Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Slippers

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Submitted: January 17, 2012



………………. The doctor was sitting on the drum riser strapping up Dan’s wrist.

‘Ah and here’s the next patient” he smiled at me

“She’d better get the all clear doc she’s not fun to fight with when she can’t answer back” Dan grinned walking by me and winking at me.

“So how’s it been?” he stood up as Chad walked onto the stage “please tell me she’s been quiet”

“She has” Chad nodded as he watched the doctor touch my neck

“The pain gone” I nodded again “Okay Open up and say Ahhh” I opened my mouth

“AHHHHHH” Chad grinned.

“Well you were a good girl”

“Oh you have no idea Doc” Chad rubbed the back of his neck with a chuckled I shot him a look

“Well that I don’t need to know about” The Doctor didn’t even glance at Chad “Okay you feel okay to try a song”

“Sure” I nodded the soreness and tightness gone from my voice

‘Chad go get her a drink” the Doctor instructed ‘Now I don’t need you to do a sound check I just want to hear how you sound” I nodded and started with love song changing half way through for one of our heavier hard songs. I stopped and looked at the doc as Chad slipped his arm round my waist and handed me the hot mixture “Well I think she can give you a run for your money in the tough voice stakes” the doctor smiled “Carry one with the drinks and the antibiotics for the next couple of days and I think you’ll be perfectly fine”

“Thanks doc” I hugged him

“You’re welcome” he walked off the stage I turned and looked at chad

“Tell me” he put his hands on my hips

“Tell you what?”

‘you love me”

“I do I love you Mr. Kroeger” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes and hugged me tightly to him

“I missed hearing that today” he pressed his lips to my neck

“Can I now go chew the hell out of Lukas”

“Er… no you need to get dressed you have fans to meet” He rested his hand on my ass as we walked off the stage “and ignore him for now”

‘Fine but he’s getting so close to me punching him it’s not funny”

“He’s getting close to it with more than just you Sweetheart” Chad stopped em walking and pulled me into his arms “I love you now go get dressed and I’m glad you’re voice is back”

“Me too” I kissed him “Love you” I opened the door to our dressing room.

“Nice message” Ryan said pointing to the mirror as he took on Page at rock band

“He’s and ass right now Chris” Dan put his feet up on the table

“Forget Lukas” Alfie got to his feet “What did the Doc say?”

“I’m good to go” I smiled

‘Oh thank god for that” Mike hugged me “I thought we we’re going to have to do your set as well”

“Okay I have a band somewhere” Chad walked in

“OH DAMN IT” Ryan groaned flopping in to the chair

“Hell yeah, take that!” Page looked at him and then suddenly realized who she was playing “Oh Shit sorry”

“It’s okay” Chad laughed “he sucks at it all I can say is thank god he’s better with the real thing” Chad looked at the mirror and pointed to it

‘My answer to Lukas when I wasn’t talking” I shrugged as Mir walked in

“Will you co me and get the rest of your things on I have to make a few calls to New York about your wedding gow…” she looked at Chad “Excuse us” she grabbed my hand and pulled me from the room with her.

“We either need to kick Lukas to the curb or he stops dealing with NeverWest” Mike sighed looking at Chad and then the others.

‘He’s fine with us he seems to have it in for Chris” Pete got up and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

“He seems to think we’re going to wash up and someone will wake up” Kerion chewed his lip “He’s hated the fact you and Chris got together because he’s done more work fending off stories about the two of you”

‘yeah well Chris and I can deal with that shit” Chad took the beer Mike offered him

“Dude he spoke to my wife the way he speaks to Chris I’d floor the fucker” Dan walked passed Chad “I’m going to get a shirt”

“Guys meet and greet time” Corey put his head round the door “Aw damn where’s she gone now”

‘It’s okay she’s next door with Mir and Dan” Chad clapped his hand on Corey’s arm “You seen Lukas?”

‘He got a call and had to head back to the hotel he doesn’t think he’ll be back before the show starts”

‘Fucking pussy” Mike moved by Chad “He knows we’re all pissed with his attitude”

“I know” Chad rubbed his hand over his jaw

“You want ot meet the guys I hired the security from?” Corey asked as he walked with Chad

‘Sure” he nodded

…………….. I walked back from the wardrobe with Dan my boots in my hands the rest of the bands were there already having pictures taken and signing stuff, I watched as a girl turned round pulling the back of her jeans further down for Chad to signed her lower back Page was standing with Suzanne I looked at her and winked at her as the girls friend all but got her boob out for him to sign.

“Okay the party can start now” Dan laughed “We’re here” people looked round at us

“Loving the shoes Chris” Mike laughed as he looked at the Cow slippers on my feet


“Hey don’t knock the cattle” I was in stage mode now trying not to think of ripping the throat out of the girl with her hand on my husband’s ass right now as I took a book that was held out to me to sign and smiled at the guy that was looking like his tongue was three times to big for his mouth. I looked round at the size of the new security guys we had and they were huge. Corey was at my back keeping his eye on everything as we had countless pictures taken.

“Okay guys that’s it” the stage manager came over “we have a show to do and you have seats to get to” he handed me my ear pieces as the majority of the security shepherded out the fans from the meet and greet I kicked off my slipper and sat on one of the tables Page handed me my boots as the press wanted a piece of Nickelback.

“Okay I don’t know how you don’t kill the girls touching him” She whispered I smiled at her

“Oh I want to but I have to remind myself I get him to myself later and I have this” I held up my engagement ring

“Well true” she laughed I stood up

“Chris” I looked round at Corey “This is The guys that run the security company here… This is Dante Croft and Casper Novak”

“Nice to meet you” I smiled at both of them Casper made two easily of Danny the sleeve of Tattoos’ made Dan’s look like a tramp stamp “Our Marine seems to think we’re expecting a war” I looked at Corey

“Well better to be safe than sorry” Dante smiled at me his piercing ice blue eyes made him look like someone you didn’t want to mess with

“And from what we heard if your friends and family get a chance it will be war” Casper folded his arms over his chest “No one with get by our guys” I stopped with my drink half way to my mouth

“Say my name” I narrowed my eyes at Dante as Caspers’ phone rang

“What?” he chuckled

“My name what is it?”

“Christine Kroeger” he shrugged I smirked at him Casper touched his arm

‘Evie and Lyra are in their seats” I snorted Making them all look at me

“CHRIS MOVE IT” the stage manager called out Corey put his hand ion the small of my back

“You guys can walk with us if you want” Corey looked at them the four of us started down the hall backstage the noise from the crowd getting louder.

“Thank you for the compliment by the way” I looked at them as I watch Alfie and Pete get their Guitars Casper and Dante looked at me “But I’m sorry but the only guy to find my legs wrapped round his neck is my husband” I laughed “and I don’t’ do the whole threesome thing I don’t share well” Casper turned beet red “We’ve all got those who’d we bang list” I looked at Dante “I married my one and dated another”

“How???” Dante spluttered

“Last night in the bathroom in the club” I took my mic “I’m never going to say no to my man” I stepped up the steps to the stage leaving Casper and Dante red faced and Corey groaning as Chad ran by and caught me round the waist turning me and kissing me

“I love you Mrs. K” he winked backing away

“Love you too” I grinned before letting the music take me and pull me back to my safe place…………

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