s phone started to ring. She pulled it from her bag and answered it while still talking to Ryan.


“Hello… seriously… no… don’t you even think it… bullshit it’s called fucking Karma you ass… like hell you wanted your cake and eat it and your ego took a fucking nose dive… it’s called trust… you are full of it you really think that was cheating… go fuck yourself” she hung up we were all looking at her I swear you could have heard a pin drop in the car.


“Please tell me that wasn’t Xander” I smiled nervously getting the feeling in the pit of my stomach I knew who it was.


“No” she smiled and calmly put her phone in to her purse.


“Someone bugging you” Mike looked at her and frowned


“Bugging the hell outta me” she nodded “But it’s a night out lets go”


“Mir” Chad put his hand out stopping her getting out of the car


“I’m serious” she looked at him “It’s the first night we’ve all been together in aweek and I sense a lot of Tequila and inhibitions dropped tonight” She moved his hand and got out. Chad looked at me a knowing look in his eye


“I don’t know” I said shaking my head answering the unasked question “But whoever it was got a reaming just so needs to think more than twice about confronting anyone” I got out the car after Mir.


“You know who it was?” Mike looked at Chad


“I have a feeling I know” he nodded “Is it legal to kick a nineteen year olds ass” Chad got out the car following me as we went into the club………………….

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