Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Shouting without words

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Submitted: January 17, 2012



………………. I walked out of the bathroom pulling my hair back in to a pony tail as Chad put on his shoes. The door to the suite knocked and opened.

“You guys ready to go” Corey smiled holding out one of my cups Jackson had sent me “and doc told me to bring this to you” I gave him the thumbs up and took it from him.

“Anything?” Chad asked slipping his arms into his jacket as I picked up my purse

“No nothing and we have got extra security all sorted and Danny and I will stick to Chris like glue” He looked at me “So no sneaking off to go shopping” I fluttered my eye lashes and put my hand on my chest

“Oh you can stop giving him that shit” Chad slapped my ass “We all know given half a chance you slope off to the closet shoe store” I shrugged and grinned and took a sip of the steaming liquid and walked out of the door in front of them

“You have his picture given out right?” Chad asked quietly as Dan caught me by the elevator and was trying to get me to talk to him.

“Yes we have” Corey nodded “Chad no one is going to get close to her we promise you that”

“Hey Chad Chris just gave me the finger” Dan laughed putting his arm round my shoulder

‘Well you probably said something to deserve it?” I nodded and pushed my cup into Dan’s hand a picked up the pen and pad from my purse

Apparently if I wasn’t such a screamer then my voice would be fine

I held it out

“And for that he got the finger” Chad laughed as we got in the elevator “Hell I’m proud as hell I make you scream loud enough to lose your voice” he and Dan high fived each other while Corey tried not to smirk.

I shook my head and took back the cup and wrapped my hands around it as I listened to the drone of the elevator and the piped music, I was now just hoping that the doc would give me the all clear for tonight. Chad reached for my hand as we crossed the lobby his fingers linking with mine tucking me in behind him as the flash bulbs want off along with the shouting from the fans that had gathered outside. Danny going before Chad with Corey tucked in right behind me I followed Dan and Chad into the car. Pete looked at me hs face full of worry.

“You okay?”

“Yeah Chris Lukas just told us about your voice” Alfie added

“She’s not supposed to talk till the Doc checks her out” Chad rubbed his thumb over the back of my hand. I pulled the pad from my purse again

Sorry guys

“It’s not your fault” Kerion shrugged “we’re just worried about you that’s all

He said it’s nothing serious I promise you guys

We got to the Arena and all got out Lukas was standing talking on his phone as we all went backstage. I walked passed him without even acknowledging he was standing there.

“Chris” he put his phone in to his pocket “Chris”

“I think she’s ignoring you” Mike smiled

“Well she needs to listen” Lukas ground his teeth together

“Hey” Chad caught his arm “Why can’t you back off for a while and let her do what she needs to do”

‘Because im trying to manage this tour as well as get NeverWest set on the same road you guys are on and if she doesn’t start listening Chad she’s going to fuck it up and then what washed up before the end of this tour and you’ll all look like fucking idiots”

“Not get laid last night” Mir commented as she walked by all of them “Chris in her dressing room”

“Yep” Dan smirked as he watched Lukas losing the plot

“You need to watch your mouth as well” Lukas bit at Mir “I hired you I can fire you” Mir stopped and looked at him

“Fire me if you want but I promise you, you keep pissing off Chris the way you are and she’ll rip off your balls and shove them so far up your ass the doctor will mistake them for tonsils” She pushed open the door to the NeverWest dressing room letting it close slowly behind her

“She’s gone” Lukas Paced

“No she’s not” Chad shook his head “You’re not taking Miranda away just to annoy the hell outta my wife”

“You’re going soft Chad” Lukas walked away from him and pushed open the door to our dressing room. “The doctors going to be here in five minutes he wants to see you on the stage” I looked at him as Mir was fastening up the zipper on the corset for that night show. “I just hope you’ve kept quiet today and not talked” I picked up my eyeliner and leant over the counter and wrote on the mirror


The guys laughed as they watched me write


I dropped the eyeliner on to the counter and looked at him through the mirror

“Yeah well washed up will happen and he’ll wake up” He walked out of the room slamming the door

Okay what the hell was all that about?’ Mir looked round at the guys and then at me

“He’s jealous” We all looked at Kerion who had Page sitting on his lap. I held my hands out as Miranda shook her head “Well he either wants to be the one banging the ass off of our favorite rock princess or he wants Chad on his knees his mouth round Lukas’s…”

“Hey you okay baby” the door opened and Chad walked in and the eight of us looked at him and started to laugh “Okay now I have a complex” Chad screwed up his nose I walked over to him and kissed him

“I have to see the doc ask Kerion” I whispered, I kissed Chad’s cheek and walked out of the room.

“I’m going with her”

“Yeah I would” Mir giggled “But watch your ass out there” they all fell about laughing Chad shook his head and hurried down the hall after me…………..

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