Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Hungover and speechless

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012



………………. The sound of a phone ringing woke me. I groaned and fought off Chad’s arms and legs that were draped over me. I grabbed the phone on the side my head feeling like someone had taken a mallet to it and was still pounding hard.



Reception * Mrs. Turton there’s a call for you

Me * take a message please


I sat up my throat was on fire


Reception * very good


There was a click as the phone disconnected, I held my head in my hands and looked at the clock. 11.02am I groaned as my feet hit the floor and I made ti to the bathroom the hangover from hell kicking my ass. I grabbed a bottle of water and took a deep drag on the bottle before bracing my hands on the vanity. I’d never even taken off my make up the night before. I looked like a Raccoon that had been punched in the eyes by a kangaroo there was a hickey on my neck and my mouth was puffy and swollen from a wild night after we’d gotten back to the room. I smirked at the images that replayed in my mind as I turned on the shower, I stepped in and muttered a few choice words as the water felt like rocks hitting my head. I got out and dried off my throat still hurting like hell. I grabbed my phone from the table and sent Lukas a message


*Where R U? Need 2CU*


I hit send and dressed quickly in jeans and one of my hoodies as my phone vibrated


*New Message*Lukas*lobby…*11.36am


I grabbed my phone and the room key and slipped out pushing my sunglasses on and pulling up the hood on my sweatshirt I pressed the call button on the elevator and got in the music was at the irritating the crap outta me level as I rubbed my hands on my temples. The ding sounded like Big Ben chime as it reached the lobby. I looked round and saw Lukas coming in from outside a car pulling away from the curbside he looked up and tipped his head.


“Chris?” I pulled off  my hood “HOLY CRAP you look like hell” he raised his eye brows “and I thought you’d still be sleeping”


“Phone call woke me” I croaked


“Please tell me that’s not your real voice right now” He grabbed my arm and pulled me one of the plush couches and sat me down


“It is” I nodded


“Oh shit… I knew you guys would fuck up” he ran his hand through his hair “Damn it” he pulled his phone from his pocket “Not what we need” he got up and paced as I watched him a little taken aback from his words ‘Hey Doc… we need you ASAP… No Chris’s voice… okay thanks” he hung up and looked at me


“You think I did this on purpose” I got up and poked him my voice croakeingly high


“Stop talking we’ve got too much invested in your voice” He snapped “Damn it” he pulled his phone from his pocket again and dialed “We have the doctor coming down” he said holding his phone to one side “See what he says before I have to damage control”  I shook my head and walked away from him before I lost it with him.


“Mrs. Turton” I looked up at the receptionist that used the name we booked in under, not much of a Alias when it was Chad’s real last name She held out a piece of paper “The message I took” I smiled at her and took the paper from her and nodded, I unfolded it.


“Chris” I folded it back up and turned round as the Doctor came toward me “I hear your voice is off”


“A little” I croaked Lukas walked over I glared at him “I was feeling tight yesterday when we got here” The doctor nodded and took me into one of the meeting rooms off to the side of the lobby Lukas leant on the door and watched as the doctor felt my neck and took a look.


“Hmmm it’s a little red” he nodded “nothing that looks to severe, but if you’re going to go on stage tonight” he sat on a table and looked at me “Talking’s no-no, and you need to drink honey and lemon HOT mind you he handed me a couple of sachets of powder “Add this and it should take away any infection you might have picked up” I looked at the packets and then looked back at him “It’s and antibiotic… I want to see you before you go on stage though tonight” I nodded “You don’t have a fever even though you look like hell”


“They didn’t get in till almost dawn” Lukas Huffed I looked at him and gave him the finger “Well you didn’t and you were already jet lagged” he put his hands on his hips and looked at the doctor ‘So she has to miss sound check?”


“Yep unless you want her to be out for the night” The doctor closed his bag “Remember Honey and lemon and hot water” I saluted him making him smile “and Chris go back to bed” I nodded and looked at Lukas again before walking out


‘She’s a dumb fucking kid that’s going to screw it all up” He looked at the doctor “Then where will they be all fucking washed up… and Chad’s not going to want her then”


“Dude” the doctor pulled a face at Lukas “It’s a slight sore throat nothing more she’s fine her chords are as strong as Chad’s, and really their marriage should be none of your business” the doctor walked to the door and put his hand on the door handle “From what I’ve seen you’re the one that’s killing them they need to kick back and rest not be doing 23 hour days Lukas” he walked out and closed the door leaving Lukas sitting fuming…………

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