Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Gotta get me some

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



……………….. The club was packed with people with all of us getting shown to the VIP section with its own bar and small dance floor. Chad pulled me on to his lap as we all went to the couches bottles of Tequlia and Jaeger were laid out on the table. Dan started pouring a round of shots for all of us while the bottles of beer were brought over. Mir was by the bar talking to Ryan and Mike.

“I’m not going to mention it tonight” Chad said as he handed me a shot “Tonight we have fun tomorrow security is increased for you and for Mir” I looked at him “Hear me out” he knocked back the drink and played with the glass “If that as is getting to her to try to get to you I’m not going to let it happen she’s as good as family” He looked over where Ryan was holding out his hand “See intervention right there you know what Ryan’s like about keeping our numbers private” I nodded and knocked back the drink for Dan to refill it. “I love you and he’s not getting near you” Chad kissed me to the point of making my body want to melt.

“Dance” I heard Mir’s Voice “Chad get your tongue from my best friends throat for a minute and let her dance” Chad pulled back and smiled at me

“Go on” he laughed

“Your dancing later” I got up and bent and kissed him again before taking another shot from Dan and knocking it back I ran my tongue over my lips as he watched me walked back from him

“Hey get your brain out of your pants for a minute” Dan laughed handing Chad another shot

“She’s mine Dude” Chad smiled as he knocked glasses with Dan

“Yep” Dan nodded and looked to where we were pulling Page up to dance. Ryan walked over “Did she tell you who was on the phone” Dan looked at him

“The Russian” Ryan nodded “Mind you I wouldn’t like to get on the bad side of Miranda she’s a damn spitfire” he laughed as they all took another shot and picked up beers.

“Okay enough talk about my wife’s fuck up of an ex” Chad stretched “Let’s just blow off steam sleep all day tomorrow and kick ass on stage” the four of them all knocked bottles together.

The shots were defiantly helping keep the jet lag and the stress at bay, time to cut lose.

“Dare time” Mir grinned at me I lifted my glass and knocked it together with hers “And I think the newbie has to go first” Page looked at the two of us

‘I have to do what?”

‘Dare time” I grinned “it used to be truth or dare but we kinda know each other to well so it’s just dumb dares”

“Hell the guys got Mike to bleach his hair a few months ago” Mir held out her hands

“Fine” Page sank another shot “what do I have to do?” I looked round and smiled I ran off the dance floor and grabbed Kerions hand

‘I’m so not dancing Chris” He protested as Alfie grabbed the beer from his hand

“You’re not dancing take off your shirt”

“LIKE HELL” He got wide eyed

“Page help us get his shirt off” I looked at her

“What are you guys doing?’ Chad was laughing

“Starting off tonight’s round of Dare with the Newbie” Mir laughed picking up the tequila bottle “Easing her in gently.”

“As long as we’re not dying hair again” Mike groaned

“Nope” I shook my head as we finally got Kerions shirt off I patted the bar


“She’s doing a body shot off you that’s all” I shrugged Kerion looked at Page who licked her lips at him.

“Okay” he hopped on the bar and lay down

“Hey when did you get a six pack?” Mir laughed poking Kerions shoulder as Chad and Mike helped a bright red Page up onto the bar and straddle Kerions’ legs I grabbed a slice of Lime and put it in Kerions’ mouth as Dan took the bottle of Tequila from Mir I put the salt on one of his nipples getting a groan of compliant from him which I ignored.

“Okay girl you’re a tough assed Marine which makes you good to hang out with us anyway” Dan smiled “But if you love our little drummer here you need to make his night by taking the sexiest body shot off of him” Mir and I looked at Page who was looking like she was about to burst into flames with how red she was “Oh and we’ll rate it” Chad looked at her

“He’s not kidding we’ve all been rated on this” he laughed slipping his arms round my waist and holding me tightly to him

“Okay here we go” she lowered her head to Kerions stomach as Dan poured on the liquor, Her tongue licked up all of the liquid without a single drop running down his sides on to the bar he prowled over the top of him and flicked her tongue over his nipple taking the salt before nipping at it and then her mouth claimed his in a kiss that had us all looking away

‘Wow okay well that just raised the damn bar” Alfie whistled “Hey you know you can get arrested for that” he slapped Kerion’s hands that had found their way into the front of Page’s Pants as she was over him. Page sat up laughing at the expression of pure lust on Kerions Face

‘And that’s how the Marines do it” She laughed

“OOHRAH” Corey and Danny both laughed helping her off the bar

“So I did mine now does that mean I get to say one?” Page grinned looking at us

“Hell yeah after that” Mike nodded

“Okay Chris Dare you to use that table to dance” she pointed to a table that had a pole running through the middle of it as Kerion handed me another shot “and then Chad has to do the body shot thing off you” I looked at Chad


“Oh Yes” Chad grinned I walked over to the table Dan held out his hand as I stepped up on to the top of it “Thank god Lukas ain’t here” The music changed to ‘Something in your mouth” as I started to move on the table “Talk about timing” He bit his lip as he watched me

‘Okay this is wrong that’s my sister-in-law up there” Mike laughed

“Close your eyes then” Chad didn’t take his eyes from me “You know I’m getting thoughts for a new song”…………..


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