Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - HOT HOT AND OOOO HOT

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012



………………. The song came to and end with Mike handing me another shot I knocked it back as I felt hands grip my waist. I looked at Chad and put my hands on his shoulders as he lifted me down, my arms circled his neck and my lips found his.


“You are going to cause me a whole heap of trouble Mrs. Kroeger” he moaned into the kiss


“Me?” I laughed leaning back in his arm


“Dancing like that… I thought that was for home” he nudged my jaw with his nose


“Oh it is but I’m wearing a whole lot less then” He groaned and laid his head in the crook of my neck


“Hey Body shot” Kerion called out “Chris on the bar” Kerion and Mir pulled me away from Chad. Ryan and Dan helped me on to the bar


“You guys have to try to make it hotter than the last two” the barman grinned


“I’m up for that challenge” Chad rubbed his hands together as I lay down Page was grinning as Mir put the lime slice in my mouth “Uh-huh” Chad laughed shaking his head


“What it’s fair you Chris got the dare” Alfie laughed


“I’m not complaining about that” Chad smirked as he took the shot glass from the Barman and moved my shirt so it was just covering my breasts “Okay Baby you have to keep really still so this doesn’t spill”


 He looked at me and put the shot glass carefully on my chest, Ryan laughed and poured the salt just above my belly button, Chad took the lime from my lips and but it just above the waistband of the already dangerously low pants I was wearing., I wanted to squirm just at the thought of what was about to happen as Chad got on the bar with me his knees either side of my head.


“Oh Jeesh” Page flushed beet red as Chad got on all fours


“You threw them the challenge” Dan draped his arm round her shoulder laughing “You’ll learn” he winked at her as Chad took the shot and knocked it back dropping the glass from his mouth on to the floor, he leant down running his tongue from the place where the glass was down to the spot where Ryan had put the salt


My hands moved up his legs as the roughness of the grains of salt and his tongue on my skin had me wanting to moan right there and then over the thumping sound of the music. He moved lower capturing the lime with a loving lick that had my back arching off the bar and my nails digging into his ass through his jeans. As he spat out the lime and nipped at my hips


“Oh these two will so get arrested at some point’ Kerion Groaned shaking his head as Chad knelt up and looked down at me smiling.


“Hey Chris looking a little flushed there” Mike laughed as Chad sat me up


“Hell if I smoked I’d need a damn cigarette after that show” Page whistled holding her hand out to me in a high five “Wow” I laughed at her clapping her hand to mine as Chad got down and helped me off the bar. He pressed his lips to the side of my neck below my ear.


“She needs a cigarette” he murmured “I need to get you alone right now” his body was pressed tightly to mine “Between watching you dance and doing that…” he sucked in a breath his teeth tugging on my ear. I shuddered, and watched as the others went on laughing and chatting and making more dares.


I took his hand and pulled him behind me to the Bathrooms I pushed open the men’s room door. Thank god for VIP bathrooms no one in like the regular ones, and they’re spotlessly clean. I backed Chad into the closest stall and closed and locked the door his hands already pushing aside my shirt his mouth working on my ribs the cold steel of the door a welcome relief to my heated skin I ran my fingers through his hair as a moan left my lips, his mouth teasing and his tongue swirling over my nipple.


“I want you Here and Now” he smiled turning me round to face the door his hands pushing down my pants I pushed back against him bracing my hands on the back of the door, thank god I’d worn the killer high heels as his body slammed into mine without wasting time or giving a warning. I gasped as his hand knotted in my hair pulling my head back so his mouth could claim mine as he moved in and out of me in strong movements. The outside door of the bathroom opened and Chad put his hand over my mouth as he continued the languid torture of keeping me at the point of losing my head in an earth shattering orgasm


“Apparently it was hot as hell according to Milos” the first voice laughed


“Come on Casper, Damn I’d like to take a shot off of Christine Kroeger’s body” a second voice chuckled


“I’ll tell Evie”


“She knows whose on my if you could bang a celebrity list” the sounds of a zipper being pulled up sounded through the air “I’m never going to do it and I won’t tell Lyra”


“Fine yes I’d like her legs wrapped round my neck” the first voice laughed “Mind you I’d like to see her and Lyra in my bed”




“Oh you can stop acting all innocent Dante the I’ve never done shit like that guy” the sound of the outside door and the club filled the bathroom “Chris has to be the only woman I’d let have my wife” the door closed leaving me with Chad.


“See all men want you Sweetheart” he laughed moving his hands and increasing the pace


“You’re the only on that gets me though” I smiled over my shoulder at him as my entire body tensed and I couldn’t hold beck the moan and the sound of his name from echoing off of the walls……………..

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