Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Think before you speak

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Submitted: January 17, 2012



………………. We all walked off the stage the doctor was waiting at the bottom of the steps with Chad.


‘How you feel?” Chad frowned


“Fine” I took the towel I was handed and the drink the doctor handed me “Voice feels pretty good”


“Well that’s what we like to hear” the doctor smiled “I’ll let you two have a few minutes” he walked away


“You okay?” I looked at Chad


“Yeah I’m fine” he kissed me “you guys did a good job tonight” He took the ear pieces that the stage hand held out to him


“So why the frown and the stressed out look” I tipped my head at him


“It was stressful watching you out there in case something happened” he smiled but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.


“Sounded good Chris’ Mike walked up behind me


“Thank you” I looked at him and smiled “Not you as well you’ve got the same look n your face he does” I groaned Mike looked at Chad


‘It’s been a long day that’s all” Mike walked away to get his things


“You know there’s a real smell of Bull shit and it’s not from my slippers” I put my hands on my hips


“Sweetheart its nothing we’re just pissed with Lukas and… He looked down




“Dimitri’s in the building”


“Well Duh I realized the message was going to be him after he’d called Mir” I shook my head “You think he’s going to get back here with the mountains of muscle we have” Chad took the guitar he was handed as Dan and Ryan walked by “Have a good show guys” I called after them before looking back at Chad “Why the hell are yu so bothered by his sorry ass?”


“Because he was the first guy that you felt comfortable enough with to go to bed with after the Arron shit” Chad pushed off the wall and stepped toward the others “You felt that comfortable once maybe you might again” he walked away leaving me standing there


“Oh he so did not just say that” Mir was behind me. I looked at her


“Mir leave it” I walked round her and down the steps. Miranda walked to the side of the stage and folded her arms over her chest Chad looked at her, she shook her head at him He looked away. I walked into the dressing room the guys all laughing and joking I sat on the counter and unzipped my boots and pulled them off. “Alfie could you go find Corey for me please”


“Sure” Alfie got up


“You going to come out for dinner?’ Kerion looked at me


“No” I shook my head and reached for my jacket and  purse “I need to go back to the hotel” I grabbed my shoes I’d worn to come to the venue “I don’t’ want to push things” I walked to the door


“Chris” Pete got up and came over


‘I’m fine Pete I just need an early night to beat the jet lag and the night out” I looked round the room “Night guys” I walked into the hall, Corey and Alfie walked toward us


“I’m giving you the heads up I’m heading back to the hotel” I looked at Corey


‘I’m coming with you, let me tell Danny” Corey walked back to the room where I knew the game of poker was going on


“You sure you’re okay” Alfie rubbed my arms I smiled at him and kissed his cheek


“I’m sure go have fun” I walked round him and over to Mir who was watching the show I tugged her hand.


“Hey” she smiled at me putting her arm round my shoulders


“I left the boots in the dressing room I’m heading back to the hotel”


“He didn’t mean it Chris”


“I know but I think I need a couple of hours with nothing but the TV and crap programmes”




Mir stop worrying” I kissed her cheek “Tell him where I’ve gone” She nodded I looked onto the stage he was talking to the crowd.


‘You know I’m in the dog house with my wife right now” He laughed “I think we should get her pout here so I can try to make it up to her” I squeezed Mir’s arm and walked down the steps as the crowd roared “Hey Mir go Get Chris” Mir held out her arms and shook her head Chad frowned at her


“She Left” Mir Mouthed


“Oh See now I know I’m in big trouble when she leaves the arena” Chad groaned and the crowd started to laugh “So I guess I’ll have to make it up to her later”.



I heard the noise from the arena as Corey waited for me at the foot of the stairs, he looked at me and knew not to say a word as we walked out to the waiting Car.


“CHRIS… CHRIS COME ON” I stalled at the voice I knew too well” Corey looked at me and then looked round


‘Keep going Chris” he murmured as he pulled out his phone “Danny outside the rear entrance he’s not in the building at all” he ended the call keeping closer to me………………..


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